Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ghost Face Did It

Last week I went and saw Scre4m. I wanted to go with my brother, but he was busy. So I asked my friend Kory if he could come with me, but he was busy too. My mom said she would go with me, but my mom hasn't seen any of the Scream movies, so I didn't want to have to explain everything to her. I really wanted to see the movie, so I went by myself.

It was an early evening movie, so hardly anybody was at the theaters and no one was in the Scre4m theater. Just me. Just me and my large popcorn and pop combo. Yum. I love movie popcorn. It's so good, and so bad for your health, but so good!

Since no one was in the theater with me, I had my choice of seats. I picked the last row, because I wanted to be able to see's a scary movie I wanted to know that no one was behind me. Paranoid? No, just smart. Anyway, I texted Kory to make him feel bad about not coming to the movie with me, saying that I was all by myself. He had a paper to finish for school, so there was no way he would be able to make it to the movie.

I put my phone away, because even though I was the only one in the theater, I still like to put away my distractions and make my $20 movie going experience worth it. About 30 minutes into the movie, someone walked in and stopped where the theater opens up to the seats. I couldn't make out who it was. I was a little freaked out, because the person stood there watching the movie for like 5 minutes. It was uncomfortable to say the least. I figured it was just one of the employees because they left.

Finally, I thought, now I can watch my scary movie in peace. NOT! The next thing I see is someone wearing the Scream (ghost face) mask come barreling into the theater and up the steps. He stood above me, and I knew it was Kory. It was, thank God, because if it wasn't...well, I would've been out of that theater in two seconds.

He knew I was alone in the theater, since I texted him that information. And he was the guy who came in and scoped out the theater before scaring me with the ghost face mask. Kory could only stay for a few minutes, because he had to go and turn in his paper, but I give him credit for trying to scare me.

The movie was really good. I was surprised by the ending, as usual. If you're into the Scream movies, then I recommend seeing the 4th movie. It was nice seeing the cast back together after ten years.