Thursday, October 28, 2010

All I want to do...

All I want to do is watch scary movies. I'm so happy AMC has been playing Friday the 13th and Halloween, even though I've seen a lot of them already.

But I can't watch them alone. I can watch them alone in my room, but not alone in the way. I would love to write a scary movie, because I have some pretty good ideas in my head right now.

Here's the problem with that though, you would never associate Wes Craven with a romantic comedy, would you? The same goes with Nancy Meyers...can you picture her writing a role for Meryl Streep as a serial killer who gives you nightmares...on Elm Street, makes you scream because the last house on the left is the only place to go, because the hills look like they have eyes?

How's that for some movie title name-dropping?

But anyway, I love Halloween so much I want it to occur everyday. I'm serious. The decorations are incredible, the weather is decent to fair, it's football season, my favorite tv shows do Halloween specials, Saw Infinity would be closer to ending it's horrible sequels, and people get to dress up and act like children when in reality they are 35. I know I talked about Halloween before, but it's just so AWESOME!

I don't know if I'll be posting tomorrow, so have a safe and happy Halloween. Hopefully the Groundhog Day gods have heard my cry and Monday will be Halloween too, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Food=Bad. Well, for me at least

Wondering why I haven't blogged since last week? Not wondering? I'm going to tell you anyway.

I was lucky enough to get food poisoning. I felt like crap for three days! Was I going to die...maybe. I could barely move. Probably because I was so frickin' weak. Which is because I couldn't eat anything, because I couldn't keep anything down!! I moaned and groaned on the couch hoping that my outbursts of pain would make me feel better. It only made me feel the tiniest bit better.

On Monday, I only inhabited my bedroom, bathroom, and living room. I almost forgot what my kitchen looked like. When Tuesday came around, I finally was able to put some food in my stomach - a piece of toast, about a cup of noodle soup, and later some mashed potatoes.

I even went to the doctor since my back and stomach hurt. When I say hurt, what I truly mean is "felt like Jason Voorhees was trying to stab me in the abdomen with a dull machete he pulled from a barn." (AMC has been having a Friday the 13th marathon) Watch it. Or are you scared? Don't be. It's very predictable and cheesy. I think the new Friday the 13th (maybe it's a couple or three years old) is pretty scary though, but watch the classics too. Wow, I'm way off track here. Anyway...

The doctor found nothing, which was slightly discouraging because at the time I wanted relief. I wanted something to free me from this pain. Well, a little heat on my back for about 2 hours Tuesday night really relaxed everything. You see, this pain I felt was a combination of me laying around all day on the couch and bed, not eating enough, and the typical food poisoning cramps.

Today though, I feel so much better. I'm not back to my regular eating habits, but it will happen.

Oh, and to my parents: Thank you for taking care of me. I promise to try my hardest to take care of you guys when you come down with some sort of illness. It's going to be hard, but I'll try. (I don't do well around others who are scares me) Ha!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kinsey's World!

WAYNE'S WORLD!!! Party time!! Excellent!

Anyone else really excited about Halloween? I mean, every single year I look forward to this magical holiday night. It's my second favorite holiday. Christmas is first...presents, duh...and Jesus.

So my bff (Andrea), her hubby (Jeremy), and I are dressing up as Wayne-me, Garth-Andrea, and Jeremy will be Terry the cameraman.


Yes, this will be an excellent night. Let the countdown begin...

But first, let me show you a picture of Andrea, Jeremy, and me. Picture us in Wayne's World gear. Use your imagination people.

Okay, really use your imagination because blogger won't let me upload a picture at this time.

All I have to say about that is "asphinctersayswhat."


Monday, October 11, 2010

Softballin' for a good cause

I've been walking like an old man with really bad knees today. Saturday night I woke up in the middle of the morning, tried to turn over and realized my legs weren't moving easily with my body. Plus they hurt like a son of a mother. My left leg is scraped up, both my knees are bruised with scrapes on them...I look and feel like I got beat with a rusty board in a ditch.

But really, I'm okay. It's nothing serious. You see, I played softball at a Memorial/Scholarship fundraiser this past Saturday. Since I haven't played serious ball since 2006, these aches and pains are normal. In fact, if I wasn't hurting I think I would be more worried, because I stole bases (safe every time), dove for a ball (caught it), and got slid into (I played short-stop).

It was the first year doing this fundraiser so only three softball teams signed up to play. Hopefully, in years to come there will be more teams. Our team, Y2K Plus, consisted of graduates from 2006-2009 (or 2010...), then there was a team of 8th graders called Future Stars, then there was a team from the graduating classes of late 1980s and early 1990s. Their team name was Golden Girls. Betty White was unable to make it...she's just sooooo darn busy these days :)

It was really fun to play both teams, but I enjoyed playing against the Golden Girls more since the competition and skill level was near equivalency.

Our team, Y2K plus, beat both teams. YAY! We only won by one run against the Golden Girls, and we beat Future Stars by 10 or something.

It felt like old times and it really made me realize how much I miss organized sports. I felt like I stepped in a time capsule. My skill level was still up to par (I haven't lost much athleticism...which I am very thankful for), besides the fact that I was huffing and puffing after I rounded the bases, but that's due to my lack of running lately.

I wish the day lasted longer. The sun shined, the temperature was beautiful (albeit hot), and the company was nostalgic. It was a perfect day. Perfect.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday Musings: Take Thirteen (8 Questions)

Jill from Life After College tagged me in a questionnaire where I answer 8 questions. Since I was lucky enough to be tagged, I figured I would let it take my Wednesday Musings' place.

1. Female-Thongs or boyshorts?
This is a hard one. On one hand, thongthongthongthongthongthong. On the other hand, boyshorts are so cute and comfortable. So both. I'm wearing both right now...I mean, I pick BOTH!! Yes, I pick both, and I wear them both, but not at the same time...that would be weird.

2. What's your favorite kind of ice-cream?
Anything with peanut butter in it :) But at Culver's (custard instead of ice cream) I pick chocolate custard with Andes nephew introduced me to it. He has good taste.

3. What's your most embarrassing moment?
Uhhh, gosh I can't think of any particular moment. I have stupid moments that are slightly embarrassing, but not omigod-I-CAN'T-live-another-day-embarrassing moments. I have a pretty good humor about these things, so I brush embarrassing moments off with a smile. Like today, I brushed off about three moments with my smile.

4. What age was your first kiss?
I was in 7th or 8th grade. I kissed a boy who played the trumpet. We were in one of the band practice rooms during recess. If we had a "pass" we could stay in from recess and practice our instrument. (I swear I wasn't a band geek) I played the trumpet too, so this boy and I practiced and then I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Hahaha, then I ran out and told my friend who was practicing in another room. I didn't abide by the "kiss and don't tell" rule. I was a rebel. A rebel who played the trumpet.

5. Do you prefer cats, dogs, or neither?
Cats, but I have a sister-in-law who is allergic. So if I ever get a pet, I would love to get a small dog for an apartment, but then when I get my own house someday I will have an outside cat ;) My whole life is now planned out.

6. Do you have any tattoos?
Yes. I look like Kat Von D. I'm all inked up ;) Haha, not.

7. What do you hope has changed in this world by 3010?
I hope we have cars like in the movie I, Robot where they drive themselves. Why am I saying "I hope..." I won't be around. Ooooh, but I hope that people will be studying my works in English class or watching my films and saying: "That Kinsey - she must have been pretty awesome back in the day."

8. What's your favorite book?
Hmmmm, I really enjoy all the Chelsea Handler books, but to be literary (as I studied the subject)...The Handmaid's Tale is really good. Margaret Atwood is brilliant! But my favorite, favorite, favorite book takes me back to the 5th grade - Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Makes me want to get lost in the woods and eat berries and throw up from eating too many berries. What an adventure.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I drank about two or three cups of coffee today. I don't think it has an effect on me. Uh oh. I was still tired at noon, two, and five. Waking up at 5:45am may have played a role in my tiredness, but making my coffee strong and black this morning should have made me feel more awake!

Am I too used to caffeine that now it doesn't phase me? I hope not.

On the other hand, I wasn't CRAZY, yawning every five minutes tired today. So maybe I shouldn't over-analyze this caffeine dilemma.

Ya know what's going to happen? I'll have trouble sleeping tonight because of the coffee I drank today and the Coke I'm having right now. Good thing I don't have a dentist appointment until January.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The "Shart" Confusion

At work today I overheard the funniest comment. One of my co-workers was having a discussion with another co-worker.

She said, "I sharted."

My eyes were wide with intrigue. Omigosh, did she just say what I thought she just just said?? Did she actually shart herself? Why is she sharing this embarrassing and disgusting act of flatulence/pooping herself?

Then she repeated herself to another co-worker who didn't hear her. So again she said, "I just sorted it."

I looked back to my work and smiled. She didn't shart herself...thank goodness. She was sorting out her order.

Bahahaha, I laughed inside until I sharted myself.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The New Adventures of Old Kinsey


Who doesn't love Julia Louis-Dreyfuss? She was hilarious as Elaine, and she's just as good (some say better) as Christine on The New Adventures of Old Christine. Too bad the show got canceled. Boo CBS! Shame on you!

Good thing Lifetime shows reruns during the week.

So now it's time for new adventures with ME!!!! It's October 1st and I'm ready. I have a clear outlook on my future and I'm totally ready to grab life my the horns.

Ew, I hate how cliche I just sounded, but I need to get my point across. Watch out people, Kinsey is grabbing the horns of life, seizing the day, shooting for the moon, because there is light at the end of the tunnel, I'm upping the ante, because time is money, and I'm ready to hit it out of the ballpark.

First things first, I'm getting tired of my blog theme - so I'll work on that tonight and hopefully set it up this weekend.

Secondly, I'm super excited to say that I'm going to attend a Screenwriter's Summit this December for two days!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! I'm so excited that I could burst. I'm happy as a clam or a lark or a pig in the mud. Let's just say I'm a happy camper :)

My new adventures are beginning.