Friday, June 25, 2010

Stone Hands, Monsters, and Baseball

On the two-hour trip to watch my nephew, Tate play baseball, I sat between an almost two year old squawk box and a five year old that talks until your ear falls off.

Here are some highlights from the trip...

- I told a "scary" story about a brother and sister that thought Frankenstein was in their attic.

- Connor turned my hands into stone hands and ice hands.

- At one point all three of us were reading magazines. Fitness for me, Playmobile for Connor, and Fisher Price for Addie.

- After a drive-thru run at McDonalds, Connor plugged his nose and said, "It SMELLS!!" He was referring to my cheeseburger. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't eat it. He told me to throw it out the window, because it smelled so bad.

- Later Connor asked us what monsters we wanted to be. He was the Headless Horseman, Addie was a witch, I was a vampire, Grandma was a mummy, and Grandpa was a zombie.

- On the way home we played the no talking game. The silence lasted for about ten minutes, then Connor whispered to me, "When is it over?"

The baseball game:
Tate did a wonderful job playing ball. It was his last game of the season, so he received a medal too! He looked pretty proud. I watched him play catcher and complete two outs, hit the ball and run the bases, and play defense in the field. Pretty basic baseball stuff ;) I've watched a lot of kids play baseball in my years, and I have to say that Tate is a pretty good ballplayer. He listens to his coaches and really pays attention to the game.

Tate batting

Me and my little nephew Easton (I think he's going to be a ballplayer too)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It was like a Beach Boys song

I played sand volleyball last night. A friend of ours needed two players to fill in and luckily both my sister Kyrstin and I were able to help out. We played three games and had a lot of fun.

Oh the joys of sand volleyball...the list is endless:

1. You can sport a nice tan or work on one.

2. Beer...need I say more? (I just drank water though)

3. The competition is always fun.

4. Taking your frustrations out on the volleyball.

5. Diving for a ball just feels really good.

Okay, so the list is not "endless."

So last night as we played this team of middle aged people, I noticed this lady in a pink shirt who would only use one arm to hit the ball. There was nothing wrong with her other arm, she just used the one arm to bump the ball. Oddly enough, the ball would go over almost every time. I couldn't help but laugh when she successfully got the ball over the net with this one-arm technique.

Then it started to frustrate me when the other team, as poor as their volleyball skills were, would score on us. I mean, our team consisted of four previous Elk Mound High School Volleyball teammates and two guys who actually knew how to hit the ball. Hmmmph! We should've killed them with our awesome talent ;)

We did end up winning all three games and I think we beat them by a pretty good margin each time, so that made me feel good about myself. But if I hit like One-Arm Pinkerbell, my hits would've went sailing left or right into the other court, since I was properly trained to hit a volleyball the right way.

Let me end on this note: Although I had a great time playing, I didn't appreciate the sand in my face, hair, crevices, and holes. And get your head out of the gutter - EAR holes .

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

Today is the first day that we are using our pool this year. We've had some pretty crappy weather up to this point. Also, we had to put in a new liner, since ours has weathered for about 20 years.

It's supposed to be 88 degrees and sunny! Yes!!! HOT WEATHER! I love it.

I remember as a kid swimming with my brothers and sisters. Oftentimes, we would set up a volleyball net and have friends over to play. Then we got a slide. That was a very exciting time for us.

We found that we would slide down faster if we put my kickboard under us as we went down the slide. Surprisingly, no one got hurt.

When I was really young, I remember being thrown into the pool by my older brothers - Blake more than Boyd. This resulted in time-outs for Blake, and me crying (of course!).

Luckily for me, I grew up with two pools to play in. My neighbor, Dusty, also had a pool. Dusty and I spent most of our summer afternoons in the pool playing "Shark" with his older brother Derek. Then Dusty and I would get tired of swimming, so we would build forts on the deck out of lawn chairs, towels, and pool toys. That was my favorite.

As far back as I can remember, swimming has always meant summer to me. It's sad that I've grown away from being thrown in the pool and playing "Shark" with Dusty, but we all have to grow up...that doesn't mean I have to stop from forever playing those games though - I have young nieces and nephews!

Monday, June 21, 2010


I decided to wake up early this morning. Well, I didn't really "decide" to, but I couldn't fall back asleep. It was 6:30 AM.

This is early for me.

So I tossed and turned for a twenty minutes or so and then finally decided that falling back asleep and sleeping until 10:00 AM was a lost cause.

After a thinking about what my plans were going to be for the rest of the day...since I now have the WHOLE day to do things, I got out of bed, made my bed (this is also a first in a long time), and went upstairs.

The first person I saw - my mom. "What are you doing up so early?" she said.

I told her my dilemma about not being able to fall back asleep. Her conclusion: "You're finally on a normal sleep schedule."

The next person I saw - my sister-in-law. She gave me a funny look- "You're up early."

"Yep," I said.

My niece Caitlyn and my nephew Billy were the only ones not to give me grief this morning.

I decided to start my day early. I know this is really out of character for me, but in the realm of things, this is not the weirdest thing that I've done.

Then I went on my run, came back and stretched and stuff, saw my sister - "Did you already run?" she asked me.

I sat on the floor with my shirt pooled with sweat and my hair looking like I dunked my head in water, and thought to myself No, this is what I look like when I wake up in the morning. "Yeah," I said. (Kyrstin was pretty groggy this morning, so I felt my sarcasm would only make her crabby)

After my shower I went back downstairs and my nephew Connor screamed, because I was in a towel. Little does he know that he will soon love ladies in only towels. (Just not his relatives).

I ran into my dad and he said, "Super Kinsey's awake."

Yes, yes, yes, Super Kinsey is awake and ready to take on whatever this Monday is going to bring her.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Tell it to me in Star Wars"

I asked my five year old nephew, Connor, what I should blog about today.
Connor: "Star Wars."

Me: "What about Star Wars?"

Connor: "It's AWESOME!!"

So in honor of Connor, that is all I'm saying about Star Wars in this blog post. I agree that it is awesome, and I don't want to ruin a good thing by talking anymore about it.

Instead, I'll show you all pictures from my wonderful Brewers weekend! Enjoy :)The whole family
Courtesy of my sister-in-law, April, is me with my Farfrompuken sticker.
Also, the necklace I'm wearing was made by sister, Tyne.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Juuuust a bit outside!"

I know that's a quote from Major League, but it's all things baseball to me.

Here's the shirt I made for the Brewers game on Saturday. I decorated it with fabric paint. The logos are from 1970 to present. I hand drew them all...outside...while getting a tan (burn, actually, but now it's a tan).



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Musings: Take Niner

A Salute to Wednesday Musings: Take is a quote.
"Two, four, niner, five, six, seven."
"I can't hear you, you're trailing off and did I catch a niner in there?" - Tommy Boy

I was watching The View this morning and I could NEVER be a guest co-host. Too much interrupting.

On the same note: I think Joy Behar's hair is getting bigger every year.

It's full of secrets...

I made my own shirt for the Brewers game on Saturday! It's really awesome, if I do say so myself. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow.

Last night I taught my almost 2 year old niece how to "pound it." Our fists explode and everything.

My five year old nephew plays T-Ball and he constantly wants to be the one who gets the ball. At his game on Monday, he was playing shortstop and was cheering for the other team to "HIT THE BALL!" over and over. Then he went up to his teammate and asked him "Do you know any Star Wars people?" Needless to say, I laughed throughout the entire game.

My sister, Tyne, did a giveaway last week for one of her necklaces. Now she is taking orders. If you would like her to make you one or buy one that is custom made, drop by at TyneBoden Necklaces. She made one for me. It's a wishbone one and it's really cool!!

In movie news: I'm seeing Sex and the City 2 tomorrow with my sisters. I'm taking my oldest nephew to The Karate Kid sometime next week. And last, but definitely not least, I'll be seeing Toy Story 3 the week it comes out!!!

It's weird that all the movies I'm about to see are remakes or sequels.

Have a happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's on Playboy Radio, Sirius XM

I was baffled to hear that some Playboy Bunnies actually have a talk show on the radio. I guess anyone can get a radio show these days. Where do I sign up?

Seriously, these girls were about as smart as their plastic boobies. I was on the road with my best friend Andrea and her fiance Jeremy. He recently bought her an awesome new car. So as we were driving, Jeremy turned on Playboy Radio. At first Andrea and I couldn't stop laughing and making fun of the ladies.

They were talking about how big or small their heads were. Really??? Really??? Then one lady dropped the word "cranium" into her sentence. I think she did this so her listeners would think she had some sort of brain in her large head. Or was she the one with the small head?

One of the other ladies thought she said "cranial" - this was probably the first time she heard the word. After about 2 minutes of gabbing back and forth about her large "cranial" the first lady (haha, not Mrs. Obama) corrected the other Past Her Prime Playboy by saying that it was "cranium" and not "cranial."

Oh, how they thought that was funny. Andrea and I laughed too, and then sighed with relief that we are not those women.

Later in the show they were giving away panties.

Their own panties.

The panties that they were wearing.


So there the three of us sat listening to them pull down their pants and describe to the listeners what their panties looked like.

One pantie had a string hanging from it. The lady said that this pantie was five years old and the string represents the wear from it.

EWW! Throw those away! If you've been keeping and wearing underwear for five's time to go to Vickie's Secret and buy some more!

A lot more things of little substance were said, and soon we arrived at our destination.

My conclusion: I feel A LOT better about myself after listening to those Booby Bunnies talk about, well, underwear.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Not the movie. Sorry, I haven't seen it. I really shouldn't be apologizing, but I feel the need to since it seems like I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen it.

I can never get to the point of my post fast enough...

I was creating a Guitar Hero avatar "Rock Star" and realized that no one would create an avatar that looked just like them. I mean, mine has the same hair color as me, but that's about it.

I guess that's the reason why people want to make avatars, so that they can "live" through them in some way, or in my case party like a rock star with one.

If people are overweight, they make a skinnier avatar. If people are tattooless, then they put a tattoo on their avatar's arm. I did. A spiderweb tattoo. It's pretty bomb.

Short people make themselves taller, blondes become brunette and vice versa, and some avatars look a ton sluttier or muscular than the avatar creator.

Why don't we want to be ourselves?

My answer...because the real Kinsey would hardly be a rock star in the real world, so my avatar "Kins" will have to rock out for me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Disconnected and still alive

I'm surprised I still know how to blog. Ever since I moved back home I barely keep my cell phone on (because I sleep in the basement and it eats up my battery), I'm hardly ever on the computer, and my ears aren't plugged into any iPod.

I'm disconnected and still alive. Amazing, isn't it?

When I was in school I was almost always on the computer or checking my cell phone. I had a soundtrack for my walk to and from classes.

Which do I prefer?

That's a hard one.

"That's what she said!" Hahahahahaha!!!!!

But really though, I like being unplugged from all the technology around me. On the other hand, I'm not completely "unplugged" - I've been playing Guitar Hero on my Wii :) So, I guess I'm unplugged in the wireless sense, but not in the technological sense.

I also miss reading all the blogs and blogging myself.

So, I'm a little bit halfsies on this one. I like keeping up with my facebook friends, talking/texting on my cell, downloading music, and watching hilarious youtube videos, but it's summer now. I spend most of my days outdoors and keeping busy.

Is anyone else struggling with the balance of summer-time and blogging-time??