Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Beeping Noise of 24 Makes Me Smile

Ahhh, I love random thoughts. Did you know that I completely forgot about the movie 2012 until I saw a Blu-Ray ad for it on tv? Of course you didn't. You probably forgot about that movie too.

The baby talking E*Trade commercials are hilarious, but a little creepy.

Speaking of babies...I want my children to be average. None of this crazy smart kid stuff. I don't want to have to pay for advanced piano lessons or science camp every summer. Plus, smarter kids are harder to please. The zoo isn't much fun when your kid starts naming the domain, kingdom, phylum and class of the aardvark.

Every time someone says, "Aardvark," I think of the Arthur spelling bee episode

When I was younger and had sleepovers at my bff's house, we would try and stay up as long as we could playing Donkey Kong on her Super Nintendo. We would gather up about 100 lives to try and win the game.

I don't answer my cell phone if the number isn't one of my contacts. If they really want to get a hold of me...they'll leave a message. Turns out it was someone from are now in my contact list. Now I know when to ignore it the next time. jk jk hahaha!! No seriously... ;)

I'm in a Humor Writing class, and I don't think my instructor is very funny. Shouldn't that be a prerequisite for him??

Right now I'm watching the Olympics and this dude did a skiing flip thing for freestyle skiing. I didn't know it was possible to spin and twist and flip that many times and not kill yourself. Way to go person! (I didn't catch his name).

I'm really looking forward to Parenthood on NBC. I hope it gets good ratings. My fingers are crossed-not literally though. Otherwise, how would I be typing? My legs are crossed. Okay, my legs are crossed now.

When I turn the heat on in my car sometimes it smells like maple syrup. Why is that?

Friday, February 26, 2010

If You Were in The Goonies, I'm Going to Refer to You as That Person From The Goonies

I've seen plenty of movies. P-L-E-N-T-Y of movies. I'm the go-to movie person if you need an answer about an actor or a title you can't think of. I should really try to make a living off of it.

I'm watching Law and Order: CI right now and the girl from The Goonies is guest starring. Her name - Martha Plimpton. Honestly, I had to look up her name at, but if someone were to say, "Who is that girl? She looks awfully familiar." I would reply, "She's that girl from The Goonies."

Sometimes I feel like I know too much about movies. I have a life, really, I do. But, my brain can hold unlimited amounts of movie information. It's a gift. For example, did you know that after Hector Elizondo and Garry Marshall became friends, Elizondo has been in every film of Marshall's? I need to team up with Garry. I wonder if he's visiting Winona anytime soon?

My family and some of my close friends know that I can recite almost the entire movie of You've Got Mail. Which is a remake of The Shop Around the Corner starring Jimmy Stewart <-- great movie too. I used to play You've Got Mail in my head when I was bored at school. I've seriously seen the movie over 100 times.

Another little fact for ya: Julie Andrews was offered the role of Mary Poppins, and she said she would do it if she didn't get offered the part of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Audrey Hepburn received the role of Doolittle, so Andrews took on Mary Poppins. Come award season, Andrews won Best Actress and Hepburn didn't even get nominated. Mary Poppins is kind of my hero ;) That's a picture of me and her two years ago at Disney.

I may not know everything about movies, but if you ever find yourself in some sort of "movie pickle" then feel free to ask. The least I can tell you is that the person is from The Goonies.

Prom Season and Jeff Goldblum

I walked into my Portfolio class yesterday and took out my iPod earbuds only to hear what a giddy high schooler would say this time of year, "I'm so excited to go look at all the prom dresses! I love prom season! OMG they are sooooo pretty!"

My instinct was to turn my iPod back on, but it was too late - it was in my coat pocket already.

How can a girl, my age (a senior in college), be excited for prom season? I've had three classes with her, so I kind of know her personality...but prom dresses? Wow. There is something wrong with the universe if she gets a better job than me.

Later in class, I noticed how rude and blunt this girl is. I'm rude and blunt, but not out loud - only in my head, so that makes it okay, right? I'm rationalizing here. "Ever gone a week without a rationalization?" - The Big Chill. Speaking of that movie, everyone who has a love for movies should see it. I can't stress enough how great this movie is!!! Jeff Goldblum...come on people!! :)

Anyway, prom season? Are you kidding me? She's four years out of college and she's still emotionally connected to prom. I bet that she becomes one of those moms who lives through her children. It's very sad. I should start a 12 step program for moms like that.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Please Don't Tell Me Your Life Story...I Don't Even Know Your Name

The beginning of each semester brings new classes and new classrooms. This gives me the chance to scope out the room and find the perfect spot for me to sit. Once I find my seat, I keep my seat, no matter what. I once sat next to this girl who brought Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch in a baggy to snack on during class. I wanted to move away from her...badly, but I persevered and stuck to my "perfect" seat (in the back of the room).

This semester brought new seats for my choosing. In my computer class I sit in the corner front - that way I won't have to scooch my seat forward for people to walk to their seats. It was the perfect spot until this one girl sat next to me and everything changed.

Even before I walked in the classroom, she started up a conversation with me. I don't even know this girl, and I'm already annoyed. She told me about her brother, but he isn't her real brother, she showed me pictures of her little nephew - who isn't as cute as she made him out to be, and she told me about her workout schedule. Do I look like the kind of person who wants to hear about a stranger sweating on the elliptical machine?

Maybe I do give off that vibe to strangers. Which is too bad, because I don't really care about how she dresses her puppy in tuxedos. And, for the record, I don't think it's cute. I think it's animal cruelty. Guys don't even like to wear tuxedos, what makes you think dogs do?

To make matters worse, this girl never listened to the professor explain how to use XHTML, so when it was time to work on our assignment, she would bother me with questions on how to do this and that.

I helped her, grumbling all the way. I complained about this girl to my roommates, and they told me to switch seats in the classroom, but I couldn't. I absolutely LOVE the spot where I sit...they just didn't understand.

Fortunately, one day I arrived to class with seconds to spare. I don't know if the girl found a new "friend" while she walked into the classroom, or just needed someone to sit next to and help her with her homework, but she wasn't sitting in her regular spot. HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY!!!

I am free!! Ever since that miraculous moment, I truly enjoy going to my Web Development class. I sit with no one directly next to me and I'm happy as a bird.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Musings: Take Two

I don't believe in writer's block. I think that they sometimes have a problem of putting words on a page. They aren't necessarily "blocked," instead they are "clouded." Hence, today's blog post.

My "no pop" drinking goal is even harder than I thought. I've ran a total of 7 miles so far.

Sneezing is my least favorite involuntary movement. Excuse me while I wipe off my computer screen.

Everything I'm typing is true. I don't make this stuff up. Gross, huh? Tell me about it.

I watched Spring Breakdown yesterday. It was semi-funny, but I can see how none of you know what I'm talking about. I don't think it got a lot of publicity. It might have went straight to DVD.

My worst fear is writing a movie that goes straight to DVD.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You Actually Want Homework??

I'm sitting in Nutrition class today next to my friend Tracy discussing how we both have so many tests next week. Spring Break is coming up...that's why. So the professor asks us if we want the test on Tuesday (not good for me, because I have a test on that day already) or Thursday (better for me, because then I have more time to study). The entire class shouts "TUESDAY!"

I remember the days when students loved hearing that a test has been pushed back. When they wanted to dedicate more time to studying and/or waiting longer to procrastinate and study the night/hours before. What has happened to all of the students? I feel like I'm in an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Then the plot thickens. Get this - my professor asks if we want some homework over the weekend too. You'd think the class would respond, "no," since the test is on Tuesday and surely they will be studying for it. But they don't. They welcome the extra work with open arms. I looked around to see if Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel were in the classroom, so I could get the heck out of here - in a small group of course and flee this bizarre scene. Something had to have been in the air or trees this morning. (A reference to The Happening if you didn't understand that part. I'm not just name-dropping).

Tracy and I exchange looks. Sure, we'd love to have more work to do. We would rather do busy work that won't get a second glance when being graded, than actually study for a test that will account for a decent amount of our final grade. Who wouldn't?

Maybe it's a Wisconsin thing (Tracy and I are both from Wisconsin - same town too!). So maybe it's an Elk Mound thing, but we were raised to take all the slack we could get. Minnesota doesn't seem to agree with us. It's sad, really.

On the other hand, I'm in a class full of nursing majors. If you've ever met a nursing major, you'd know that they HAVE to get good grades, so they like to absorb any extra (homework) points. As an English major, I could care less. Homework is like my Kryptonite. Essays and tests are where the points are at.

I can only hope that by Thursday, things are back to "normal" with my class.

Roll credits

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thick Walls Make Good Neighbors

I live in a huge house with 6 or 7 other apartments. There are three apartments on the main level - one of which is mine. My bedroom shares a wall with another apartment. Needless to say, thick walls make good neighbors, and thin walls, well...don't.

I swear, the people living next to me have watched every episode of The Office more than once. They had to have, because they've been watching it since this summer! I love that show, but come on! I've come to the conclusion that they don't have cable.

For awhile there, they started watching Sex and the City. That didn't last long, I heard them humming annoyingly to the theme of The Office by the next day. I can hear it so well that I can pick out which episode they're watching. Have I mentioned that I love The Office just as much?

Anyway, my roommate has told me to pound on the wall, but I refuse. If I can hear them, then they can hear me laughing boisterously at The Golden Girls. You heard me right, I think Rose is a hoot!

I know the house I live in is older than old, but the walls are incredibly thin. I bet the apartment next to me is wondering why I laugh sporadically throughout the day or yell at random moments. If they only knew that I think most things in life are funny, and that my roomies are hard of hearing ;) Just kidding, the living room is pretty far from my room.

So as I borrow from Robert Frost's popular poem Mending Wall, "Something there is that doesn't love a wall," I can't help but think he was referring to the builders of this big old house.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Almost it is

I apologize for not blogging for two whole days! :( I was too busy to even think about anything to write. Let me fill you in on what happened.

Friday - Woke up at 7:00 am to get ready for the career fair. Drove 2 1/2 hours to Minneapolis all tired and groggy, but looking sharp and sophisticated. After driving around in a parking garage for what seemed like forever (probably only 15 minutes in real time), I walked what seemed like 15 miles (up hill both ways!) - in high heels too - to hand out my resume to one guy at a booth.

Then my sister, Tyne, called me and said that I should meet her at the school where she teaches, because she didn't have to teach any classes in the afternoon. What an experience that was!

At about 3:00 pm I drove to my brother's house for the weekend. It's his birthday today, well yesterday. Happy Birthday Blake!!!

Saturday - Celebrated my brother's birthday, and my nephew's birthday (his is in a few days). My nephew got a lot of Legos!

Sunday - Went to church. Ate some good leftovers. Drove 3 hours back to Winona. Worked at Pizza Hut until 11:00pm.

That's what happened over my weekend. I was way too busy to even think about blogging. Actually, I thought about it and then felt bad I wasn't blogging. Which is probably a sign of some type of addiction to blogs. First sign of blogsession (blog + obsession...for the slow ones out there) is feeling guilty about spending time away from their blogs and others. Maybe I should join a program, but I don't have that kind of time. Well, I do, but that's when I blog ;) Now there's a blogsessed girl for ya!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sidewalk Etiquette

Rule #1 - Walk on the right side of the sidewalk. Pretend it's a road. This will eliminate head-on collisions.

Rule #2 - Keep the iPod volume to a minimum. You never know when a runner or biker is approaching fast, and if you don't want to look like a loser and freak out when they pass you because you're scared out of your wits...then listen to Snoop Dogg at a reasonable level. In my case, I would put him on mute. Also, I recommend not singing to your iPod, because A: you look funny, and B: you're probably not that good. Unless you like the attention of random strangers, then go for it. I like a little humor on my way to class.

Rule #3 - Speaking of bikers, bike on the road. You are considered a vehicle. Plus, you take up too much sidewalk space.

Rule #4 - Limit your walking buddies to 2 or 3. If you are approaching a group of 3 girls on the sidewalk and the third doesn't budge from the arm linked brigade, shoulders could bump and nudge. This is NOT good...a rumble could emerge.

Rule #5 - No one likes to stick to the rules of the pedestrian crossing, but try to do your best. I know it's a pain to get from corner of the street to the other, and if you choose to jaywalk, do so with caution. You're two second time saver may be your last.

Rule #6 - When you see a friend and want to tell them your life story, don't talk in the middle of the sidewalk. People will throw foreign objects your way...and again we are trying to reduce the number of rumbles starting. I don't like seeing people get stabbed with pencils and hit over the head with textbooks. (I go to college, I've seen things).

Rule #7 - Don't text while walking. This can also lead to head-on collisions, and more seriously - a fall. Which, my friends, is very humiliating. Sidenote: when someone does fall or hits a rock while biking on the road and flips over his handlebars, go over and help them up. Unless, of course the biker falls while using the sidewalk...he should've used the road. You can yell that to him when you pass by - 9 times out of 10 you will see the biker using the road the next time you meet.

Rule #8 - Try to keep up with foot traffic. One of my biggest pet peeves is being caught behind a slow walker. Slow walkers tend to travel in packs, so it is almost impossible to pass them. In the non-winter months, this can be avoided by walking around them via people's yards. In the winter, though, you don't want to be knee-deep in think of happy things - like the courage you would love to have to bulldoze through the slow walkers and leave them cursing you from the ground.

Rule #9 - When crossing the road, don't forget to look both ways. Some drivers don't stop for pedestrians. They are a mean group of people. So when the nice drivers of America do stop for you, wave and smile at them (to show your appreciation).

Rule #10 - When you walk your dog, please pick up their presents off of the sidewalk. It's not a good day when I'm walking to class and I see a human sized poo radiating off the cement on a hot summer morning.

Please try your best to abide by these rules. Someday we might live in a world of sidewalk walkers walking in peace.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Like Oh My Gosh!

I tend to use the phrase "omg" loosely around my friends. I think it's acceptable to say "omg" around my peers in a setting where it's appropriate. In the professional world, though, it's not okay to say "o-m-g I love the new ad campaign." And even though I think the world of retailers isn't exactly a strictly professional workplace, I do believe that they should refrain from saying those three little letters that remind me why I don't like shopping very much.

Today I forced myself to take a trip to Maurices, because I was in desperate need of a shirt to go with my outfit for this career fair I'm going to on Friday in Minneapolis.

Whenever I get dragged along to Maurices with my friends, I secretly roll my eyes as the fake blonde stampers over in her high heels and her keys jingle on her wrist band bracelet - to show her superiority over the other sales associates, obviously. I listen as she asks, "How are you girls today? Just so you know, this and this is on sale and if you buy blah and blah then you get this tote for only $20.00!" Then she leaves momentarily until my friend needs a fitting room, then she hounds us again. "Try this instead, what about this color, or these pants?" Bah! Just leave us alone. If we want your help, we'll ask.

Then my friend is ready to pay. She decides to buy only one of the shirts. The blonde with the keys is flabbergasted that my friend didn't buy the other one too, because "OMG, that one looks darling on you, girl!" I keep myself entertained as I watch my friend politely reiterate that she just wants the one shirt, while the blonde pressures her to get the "super cute one."

So there I was today. In desperate need of the annoying help that I can only receive from Maurices. Luckily, the key wearing OMG queen wasn't working today. Instead, this really nice sales associate helped me pick out two shirts and a tank for a whopping $68.00 - I am now poor. Good thing these shirts can be worn with plenty of other outfits, because "omg, there are soooo cute!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Movie Review : The Wolfman

February 12, 2010 marked the debut of The Wolfman, rated R for bloody horror violence and gore. Directed by Joe Johnston, whose works include Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, The Rocketeer, Jumanji, and the disastrous Jurassic Park 3, (we might have to forgive you for that one Joe), surprised us again with special effects taken to bloody measures and hairy bodies.

If the title doesn't give any insight into what the movie is about or if you've been living under a rock your entire life and don't know what a werewolf is, let me clarify. Under the full moon, a person (mostly males...sexist, nah - who wants to see a shewolf?) gets bitten by a werewolf while roaming the countryside at night (they're just looking for trouble). Then that unlucky person turns into a werewolf under the next full moon and howls and bays at it, turns ferocious, and goes crazy wild on the people of the community.

Anthony Hopkins plays Benicio Del Toro's father. He lives in a gigantic house and provides no upkeep for it. He needs a maid, believe me. Emily Blunt plays the girlfriend of Del Toro's dead brother-who was killed by the beast. Note: I'm not ruining the movie for you - you learn this in the first 5 minutes.

Now, I kept thinking of Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf minus the anger issues and puberty. Maybe it was the hair, I'm not sure. Actually I know why I kept thinking of Teen Wolf but I don't want to spoil anything for you. Kudos to Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, and Emily Blunt. I enjoyed their performances, and I think Emily Blunt is going to be the next big thing in movies. I have a good feeling about her.

Would I recommend this movie to theater goers? Definitely.
Would I buy this movie? Probably not, because I don't own many movies of this genre.
Would I watch this movie in the future when it plays on tv? Depends on what mood I'm in, but more than likely - yes.

One last thing...
Despite the annoying old man sitting behind me in the theater laughing at decapitated heads and intestines laying about on the ground, I thought the gore in the movie was sufficient and not hilarious. Some parts made me jump, shriek, and sink in my seat. My way of dealing with thrillers and the annoying old man's ways differ dramatically. A little part of me was disturbed by the way the old man laughed when someone was getting mauled by the werewolf...good thing I wasn't walking out of the theater alone.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Assignment for my Humor Writing Class

Assignment: Write a "news" piece (a fake news piece) of 250 words or more. A “news” piece is usually parody since you’d use the informative, objective style of the news and debase the subject, so this will likely be another parody.

“A True Purple Viking”

In the fight for the NFC Championship, Vikings QB Brett Favre took a beating from the Saints’ defense. The bruises on his hamstring and ankle are large and purple – what most bruises tend to look like, especially for a forty year old trying to prove that he can still play football. A doctor on the scene reports, “Elderly people are particularly susceptible to extended or excessive bruising and the complications that can come from it, so it's a good idea to keep a close eye on their bruises.”

Will he or won’t he be returning seems to be on everybody’s minds in the great Midwest. Last year, he signed with the Vikings conveniently after training camp. On Brett Favre’s official website he states, “When I decided to return to the NFL to play my 19th season, I did so with some trepidation. After all, I was joining a new team in a new city, for the archrivals of the ‘green and gold.’ And I’m not getting any younger.”

Rick Spielman, Vice President of player personnel for the Vikings said that they will let Brett Favre do what he wants to do. Nobody tells Brett Favre what to do. He is the drama queen, excuse me, king of quarterbacks. The Vikings shouldn’t wait too long though, because if Favre doesn’t return for his 20th season, then the Vikings are out one quarterback. If they want to trade for Donovan McNabb, they’re going to have to get a clear statement from Favre on whether he is returning or retiring.

We’ll see you next season Favre, after training camp is over, I’m sure. Meanwhile, ice your hammy and elevate your ankle. Hopefully, your bruises will fade before next season starts.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day

I love 30 Rock, so for those of you who don't understand what my title means, let me explain. Liz Lemon, played by Tina Fey, is tired of Valentine's Day so instead of living through another painful Valentine's Day with no one, she decides to get a root canal. Anyway, she names the day Anna Howard Shaw Day after a suffragette who was born on February 14th. She explains this to one of her co-worker's daughters when asked to buy cookies for Valentine's Day. Lemon says she is buying them for Anna Howard Shaw Day instead. Obviously, Lemon has had some bad Valentine's Day experiences. There you have it my friends, Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!

That doesn't mean I've had bad Valentine's Day experiences, because I haven't. For the last four years I've gone to a movie with my friend Jenny...unless we have dates ourselves (which we haven't had). This year we're going to go see Valentine's Day, which is appropriate, right? Titles these days...

Except, we aren't seeing the movie tonight on account of Jenny being in Texas. We're seeing it later this week.

So how will I be spending Anna Howard Shaw Day? First things first, I'll shower. It's 2:30pm and I'm still hanging out in my bed watching Bewitched on TBS. Maybe I shouldn't have stayed awake until 4:30am watching Inglourious Basterds...thanks Todd and Joe. Then I'll get some homework done and relax.

Sounds pretty productive to me.

Here's to everyone having a Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

An Old Soul

Ever since I was little I watched I Love Lucy and Gilligan's Island in syndication on TV Land. I wished that The Munsters and the Cleaver family lived down the block. I laughed at Janet, Chrissy, and Jack as they got themselves into uncomfortable situations before the eyes of Mr. Roper. None of my friends appreciated the humor of Larry and his two brothers - Darryl and Darryl, let alone knew what I was talking about.

While I grew older and started to plan my future, I hoped for a roommate named Laverne or Shirley and a best friend named Rhoda.

It isn't all about television shows either. My iPod is crammed with songs by The Temptations and Roy Orbinson. I sing along with Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, and try to hit the high notes with the Jackson 5.

I've written a paper on The Big Chill, and watched The Ghost and Mrs. Muir on a Friday night instead of going out. Every time The Parent Trap (1961) is on, I watch it. And I recently bought Tootsie on DVD.

I remember watching Rear Window, The Birds, and Psycho with my parents and thinking that those were the scariest movies in the world. I was literally afraid to go in the bathroom, for fear that birds were going to come out of the closet.

Jimmy Stewart, Natalie Wood, Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, and Bogey and Bacall are household names for me.

And then I think about what my future children with swoon over. Will they wish they were a part of Friends and Home Improvement? Will they laugh alongside Will Ferrell, or fall in love with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, or scream with Scream and cringe with Saw? Will their ears be full of Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga, and Shania Twain? I can only hope so.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Karma

Two days ago I noticed a $20 bill in an unattended ATM machine. After taking a couple looks around, to see if the owner of it was near - and then seeing that he wasn't, I did the right thing and reported it to a grocer.

I could have easily taken it. I could have walked up to it and swiped it for myself. What made me stop? Well, I believe in Karma. If I would have taken the $20 that wasn't mine, I probably wouldn't have had such a good night in tips last night. I swear everyone was tipping me over $5, and that's good for working at Pizza Hut. Plus, I got two $10 tips! It was a good night.

Yes, I believe in Karma.

I also believe in doing what is right, even if it's painful.

And maybe when the grocer took the money and put it in the back room, he pocketed it. Or maybe he split it with his co-workers. That's some bad Karma, my friend. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

But maybe he put a sticky note on it reading, "Found in ATM. Hold until owner calls." And maybe the owner called the next day and picked up his money. Maybe the owner used the money to buy his ailing daughter her last Valentine's gift. Yeah, that's what I like to think happened. I've done something good for someone else.

On the other hand, maybe he bought booze and I just fed his alcoholism. In that bad.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"What's your favorite scary movie?"

I love scary movies. I love jumping and screaming and then laughing at how scared I was or how loud I screamed.

There's something about scary movies that intrigue me. Maybe it's the fact that I'm grateful for not having a serial killer stalking me, or a demonic child living two bedrooms away.

My roommate HATES scary movies. She gets really scared - I'm worried for her health kind of scared. My friend and I made her watch scary movies over the summer despite her constant refusals. We watched a few Halloween movies, a couple Friday the 13th ones, and Prom Night (the new one...not very good).

This week, though, my roommate is in Texas. So we've taken advantage of her absence and have watched three scary movies already - Joy Ride (Paul Walker is a hottie), The Orphan (that will make a person think twice before adopting), and Scream 3 (the 2nd best of the trilogy).

Let me start with Joy Ride. I've seen it before and it's a great plot. Steve Zahn does a wonderful job as the comic relief brother to Paul Walker...which lightens the mood. Now, I haven't seen Joy Ride 2 yet, but I'll have to check that one out soon.

The Orphan - omg, there is nothing bad to say about this movie. It's so good! The twist is unexpected and amazing. It's not a jumpy movie, but it gets in your head and stays there for awhile. I recommend this movie for people who like psychological thrillers.

Last, but not least - Scream 3. I remember watching the first Scream when it came out. I was nine or ten at the time. My oldest sister, Kyrstin, had her boyfriend over and they were playing a board game in the kitchen (which is odd, because he didn't like board games) and my other sister, Tyne, and I sat in the dark living room and watched the movie. I was scared out of my mind. The same thrills from the first movie transferred itself to the third movie - and basically skipped the second. The Scream movies need to be watched in order. I know the second one sucks, but just watch that one to make fun of it. Oh, and the third one has some big names in it: Parker Posey does a hilarious job as an actress playing Gale Weathers, and Patrick Dempsey is definitely looking McDreamy as a cop.

To sum up - scary movies are awesome. I love them and although I can pick out who's going to die next's the thrill of it all that keeps me coming back to them.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Musings

Today I spent $4.50 doing my laundry. Two loads + drying. Not too shabby.

Someday I would like my own washer and dryer. One without quarter slots.

I dream big.

I feel bad that the East Coast is getting hit hard with blizzards.

Then again, I don't feel that bad. At least it's not us.

Don't will melt.

Just not soon enough.

Valentine's Day is approaching.

I don't have to work on that day either.

It's official - I'll be doing nothing on Valentine's Day.

Ho hum

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wikipedia gave me this conclusion

Ever heard the phrase, "I've come to the conclusion..."? Of course you have. Let me tell you something: I have come to the conclusion that the girl sitting next to me in my Personal and Community Health lab was on Meth or Coke this morning.

Random, right? I know. I don't know much about drugs except from the D.A.R.E program I had back in the 5th grade. Even then, I don't remember much except that they are bad for you.

Anyway, I'm sitting in class and the girl next to me won't sit still. She was literally moving every second for about 15 minutes straight until she got up and left. Then she came back. At first, I thought she was just sick with the flu, but she still had color in her face and she didn't reek of that wasn't it. She was warm too. No, she was hot, because she kept fanning herself while she danced in her seat.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep a straight face while the guest speaker is talking about Reproductive Health and the effectiveness of NuvaRing and the Sponge. Seinfeld moment -- "You're not Sponge worthy." How embarrassing would it have been if I busted out laughing while the speaker talked about menstruating? Keep in mind that I'm not smiling about the presentation but by Miss Ants in Her Pants to the left of me.

And get this, she starts blowing on her arms. Like that's going to cool her down. BLOWING ON HER ARMS! I've never seen anything like this before. So I thought - drugs. She came to class loaded with something. Now, I'm trying to take notes while she's blowing on her arms. You have no idea how hard it is to pay attention while this is happening. Then she starts staring at me. She probably wondered why I was wearing a sweatshirt. I mean it's February and we woke up to about 4 inches of snow this morning, but that's beside the point.

Then she got up again and left the classroom. I felt better after I saw the students on the other side of her exchange "what the frick?" glances as she walked out the door. She came back and kept moving in her seat.

Class ended and when I got back to my apartment I looked up side effects of acid and then cocaine. Wikipedia matched Cocaine and Meth with the Arm Blower's symptoms she demonstrated in class.

That's when I came to the conclusion that the girl sitting next to me in my 8:00 am lab this morning was on Meth or Cocaine.

Definition of the annoying person

an-noy to irritate or bother, as by a repeated action --- an-noy'ance n. --- an-noy'ing adj. --- an-noy'ing-ly adv.

Want to know if you are annoying? Well, I'll tell you.

First, if you've ever answered the waitress with "I would like a million dollars" after they ask, "What can I get for you tonight?"...then you are annoying.

Second, if you've ever eaten dry Captain Crunch during class, chugged a Mountain Dew to wash it down, and said, "Ahhhh" while your teacher lectures on Classical Mythology...then you are annoying.

Third, if you find it hard to refrain from saying "Your Mom" jokes, because it is the only comeback joke you know...then you are annoying.

Fourth, if you've seen a movie so many times that you say the lines with the actor word-for-word while the person sitting next to you has never seen the movie...then you are annoying, and you should really take the hint - i.e. when we tell you to stop, we really mean it.

Fifth, in relation to number four, if you like to repeat what has just been said in the movie on more than one occasion...then you are annoying. It's only funny the first time.

Sixth, if you like to text or talk in a movie theater...then you are annoying and you need to grow up. Seriously, you're not in middle school anymore.

--Sidebar-- I'm sorry that a lot of these annoyances are movie related, but they have to be recognized. Honestly, it's for the sake of our country.

Seventh, if you refer to your boyfriend or girlfriend as "lover" ...then you are annoying. (Unless you are married, then this is okay, and only sometimes okay).

Eighth, if you have to constantly one-up a friend's personal story with one of your personal stories...then you are annoying.

Ninth, if you like to raise your hand in a lecture class and share your ideas about chemical are annoying.

Tenth, if you find yourself reading this list and saying, "Is she talking about me?" in more than one example...then I'm sorry, but you are annoying.

Hopefully, you can realize your shortcomings and fix it before you become a full-blown annoyance to the people around you.

Lots of love,

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

I'm going to go out on a limb and pick the Saints to win tonight. Everyone is picking the Colts, and I like to root for the underdog. Plus, the Saints beat the Vikings so GO SAINTS!!! It's going to be a close game too, so it's worth the watch. Unfortunately, I'll be a Pizza Hut answering phones during the game. Yay.

Speaking of Pizza Hut, the cooks forgot to make three of my pizzas for three different tables all in a matter of two hours. It's really embarrassing telling someone that the cooks are incapable of reading a ticket that tells them exactly what to put on a pizza, let alone make an entire one. I ended up taking money off bills last night which resulted in some tables leaving me a healthy tip and one table leaving me $.78! Don't worry - I only took a total of $20 off your bill and gave you two orders of bread sticks for free. Thank you for the $.78. I think I'll buy half a Snickers with that.

Now something positive: I received an A on my Web Development test last week. I thought I did horrible, but somehow I pulled it off. Actually, I got a B but then she curved I ended up with an A. Nope, I still feel angry about the $.78. I guess thinking positive didn't help this time.

On a different note - I had to chose a goal for my Personal and Community Health class so I've given up pop for the rest of the semester. My reward: a new pair of tennis shoes. My punishment: run a mile for every pop I drink. That reminds me, I need to run a mile this week.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

And so it begins

First and foremost, I would like to say that I woke up at noon today. The life of a college student is great. There is no other time in my life that I will be able to wake up at noon and get away with it. I won't be able to do this when I get a job...unless such a job exists where I can waste my morning away. And that's the thing, I don't necessarily love waking up at noon, because there are so many things I could have done - like relax in bed, eat breakfast, watch tv - ya know, get stuff done :)

So I went to Perkins with my roommate after my productive morning and all she wanted was pancakes, but she order the meal where you get three pancakes on the side. I did the same, but added chocolate chips to them. I'm 22 and I need to have chocolate chips on my pancakes. When we make them at home my nephew and I get the chocolate chip pancakes and the "adults" get regular pancakes.

Anyway, the waiter did a horrible job and forgot our silverware, lemonade refills, and (most importantly) my friend's pancakes. That's the one thing she was craving and she had to wait 15 extra minutes for them. By the time they came she was full from her eggs and hash browns.

Despite our waiter's lack of waiting skills I still tipped him and so did my friend. Even though all of his mistakes were his and not the cook's, he truly looked sorry for his mistakes. Maybe he was having an off day, or maybe he just sucked, but I figured he could use the tips to pay for some waiter classes. Oh wait, they don't provide those because serving food isn't that hard.

I want to apologize for sounding bitter. I should end on a happy note. The chocolate chip pancakes were DELICIOUS!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The First of Many Tries

I don't know how many times I've tried to start up a personal website only to watch it fail before my eyes. I never kept up with it. This time it's going to be different...maybe. The troubles I think anyone faces when starting a blog are the questions of who's going to read it or who cares what I have to say? Well, I like to think a lot of people out there have nothing better to do but search for blogs that interest them - either as an escape from real life or boredom. Hopefully they stumble upon mine.

So, here I am. Boring my readers already...sorry.

I'll try to be more exciting.

So what's the point of my blog? I don't even know the answer to that one.

I think what I'm going to do is put up some samples of my writing, share my thoughts about whatever I'm thinking or doing (but not in a Twitter "I'm now eating a graham cracker" sort of way), and write other blog type things people blog about.

By the way, I'm on Twitter...look me up: KinseyBodenburg :) It's entertaining. Believe me.