Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's the Deal with Meteorologists?

I like watching the news. I like watching the weather even more, because I'm interested in knowing what the temperature is going to be in the morning, at noon, and night. I love the 7-day forecast. It's my favorite part.

But what's the deal with meteorologists? Just tell me the weather. Seriously, all I need is a screen with numbers in Fahrenheit and pictures of clouds. I don't want you to explain what fog is or a bunch of other fast-talking information you feel is important. All I want is the weather.

Frankly, I don't even need a meteorologist. In my perfect world the meteorologist would stay behind the scenes. If they did come out and present the weather it would go something like this: "It's going to thunderstorm today until about 5:00 pm. Tomorrow is going to be sunny with a high of 75. Here's your 7-day forecast." Then they would walk away.

Instead, I get this..."Good Thursday afternoon. We have a low pressure system coming from the South. The national weather system says blahblahblah, but blahblahblah, I don't really get it. Hey, am I still talking? Ha, I think I have the best job in the world. I'm almost always wrong. We've had a week of record temperatures, but it might snow tomorrow. Then it will be pretty nice again next week. Something about some counties blahblahblah, and more counties that aren't even in our viewing area...let's talk about them for awhile. Oh, and in Texas the temperatures are in the blahboogerblah. But we live in Wisconsin. Maybe I should spend time actually talking about our state. I like to wave my arms and hands around to distract you viewers from seeing the 7-day forecast. Guess what? It took me three hours to figure out how to make that sun on the screen sparkle. Like my tie? It's festive. Now that I've wasted your time, back to you."

So annoying. I find myself zoning out when the weather comes on - like I'm in a trance. I have a theory that my local meteorologist is actually hypnotizing the viewers into thinking he's actually good at his job. My only defense is the mute button on the remote...if I can get to it in time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Musings: Take Fourteen

I haven't done a Wednesday Musing in awhile. I thought it was time for one.

-My nephew, Alec, loves game shows. He's only 7 months old! He loves Family Feud, Jeopardy, and The Price is Right! It's so funny. He likes watching The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb too. Is it time for an intervention?

-Yesterday I went for a run and I saw six people snowshoeing by the creek. Good for them.

-CBS' new show Mad Love on Monday is really funny. Watch it.

-I recently watched the movie Trick 'r' Treat on Netflix and it's a great Halloween movie. I wish it would've been on instant streaming this Halloween, because it would've royally freaked me out. Needless to say, watching in in February didn't make it less scary. I watched most of it through my fingers.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Cover Letter that I've Been Dying to Write

2010 was a year of disappointments for me career wise. My favorite was when I applied to a local newspaper and got rejected in two ways: email and snail mail. Thanks. On the flipside, at least they let me know that they found someone else.

I've been tempted to write a cover letter to really get across my argument of why a company should hire me as a writer (technical, creative, proofreader, whatever). So here it is, my no holds back cover letter that I will never send out because it would get rejected faster than Christina Aguilera ran off the football field.

Dear Reviewer:

I heard about your job opening, because I'm desperate for a job in a field where I spent four years of my life and money at a wonderful university. I would like to apply for this position, because I know I would do an outstanding job.

I graduated from Winona State University with a Bachelors Degree in English: Writing. If I would've known that all you employers were just interested in experience, then I would've gotten an Associates Degree in Administrative Assistance (because apparently I can't even get hired for that unless I have an degree in answering offense to secretaries, I'm sure the job is harder than it looks) and spent the other two years working on getting experience before my actual experience. Too bad I didn't know this. Be that as it may, I think my four years at Winona State gave me equal or even better of an experience in writing as a job would.

Furthermore, I've had more than eight years experience with computers. Although I don't have "job experience" entering data into a computer, I've spent half of my life working with multiple computer software including Microsoft Office. If a monkey can do it, so can I. While attending school I worked as a waitress where I assisted the guests with excellent customer service in person and over the phone. I'm a great people-person who can handle stressful situations with a smile and a great attitude. I know I would be an important asset to your company, because I'm a creative, energetic, and hard-working individual who is more than ready for a job in the career path I've studied all my life for. Attached is my resume. Don't get scared off by my multiple past jobs. I worked summers to help pay for my overpriced education.

I will contact your office within a week to confirm that you received my application. Don't sound so surprised, I do know how to dial a telephone.

Thank you for your consideration.


Kinsey Bodenburg

Wow, that felt good. The sad part is, besides how desperate and rude I sound, half of my submissions don't even get looked at. A computer searches for certain words and picks out the application, or somebody just chooses candidates that they know. So really, I have a slim chance to get a good writing job. I've applied all over the U.S. and nothing back yet besides a few rejections. I guess time will tell.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm a Packer, You're a Packer, We're a Packer

Born and raised in Wisconsin. Cheese fanatic - in my mouth or on my head. Favorite color is green. Would love to have anything. An undying love for NFL football. Can brave the frigid temperatures at Lambeau Field for three hours surrounded by the warm company of Green Bay Packers fans!

That's me! I love the Packers. I do, I do, I do. And that's what I'll say to any GB player who proposes to me.

The Super Bowl last night was AMAZING!! Fantastic! At times, it was frustrating and I almost thought it was over and we were going to lose, and good thing we didn't, because I would've cried. I would've still been proud of them, sure, but I'm so happy we won!

I can say "we" like I'm part of the team, because I am. I think anyone who loves a team feels like they belong to it, because it kind of represents who they are. Boy, now I'm getting kind of sentimental here. But I'm on a roll...

It's like everything a person does reflects them. The people they hang out with, the tv shows they watch and books they read, their actions, fashion, attitudes, and hobbies. So the Packers are a part of me and I am a part of them. The same with Hugh Laurie. He may not know it, but I'm a part of him and he's a part of me...well, I may not be a part of me...because he doesn't know me, but someday! Ha! Not so sentimental anymore. That didn't take long.

Okay, time to end this post because House is on and I made my point - The Green Bay Packers are awesome. And I love them. And they deserved their win last night. And I love them. I do ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pajama Jeans or Jeggings?

Have you seen the Pajama Jeans infomercial? The product they're selling is a pair of pants that look like jeans but feel like pajama pants!! O-M-G! This is the best thing in the whole wide world. I want one, I want 5, I want millions!

Juuuuust kidding. Maybe if they actually did look like jeans and not a pair of "jeans" my Barbie wore back in the 90's, then maybe I would buy them. But they look awful - especially the front where a zipper should be . Eesh, jeans need zippers, not fake stitchings that look like a zipper should be in that region. And they cost $40.00 + s/h!! I'm sorry, but that's way too expensive for a pair of pajama pants.

So what's the difference between Pajama Jeans and Jeggings?

Ummm, jeggings are just better.

Jeggings are leggings that look like jeans. They are leggings. They aren't sweatpants that look like jeans. Leggings and jeggings are fashionable. Plus, they are more cost friendly.

When you wear leggings or jeggings, more often than not, you wear a longer shirt. So even if there is a faux zipper, it's covered. And even if you don't, the outfit looks just fine because jeggings are in and Pajama Jeans are not. I know I don't have much of an argument here, but if you're ever confronted with a choice between Pajama Jeans and Jeggings, pick jeggings. My 2 1/2 year old niece even wears jeggings. She's got style.

But if you're not one to wear tight fitting pants like leggings and jeggings, then don't. I advise against the Pajama Jeans, though...I especially advise against wearing them in PUBLIC if you already own them. Remember, just say no to the PJ Jeans and yes to real jeans or jeggings.