Monday, January 31, 2011

Stuck in an Elevator

Ever said something, then five minutes later completely regret it because it came true? I have. Plenty of times.

A couple of weekends ago I went to the Rascal Flatts concert at the Xcel Energy center in St. Paul, MN. My friend, Heather, had two tickets so she invited me to go with her. We had a really great time! Rascal Flatts did an amazing job!! Chris Young and Luke Bryan opened for them...they were awesome too :)

To get to the concert, we parked in a parking garage and then walked to the elevator since we had to go up about 5 or 6 levels. As we stood in the cold, frigid Minnesota air waiting for the elevator to arrive, Heather turned to me and said, "I hope the elevator doesn't get stuck and we miss the whole concert."

I couldn't believe my ears. Did she just say what I thought she just said?? I replied, "Heather! Don't say that. That would suck if we missed the concert."

Finally the elevator opened up and we poured in. All six of us, plus the six who were already in there. Then four more people scrunched in - idiots, we were already jammed in there like sardines. The extra four made it even more uncomfortable for 16 strangers to be shoulder to shoulder in a hot elevator.

We went up one floor. Then all of sudden the elevator stopped. Heather and I looked at each other, since we both knew that it was her fault that the elevator stopped working.

"Omigosh! Is the elevator stuck? Omigosh, omigosh! I cant' believe this is happening," was what the Rascal Flatts t-shirt wearing sardines all said.

Heather and I just stared at each other. Then she said, "I shouldn't have said that."

"Um, yeah, Heather, you hexed us. Don't say anything else while we're stuck in here," I ordered her. Then we both laughed. Holy crappola! It was unbelievable.

The lady closest to the buttons pressed the emergency one. Then the intercom came on and told us not to panic and that they had someone on their way.

Luckily for us, we weren't stuck between floors, so the strong sardines in the front pried the door open. We all flooded out, climbed the 4+ floors, and enjoyed the concert.

After the concert we (dumbly) waited for the elevator again. I reminded Heather, in good humor, to not say anything about elevators getting stuck ever again.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow and Kinsey

I never told the blogging world about my trip to Los Angeles in December for the Screenwriter's Summit. Well, it was amazing. I learned a lot about screenwriting and I'm so happy that I went, because it sparked a lot of ideas for my scripts. I have already seen my writing improve.

While we were there, we saw some famous people. Gwyneth Paltrow got her star on the walk of fame, so we saw her, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Matthew Morrison (from Glee), Ross Matthews, Amy Adams, and Rob Corddry. Pretty amazing, huh? And we saw all those people within an hour of each other.

Paltrow, McGraw, Hill, Morrison, and Matthews were there for her star ceremony. Amy Adams and Rob Corddry were filming a scene for the upcoming Muppets movie.

The best part was that Ross Matthews saw me and waved excitedly to me. He heard me say his name when I was talking to my parents, then he turned and looked at me, I waved, he smiled and waved...magic, haha! If you don't know who Ross Matthews is he's known as Ross the Intern on Jay Leno, and he's frequently on Chelsea Lately as part of the roundtable discussion.

After we returned from L.A. I browsed some pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow getting her star and in the background was ME!!! Too bad none of the photos that I was in made the magazines, but it's on the internet :) Close enough for me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deleting Friends

I had two intertwined conversations yesterday with two different people at two different times, but about the same subject. The first wasn't even a real "conversation" as in face-to-face, but on Facebook. One of my friends put as her status that she was annoyed at how many people were trying to friend her that she didn't know.

I commented on her status because I agreed with her. I had two friend requests a couple days ago from my high school. But I didn't know them. Sure, we graduated from the same school, but I don't know you. The requests were from students still in high school...ummm, I don't know you! My friend who put this as her status had the same complaint. Weird? Not really, this happens a lot. I "ignore" friend requests more than I accept.

Later, at trivia last night (we didn't win and we got our regular waitress...thank god) my bff told me about how she just went through her Facebook friends and deleted a lot of them. We talked a little about it, and I said that I needed to do that too, because I really only talk to about a dozen of my friends on there.

So, today, even though I added about three or four friends on my Facebook page, I deleted about 100 of them. Most of them were from college - the random "add" of someone who I had class with. It was convenient at the time, because if I ever missed class I could just message them about homework or tests. But now, that's not the case. So I deleted them.

I kept all my relatives, people from my graduating class (I don't want our reunion to be awkward if I see them and we're not "friends") and people I still keep in touch with or am interested in hearing about - which is different than stalking.

In a few months I'll probably delete more friends, but if I can delete them with one push of button and not regret it...were they truly a friend to begin with?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last week, I went out with some friends to a restaurant/bar for Trivia night. We always order food and drinks - a pitcher right away. Normally, we get the same waitress every week. She knows us, we know her, she does a good job, and in turn we tip her very well.

It was a different story last week. Our waitress was NOT GOOD. Since I used to wait tables, I had some sympathy for her, but she never redeemed herself. Let's count the ways she messed up:

1. She didn't ask us if we wanted anything to drink when she sat us.

2. When she came back, after 10 minutes, we ordered a pitcher then asked for menus.

3. Ten minutes later (see a trend?) she came back with the pitcher but NO menus.

4. Ten minutes later she came back with the menus.

5. When she came back, we already finished our pitcher, and had gotten a new one from the bar...that's how long she was gone. We ordered.

6. One of us ordered wings and when he asked if he could have sauce on the side, she said "Bleu cheese or ranch?" He corrected her and described "sauce" like mild, bbq, or hot. Then she said, "We have salsa." I had to cover my face, because I was laughing so hard.

7. She came back with our food, and the sauce guy didn't get anything with his sauce, no bleu cheese, nothing. Just wings. He asked where his sauce was. She forgot.

8. Later, she asked if any of us needed a box. One of us did.

9. She brought us our bill.

10. She collected our bill, we asked for our box since she forgot it.

When she brought us our bill, mine came to $7.90, and since she did a wonderfully awful job, I decided to tip her $.10 and make it an even 8 bucks. What I didn't expect was that she would take our bill before she brought us our "forgotten" box. When she returned with the box, she obviously saw that I only left her a dime, she didn't even look at us. She was peeved.

Honestly, she did a really bad job. I don't feel bad for only leaving her a tiny tip. Her total tip was probably $8.00 total, so she really had nothing to complain about.

I must say that when we left the restaurant we had to pass her and she did not look happy. This was a tough lesson for her. Maybe she will do a better job next time. Hopefully, we won't get her tonight. One word - awkward.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Resolution: To Make Resolutions

Talk about late New Year resolution making. Sheesh, it's almost February. Better late than never, is what I like to say. Or as others say: excuses...excuses.

I was a little hungover to start my resolution on the 1st of January anyway. Now that I'm over that 25 days of post-party"ness" I would like to start my 2011 year with a whirring noise of the elliptical machine in my basement instead of a bang. We need to oil shouldn't be making a noise. That will be part of my first resolution. Let's call it number 1.25.

My other resolution...yeah, I have TWO, this is going to be a good to finish all my scripts that I've started. And that number would be, wait while I check, twelve. Holy crap, twelve! I didn't know I had that many. Sonofamother! That's a lot. Okay, new second resolution: Finish only the good scripts that I've started. In that case, my number goes down. Plus, I've finished three of them already. So this new number *cough* five *cough* is more manageable.

To sum up this really short blog post, only for the sake of writing "To sum up," my resolutions are:

1) Work-out at least three days a week
1.25) Oil that elliptical machine
2) Finish the good scripts

That doesn't sound too hard. On the other hand, it took me 25 days to get this resolution thing sorted out...26 actually, since I'm starting tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guilty or not Guilty Pleasure

*I would've taken a picture of that crazy yard, but I don't pass that house anymore. That Friday, I quit my job since more possibilities were waiting for me somewhere else. But for some reason, if I pass that house again, I will make sure to snap a quick pic with my phone*

Guilty pleasures. Mine are Lifetime movies, Hallmark movies, and really bad Syfy movies...the ones with horrible graphics of a man-eating dinorobot terrorizing people on a remote island. What are the chances??

As I watched The Today Show and Live! With Regis and Kelly this morning, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian were being interviewed, and one of the hosts mentioned that their reality show is a "guilty pleasure." This spurned some thoughts for me. What is the definition of a guilty pleasure?

According to the first result from a Google search, "Guilty Pleasure" is defined as "Something one enjoys despite feeling guilt for it." Pretty self-explanatory.

Keeping up with the Kardashians, and the related other shows with the family, are not my guilty pleasure. They are just a true pleasure. I love this family. They're funny, relatable, and (yes, I'm going to say it) real. I know most reality tv isn't real. Don't preach that to me, because I know this to be true. Some reality shows aren't real...they're scripted.

I don't know for sure if this show is scripted. If you watch it, they don't seem to be acting or reading off of a script. I think they heighten the drama and sometimes they have to re-enact what happened the day before or something that happened a month before...but it was real at one point.

This show, these shows, Take Miami, and Take New York (which premieres on Sunday with Kourtney and Kim on E!) are truly entertaining for me. They are not, however, guilty pleasures. I proudly admit to watching them. They may be rude, goofy, and shocking...but they sure are fun to watch. Heck, my mom even loves them, and if you know my mom, that really says something about the Kardashians...or something about my mom...hmmm.

I'm not blogging about the Kardashians to change anybody's mind about them. Honestly, this is just another thing for me to write about.

At least I'm not blogging about The Hills or The City. Like, I totally, like dislike that like show, or like those like shows. Like, yeah. Like, like, like...I mean like, that like show, like makes my head like hurt.

One man's guilty pleasure is another man's pleasure.

What's yours? Guilty or not.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lawn Gnomes Camping in the Yard

There should be a Regulation Lawn Toy(s) Law. It may be "in style" to put out lawn gnomes in your garden here and there, or eye-pleasing to stick a wind-powered flower light generator in your yard, and it's even welcoming to hang a seasoned flag from your door, but when you cross that thin line of too much stuff in your yard, I have a problem.

And like the saying goes: too much is not always a good thing.

I drive back and forth to work everyday. You see, because I need to go to work and then come back home. Hence: back and forth. While I take this monotonous drive every morning and every night, I pass by this two-story home.

This home could be beautiful. Some little fixes to the siding and the roof would make this house look like a pleasant place to live. The problem is, though, that this place is a dump.

The owners have a hodge-podge of items scattered throughout their front lawn. More like junk than actually items. A run-down pop-up camper sits directly in the front of the house. Poles stick up randomly throughout the yard, a "fort" made out of boards and black and green, ripped tarp sits next to the camper, and lawn ornaments (if I can even call them ornaments) are scattered in no particular fashion throughout. There are boards laying everywhere with words painted on them...none of which say "For Sale" or "Free, please take it so my house doesn't look like a dump!"

If only there was a law that made the owners of this house clean up their place. It amazes me that they can come home every night and manage to navigate through their yard without stepping on a land-mine.

And here's what really bothers me: these people probably have NO problem with how their house looks to the public. I think people should be able to put anything (that is legal) in their BACKyard. The front yard, however, should have some regulations, because this house is an eye sore.

Now, I have always thought that lawn gnomes are pretty frickin' cute. And if there's one hiding in your garden watching over your plants, that's wonderful...because that gnome has a purpose.

On the other hand, if you have a tarp-tent and a gross, old camper sitting right next to each other in the middle of Winter...I have a serious issue with that. It's hard to believe that someone is residing in the holey tarp-tent, or windowless camper in January. No Purpose - get rid of it.