Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tennis Update

Live from Winona, it's Wednesday afternooooon!!!! - Okay, it's out of my system.

I was talking to my mom on the phone yesterday and she told me that I should update my bloggers with what's going on in my tennis class.

So here ya go...

Last week we actually went down to the courts and played "short court" games, king of the court style. If you won the most consecutive games, then you got a Gatorade. What a prize, what a prize!

I won three games. Not quite enough to beat Blondie with about 11 wins in a row. Sheesh!

Yesterday we played some double games. There was on odd number, so Slams the Door and I had another kid on our team. Again, the team to win the most games (only this time not consecutively) gets a Gatorade. I prefer Powerade, but I'll take what I get.

Well, we came in third with six wins. The winners took home the prized sports drinks with nine wins.

It was a lot of fun though. I haven't McEnroed anyone yet. It will happen though. Before the semester ends, it will happen.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Want to Borrow My Notes?

I don't think you do. Unless you are a very visual person, then my notes aren't for you. All of these pictures were drawn during my British Literature class. I seriously tried to pay attention, but I just couldn't. So in between writing down Beowulf information, I doodled.

My Alice in Wonderlandesque drawing

Sometimes I would draw what I was drinking during class

We watched a Sir Gawian and the Green Knight movie and I couldn't stop thinking about the Jolly Green Giant!

Then I drew a Mexican

I call him Bat-skele-stein

I was so bored that I wrote out some of the lyrics to "Collide" by Howie Day

I noticed this Middle English dude on the front of my textbook and I just had to draw him. We were discussing The Canterbury Tales, so I obviously drew Darth Vader fighting him. Who doesn't connect Chaucer with light sabers??

Last but not least, I drew this picture of Sir Thomas Wyatt cheering on Johnny Damon of the Yankees. That's a beer in his hand. He knows how to celebrate!!

If any of you were worried about my grade in that class, don't be. I got a B!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I Love Mondays

You heard me right! I love Mondays, this semester at least, because I only have two classes.

Okay, I have three classes but my 8am class is a waste of time. It's my Personal and Community Health class and I have lab for that class on Tuesdays, and we cover the exact same things. So I skip Monday's class and just go to Tuesday's instead.

Basically, I start my day at 2pm with Pilates. Easy schmeasy, except my legs are kind of sore now.

Then today in my Humor Writing class all we did was watch an episode of Seinfeld. Ha! It was great.

Next week we're watching an episode of The Office. I love my life.

I love Mondays.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Baseball Season is Almost Upon Us

I love the smell of a baseball game. Dirt, sweat, leather gloves, popcorn, hot dogs, beer, cotton candy, peanuts, the list goes on. Nothing is better than a good baseball game. I come from a family of ball players, and at any given moment you can find us throwing a ball around in our front yard.

We all started playing in organized baseball/softball in grade school. My parents coached my siblings and me over the years, and I thank them for that. I thank them for showing me how great the game really is. With Opening Day only 10 days away, I just had to blog about baseball.

One of my favorite memories involves baseball. Last semester I was sitting in the library trying to read for my British Literature class when I decided to get off topic (of course) and write a poem. If you know me at all, I'm not a big poetry person. I don't do emo poems, or romance, or death stuff. It's very conversational, like I'm talking with a friend. Anyway, this is what I wrote.

To My Dad

The floor lamp glows over him
on the couch. It's the only light in the room.
I walk past with my hair loosely dangling
in a ponytail and softball socks unevenly pulled up
on my twiggy twelve year old legs.

The newspaper crinkles and there he is, my dad - my
coach, in shorts and no shirt. Perched halfway down his
nose are his glasses. He bends down the paper to view the television.
The game is on - Milwaukee Brewers versus
some other team, it doesn't matter.

An announcer's voice and the crack of the bat
mumble quietly from the speakers of our television. Someone
hit a double, or a triple, someone popped out, someone
slid into home plate. We invite "Mr. Baseball's" smooth calls
from our garage radio into our home, because he is baseball.

The summer breeze sneaks through the front
screen door trying to cool us as night begins to take
hold. My mother's voice sings from the kitchen as she
talks with a friend or a relative over the phone.

I find the chair and sit with my sweaty shirt
sticking to my skin. My black ball cap lined with mocha
colored field dirt rests over my cold forehead
and damp hairline. The game is still on me. It lives on me.
We won. We lost. But that doesn't matter.

There we sit. Without words. This is my summer.
This is what matters. Just a father and his daughter
sharing a night of ballgames.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

iPod and Me

When I'm waiting for a class to start I put my iPod earbuds in.

When I'm walking to class I put my earbuds in.

When I'm getting ready and I want to jam out by myself I put my earbuds in.

Some people think that our society is disconnected with each other because we're constantly on our cell phones or we are listening to our iPods.

Well, get over it.

Do you think I'm going to go up to a stranger and introduce myself as I walk to class? If the only way to stay "connected" with society is to not listen to music while I'm walking...then ooookaaay, I'll be the psycho girl who runs around campus saying hi to everyone.

I bet that would stir up some rumors around campus.

In my opinion, I think it's okay to listen to music while walking to class. I'm not hurting anyone by doing so. Unless I cause a ten car pile up because the Dixie Chicks were singing about Earl, then I will continue to stay connected with my iPod.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Musings: Take Four

I set certain goals for myself but I haven't reached them. For example: I wanted to complete my online keyboarding class before my other online class started. That didn't happen.

American Idol kind of sucked last night. The contestants aren't very good this year. I'm disappointed.

Simon is pretty cute though...haha!! Oh, and I like Kara a lot more than I ever liked Paula. She actually gives good advice, and not about clothes or hair either. is my new favorite way to waste time.

I got an A on my Vitamins test in Nutrition.

My siblings think it's "goth" of me when I paint my toe nails black.

My nephew likes when I paint my toe nails blue.

I'm looking forward to making some good tips this weekend, but not looking forward to working all weekend.

I'm afraid my "Wednesday Musings" might end up like the "NOW" cds or the "Saw" movies. I remember when "NOW" was "NOW 3." In fact, I own that cd and it was the bomb.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Didn't Say One Word

Today, while waiting for my Tennis class to start, I sat on a bench in the hallway and watched students pass by me to exit Memorial Hall. This doesn't sound amusing, but it was.

You see, Memorial Hall is under construction and one of the exits isn't an available exit anymore. So students from the bus come down the hallway expecting an escape, but then have to turn around right in front of me and walk the other way. It's funny. Seriously, a girl in pink pants walked by and now walked by me again. This proves that I am easily amused.

Two girls walked by before her and said, "Like seriously, they should put up a sign or something."

Like, seriously...they shouldn't because this is the most fun I've had all day. I almost wanted to say, "You can't get out over there," but I didn't. Nope, I didn't say anything. It's less creepy if I don't say anything than if I warn people and wind up being that girl who lurched over her computer who told everyone that they couldn't get out of Memorial.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Humor Writing Assignment: Satire

Snug-a-Buggie Infomercial

You asked for them, and now they’re here. The Snug-a-Buggie. It’s not only for you and your hairy friends anymore. Now you can wrap up all the creatures in your house. Cockroaches, beetles, ants, flies, and if you order now we’ll throw in an extra long Snug-a-Buggie for the centipede in your life.

And wait. The offer doesn’t stop there. Call 1-800-IM-CRAZY and we’ll double the offer. That means you’ll receive not two, but four Snug-a-Buggies all for the low cost of $10.99 (plus $8.95 S&H).

They now come in assorted fashionable colors and prints. That way, you’ll never mistake the cockroach for a vermin that needs to be killed, but a loving little bug that just needs a fashion upgrade. We have zebra and tiger stripes for the jungle lovers, polka dots and an array of solid colors for the less exotic people out there, and new right now – flesh colored Snug-a-Buggies, because, let’s be honest, they only want to look just like you.

Call 1-800-IM-CRAZY to find the perfect Snug-a-Buggie for the little loves in your life. Here’s a customer that has. (“She is a paid actor” is printed across the bottom of the screen)

I bought a Snug-a-Buggie and my life changed dramatically. Now the ants in my kitchen can move around more freely. I don’t ever have to worry about them being so cold all the time. And when they want to get into the sugar jar, their legs aren’t restricted – all the while I know they are staying warm. Snug-a-Buggie saved my life and theirs.

(New actor)
Ever since we bought the Snug-a-Buggie, we’ve been able to walk our household flies in the winter outside. All we do is bundle him up in his polka dot Snug-a-Buggie, and we’re set to travel anywhere. Just last week, we hiked up a mountain in twenty below weather, in a snowstorm! Mr. Fly stayed warm while cheering us on in our hike to the top. Without our Snug-a-Buggie, we wouldn’t have been able to share our experience with Mr. Fly.

There you have it. Real customers with real testimonies. (Words flash across the screen “Those were paid actors.”) Here’s the number again 1-800-IM-CRAZY. If you call now, we’ll double the double offer. Not two, not four, but eight, count them – eight Snug-a-Buggies for only $10.99 (Plus $8.95 S&H). You’ll be receiving eight Snug-a-Buggies for the price of two. Call now. Operators are standing by. Just tell them what print or color you would like your bug to be Snug-a-Buggied up with and we’ll send you eight Snug-a-Buggies of your choice for only a crazy low price of $10.99 (Plus $8.95 S&H). Hurry, this offer won’t last long. Call 1-800-IM-CRAZY before it’s too late.

(Paid actors with the bugs appear on the screen)
We’re happy we did. (The bugs are dressed in their Snug-a-Buggies).

(These words appear on the screen: “Snug-a-Buggie is not responsible for the death of insects through suffocation, entrapment, or the occasionally shoe crushing”).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Terri Clark, I wanna do it all too

You know that country song called "I Wanna Do It All" by Terri Clark? Yes? No? Well, I'm not going to copy and paste the lyrics here, you can look it up if you're not familiar with it.

As I was driving to my nephew's 5th birthday party yesterday, this song came on my iPod and I jammed out to it - because every respectable girl who loves country music would.

Some people do bucket lists, and some people do 101 in 1001...and I thought it was "laugh out loud in laugh out-out loud" before I realized the "l" was actually the number 1. I'm a little slow.

I'm doing neither. Maybe I'll post my bucket list when I have a good number of things I want to accomplish, like jump from one rooftop to another rooftop before I die. That's one thing I definitely want to do!!!

Instead, I'm doing the Terri Clark's "I Wanna Do It All" list. Here it goes...

Visit Paris in the fall - darn, haven't done this one yet.

Watch the Yankees play ball - heck yes I have! Twice!!! One time at Yankee Stadium and the other at the Metrodome. Yankee Stadium was WAY cooler.

Catch a few beads down at Mardi Gras - nope, but does Brother's Bar beads count?? (for the record, I didn't earn the beads)

Start a tradition - yes! My sister and I started a song and dance tradition on Christmas Eve. Our first performance was the song "Sisters" from White Christmas. Other performances include Mean Girls (sexed down) "Jingle Bell Rock," Laverne and Shirley's "Walking in a Winter Wonderland," Facts of Life "We Need a little Christmas," and so on and so forth.

Lay down the law - A number of times. I think anyone who has babysat before has laid down the law.

I want to drink Tequila down in Tijuana - unfortunately not. But I love Tequila!

Say why not when somebody says "hey do you wanna?" - Yes. Then I got a two day out of school suspension. If only Gary's foot hadn't gone through the ceiling, but that's another story.

I wanna get my heart broke once or twice - not by boyfriends, but I cried through the entire movie of My Sister's Keeper. I will not watch that movie again.

Settle down with the love of my life - someday.

Rock little babies to sleep at night - plenty of times. Again, I've babysat a lot. After I lay down the law, I have to put them to bed.

See Niagara Falls - nope.

Fight city hall - Like Batman? Wait, he works with Commissioner bad.

Feel good in my skin - as opposed to feeling good in other people's skin???? I'm from Wisconsin, I know all about Leatherface.

Beating the odds with my back to the wall - A couple Easter's ago I beat my older brother in a game of HORSE. Boo ya, Blake!

Try to rob Peter without paying Paul - The Apostles? Or did Terri Clark run out of syllable use for Mary?

I wanna do it all - almost.

There you have it. Oh, and on the way back from my nephew's party, I jammed out to some Hall & Oates. I'll let you know when you make my dreams come true ooh ooh ooh ooh oooohooo.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bathroom Wars

Last night I was in the bathroom of Market Street bar for the first time. I went in alone too. There are certain traits of a bar bathroom that make it or break it with me.

1. If the stall doors don't lock, break it.

2. If there is no mirror, break it.

Vice versa, make it, if those two rules apply.

Except for this one thing...while I was in the locked stall of Market Street, two girls ruined the bathroom experience for me. They weren't friendly, and they were talking smack about Winona! I kept my mouth shut, because I didn't want to start a rumble in the bathroom or anything, but now Market Street bathroom is not on my favorites list.

Bathroom stop 2: McCunes. Great bar! Good bathroom. All around good.

Bathroom stop 3: Brothers. Also very good. And the girls are always nice and talkative in the bathroom. So that's a plus. Especially when they are willing to take group photos of you and your friends.

Bathroom stop 4: Schydes. Ehhhh, I do NOT like this bathroom, but last night it was different because of the atmosphere. It has no mirror, and the stalls don't lock, and one time the stall door was off its hinges...c'mon people!

But...everyone is nice in there too. They hold stall doors for you when you don't have a buddy in there with you, and you can carry on a nice conversation with them too. As much as I hate their bathroom, I rate Schydes over Market Street, and will bad mouth the Market Street bathroom until otherwise convinced.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Kind Words

I was waitressing last night (by myself, because Jane couldn't make it in) and I was pretty busy with tables...a little stressed at some points...and a little groggy from the night before. All-in-all, I wasn't having the greatest night at Pizza Hut. It was just okay.

Then something changed.

The phone rang and I picked it up and said, "Thank you for calling Pizza Hut. This is Kinsey. Will this be for delivery or carryout?"

The man said, "Carryout."

As I typed in all his information he kept saying my name when he talked to me. For example: "Okay Kinsey, I would like this and this. Thank you Kinsey etc etc..."

Weird, right? I mean, not many people (over the phone) use the other person's name when ordering pizza. And if they do, it's rarely used more than once.

Does this guy know me? I had no clue. It unnerved me enough to share my weird phone conversation with a co-worker. It wasn't a creepy phone call or anything, but just unusual.

Anyway, twenty minutes later this guy (in his fifties) in a purple shirt comes in and picks up his pizza. I was near the cash register and we exchanged looks. It was the guy that talked to me on the phone. He was wearing a Winona State polo, but I've never seen him before.

He came over to me, obviously seeing my name tag that identified me as Kinsey, and said, "Kinsey right? I just wanted to tell you that you were very nice to me over the phone. You were very polite and friendly, and I just wanted to thank you for that."

This random stranger made my day twenty times better all because of a simple compliment.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was like Winona State Polo guy? It's true what they say: A compliment goes a long way.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Survived Last Night

Blech, I feel horrible today. Too many green drinks = a very tired Kinsey.

I felt like my Nutrition class went on and on and on and on and on. Plus, we discussed Vitamins and we all know how exciting those can be... I could barely keep my eyes open. Those B12 and B6's aren't as fun as they sound.

Sorry about saying that I would put up pictures from last night and then not following through. I didn't bring my camera out, so I have to get the pics from my roommate - so hopefully soon I will get those up.

Last night was fun!!! They had really cool Bud Lite bottles that we shoved in my purse to take home...because they were that cool! I fit 5 in my purse. I have a big purse. We didn't steal them, because we paid for them and drank them, but we needed mementos.

Oh, and I met someone who is a "fan" of my blog. My roommate, Codi, knows her and showed her my blog and she read all my posts! How cool is that??? She said she was going to friend me on Facebook, but I don't think she has yet. So if you (I can't remember your name, because of all the green drinks I had) are reading this, yeah, you said you were going to friend me. Maybe you don't remember - you probably drank a lot too!

Alright, I need a nap before I go to work tonight, otherwise I'm going to be one crabby waitress.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Seeing a lot of Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! I was watching The Office last week and Michael said, "It is St. Patrick's Day. And here in Scranton, that is a huge deal. It is the closest that the Irish will ever get to Christmas." Hahahahaha, I love that show.

I'm a little bit Irish, and a little bit Rock n Roll. Shout out to Donny and Marie! My mom loves you guys.

So on Monday night my friends and I tie dyed green shirts, last night we made green and orange jello shots, and tonight we're celebrating!! Safely, of course. Don't worry mom and dad...I'll be safe.

And the best part about St. Patrick's Day: GREEN BEER!


I'll take lots of pictures and share some of them tomorrow - not of my green tongue, but of the group in our awesome greeeeeeeen shirts!

Before I end the post, Syfy has a Leprechaun marathon on right now - creepy.

If you have the time, here's my mom's blog: Look at it as an Adventure I know she would be happy to have some more followers. She just started and today's blog is pretty funny!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Does Mario Tennis Count?

Today was the first day of my Tennis class. We didn't do anything except listen to the coach talk about grading, equipment, and what we'll be doing in our future classes.

I have this class with my roommate, luckily.

The coach proceeded to ask the class if any of us have played tennis before. I swear to God, everyone raised their hands except Slams the Door and me. Talk about embarrassing. It's not like we haven't played tennis before...we have. We just didn't raise our hands because it's not like we're hardcore tennis enthusiasts. We've dabbled in the sport.

So as we sunk beneath the abundance of hands held high, Slams the Door and I exchanged a look. A look that was noticed by the coach. Who then proceeded to single us out saying, "Don't worry ladies, I'll be pairing everyone up by skill level."

Well, thank you for making us the center of attention!

If I was a brave person and didn't care if I sounded like an idiot I would've said, "I have a killer backhand as Donkey Kong in Mario Tennis on N64. And Wii, don't even get me started. My Mii will slam tennis balls down your throat! I'll go John McEnroe crazy on you!!"

But I'm not that kind of person. So I didn't say that. I would love to live in a world where it would be acceptable for me to sound-off and not be judged for doing so. I would also like to live in a world where cut-off tees are acceptable forms of everyday attire, but I'm digressing.

Oh well. I guess I'll just have to surprise everyone with my tubular (I'm bringing it back) hand-eye coordination I've been perfecting since I was young with NES and Sega. Watch out my tennis colleagues - Slams the Door and I are going to rule the court.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Lady Blah Blah

Have you seen this YouTube video?? Lady Gaga's Bad Romance - it's this guy who learned all the dance moves, and he's really good.

So here is Slams The Door (in the red), me (with the baseball tee on), and James (in the back) dancing to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance in my kitchen. I don't think we're YouTube worthy yet...

When you have some free time and you need a laugh, look up Doglover199709 on YouTube, she is a great dancer :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Conversation I Had With My Mom

I would love to say that my mom is technologically literate...but she's not. She tries, and I give her an A for effort, but I would really love it if she could earn the A for getting it right.

Here's a conversation we had this weekend:

Mom - "I want a picture to show up every time I comment on your blog."

Kinsey - "Do you have a picture in mind?"

Mom - "I think I have one on a photo disc upstairs."

Kinsey - "I might have one on my computer of you."

Mom - "So do you want me to get the DVD...or CD...DVD?"

Kinsey - "CD. Compact Disc. DVD. Digital Video Disc. It's a CD." (But I guess DVD stands for digital versatile disc too)

Mom - "Why do they have to use so many letters? Why can't it just be VD?"

Kinsey - "Because that stands for Venereal Disease!"

I love my mom. I love my parents, I do. But sometimes it's really hard to stay patient with them when we're dealing with technology. Although, I have to say that they almost always make me laugh :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Run-In with the Dinosaur Phone

Last night I went out with some friends and was introduced to some new people. Upon meeting Ryan, who is a girl, (cool name, huh? I like it) I told her that I would probably facebook friend her soon, because she was a lot of fun, or I had one drink too many...jk, I really didn't. I still have to facebook friend her. I'll do it after I blog, because I didn't blog yesterday and I feel really guilty.

Anyway, Ryan and I are talking and she pulls out her brick of a phone. The bad boy Nokia. I didn't know those things still worked!!! Remember them? How could I forget them!?! My mom had one until about 3 years ago. It was my first cell phone in high school - oh the memories of trying to shove the three pound phone in my back pocket...good times!

Then Ryan pulls up the antenna. Holy crap, an antenna. This phone is so old school it is almost cool again.

I should've known it would come back in style. Everything comes back in as I sit here with my Jane Fonda leg warmers and my white washed cut off jean shorts, I wonder how even more tubular I would look if I didn't throw out the Good Ole Unbreakable Mr. Incredible Nokia Beast.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Musings: Take Three

On the way to Perkins my roommate (Jenny) did something to make me gag...I did not appreciate that.

All the senior citizens at Perkins made me feel like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

It gets even better too...Jenny and I went to The Watkins Museum/Store to buy something for her grandma's friend and we were surrounded by even more senior citizens. They were everywhere!! I wanted to get out of there right away, but Jenny made me stand in line with her. I was seriously feeling claustrophobic - plus, all the smells weren't helping either.

Note: I have nothing against the senior community. I love older people. I'm glad they are alive and kicking and able to take a tour bus all the way to Winona, MN to visit The Watkins Museum. They looked like they were in hog-heaven.

Jenny has an obsession with trench coats. I keep telling her that it's a bad idea to get one, but she ordered one anyway and now she has to return it.

One of the senior citizens at Watkins said, "Uuuuugh, you'll smell so nice," after her husband bought some peppermint foot lotion. I almost busted a gut laughing, but I held it in. Now it's a joke Jenny and I repeat - I love those kinds of jokes.

I took a three hour nap today. I love spring break.

I bought Up in the Air without viewing it first, but it was nominated for a few Oscars, so that's a safe buy, right? Another rationalization by me, thank you very much.

Oh, and the lady at Wal-Mart (I love Wal-Mart people) didn't believe I was old enough to purchase at Rated-R movie!! I told her I was 22, and then she gave me a dirty look. So I pulled out my license, and she finally sold me the movie. It's Up in the Air for goodness sakes!

I gave Jenny an Indian name - Slams the Door.

Slams the Door and I are having a roommate night where we're going to wings, watch some movies - Up in the Air and Inglourious Basterds - and do some homework.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Driving in the Dark

I think my fear of driving in the dark started back when I was younger. We would drive two hours up north-usually in the dark-to my grandparents (literally over the river and through the woods), for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc... I felt like we were always on the lookout for deer. One time, I was in the backseat with my sisters when my mom yelled, "DEER!" My dad slammed on the brakes, the Barbies in the back window flew forward and hit me in the head, and we may or may not have hit the deer (I can't was obviously a traumatizing moment for me).

Ever since that experience, I hate deer or anything that decides to cross the road blindly at night. Ugh, why can't they just look both ways and cross when it's safe??

Last night, I was driving home from River Falls. It was 11:00pm and absolutely no one else was on the road with me. No one. My hands were choking the steering wheel in the 10 and 2 o'clock position, and my eyes continually scanned the road and ditches for little red eyes. Then I saw something, but it wasn't a deer...maybe a coyote or a was low to the ground and it sprinted across the road. I didn't slam on my brakes, because there was no need to, but my heart was pounding a mile a minute and my lower body went numb - no joke. I hate driving at night.

I have another story too. Back in high school I was driving my friend Andrea-the one I was visiting in River Falls-back from a volleyball game. We live in a semi-farming community, so horses and cows are fenced in close to the road. So we're driving down the country road and I see a gigantic animal about 200 yards away.

"LION!!!" I yell. My common sense must disappear when I'm caught in a frightening situation, because there is no way that lions live in Wisconsin.

Andrea asks, "Where?" But now I've slammed hard on the brakes. In front of us is a ginormous Clydesdale Horse that looks like it is about to eat us and the car whole. Mr. Ed's steroid cousin starts creeping towards us.

"What do I do? WhatdoIdo?" I scream to Andrea, who is pretty calm compared to me. She tells me to back up and drive into the owner's driveway. So I do. There, we get out and walk to the owner's door. The horse follows and we watch it lounge around in the yard as we knock. Andrea explains to the owner what happened and he puts the horse back where it belongs.

Now that the adrenaline rush has subsided, Andrea and I laugh uncontrollably the rest of the way home.

So for all the deer, coyotes/foxes, and horses out there: Stay off the road, please. I don't want my last words to be "Lion!" as Bambi prances from the ditch into my headlights.

Monday, March 8, 2010

I Watched The Oscars!

Thank goodness for a slow night at Pizza Hut. I was sent home early and got out of the shower just in time to tune in to The Academy Awards.

Favorite parts of the show:

Neil Patrick Harris did a wonderful song and dance routine that left me stunned at how good he is at singing and dancing. Good job Doogie!

Alec and Steve's (yeah, we're on a first name basis) Paranormal Activity clip was hilarious!! I loved their banter throughout the show too.

John Hughes' memorial sequence.

Seeing Tina Fey and Steve Carell on stage :)

Admiring Michael Giacchino (Up, Original Score) for sharing that he was always encouraged to follow his dreams, and that no one told him that he was wasting his time.

Listening to Michelle Pfeiffer acknowledge Jeff Bridges' excellence. I could tell that she really admires him, which made it the best speech of the night (for me, at least).

Seeing Sandra Bullock win her first Academy Award! She is one of my favorite actresses, and she did a job well done in The Blind Side.

I love watching The Oscars and all other award shows, because I really appreciate the collaboration that goes into making movies. Writers, actors, directors, make-up artists, cinematographers, producers, etc...all need to be in-sync with each other in order to have a successful movie.

I may never get my big break as a screenwriter, and if I do - I doubt it will be Oscar-worthy...unless they start including comedies, but I've been taught to never give up. Luckily, no one has told me that I've wasted or am wasting my time. Some people may think that, and shame on them, because nothing that is important to a person is a waste of time.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the award goes to...

I used to look forward to this day all year. In years past, I would watch from the red carpet interviews until the credits. Believe it or not, parts of the ceremony would make me teary-eyed, and other parts would have me rolling on the floor laughing (rofl). I wouldn't be rolling on the floor, but I would be laughing it up.

This year, though, The Academy Awards sneaked up on me. ('Snuck" isn't the correct usage of the word, btw, the correct form is "sneaked.") I won't be able to watch the show in its entirety, because I'll be at Pizza Hut...working, well, barely working. Tonight I have to answer phones and deal with people who don't know that a Personal Pan Pizza only comes in a pan crust...hence the name Personal Pan Pizza.

Tonight, I'll miss the Lifetime Achievement Award, the banter of Alec Baldwin (love) and Steve Martin, and the heartfelt thanks from the proud winners. :( Which, when they give their speeches and thank their moms and dads, my mom tells me, "Someday that will be you up there." Wouldn't that be something? Although, as much as I love The Academy Awards, I think I'm more of a Golden Globe winner.

So to end this blog post, I'll wish all the nominees luck! And to all of you who are going to watch the awards tonight - enjoy and appreciate all the great films that were made solely for your entertainment.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"It's a major award!"

Whenever someone says "award," I immediately think of A Christmas Story and the leg lamp...but this award is different, thankfully!

Thank you B Sparkly for giving me my first award! It's The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award!

The rules are to list 10 things you may not know about me, and to pass it on to 10 other bloggers.

Alright so let me begin...

1. I like the taste of spinach

2. I have two Bette Midler songs on my iPod

3. I've read Lady Chatterley's Lover twice

4. I have four older siblings. I'm the baby in the family ;)

5. My first trip to Disney World was when I was 19 years old.

6. I've tried to use T9 Word when texting, but I get frustrated when it doesn't let me type the word "be"... so I give up and do regular texting.

7. I lovelovelove country music

8. I wish I was really good at tennis

9. I can't hold my breath for very long

10. I have a white birthmark right under my neck (on my chest) that looks like a firework

And the award goes toooo.....

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Enjoy this fabulous award :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Not Florida Bound for Spring Break

Today marks the first day of Spring Break for all students attending Winona State University. Most students are in the air flying south to warm and sunny Florida. I, on the other hand, am sitting in my bed watching Couples Retreat and preparing for a day filled with laundry.

Let the record show that I have never been on a "real" Spring Break. Which means, I have never flown down to Florida to spend a week with thousands of other college students drinking each day as if it were their last - for some it might be. Drink responsibly people, haven't you seen the Heineken commercials?

In my opinion, Spring Breaking in Florida on a beach and drinking all day does not sound like fun. There is always the inevitable hangover moment the next day, and headaches aren't my friend. Some people think that if they just keep drinking that they will avoid the hangover. I don't know if this is true. I don't want to try it though.

So what am I going to do with my week long break from school? Well, I'm going to visit my friend Andrea in River Falls, go to TI, lounge around my apartment in my pjs all day, work, and go home to visit my parents. I'm looking forward to it. I could really use a break right now, and this week couldn't have come at a better time.

For all of you going to Florida - drink plenty of water, kiss only the people that you know (my nutrition teacher tells us this every Thursday after class), watch your drink, and wear sunscreen. Don't forget to wear SUNSCREEN, or else you will come back looking like a lobster and I will make fun of you.

Happy Spring Break everyone!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my sister! Enjoy your day with the family, Kyrstin!!!! She has her own blog too where she features the crafts she does with her kids: See What We Did Today

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Make Incredible Edible Eggs

I don't want to toot my own horn, but I just made some delicious over-easy eggs!!! I think I found my forte - egg cooking.

I should open up a cafe where all you can eat is eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

Scrambled, over-easy, over-medium, omelet, poached, sunny-side get the idea.

Of course, toast will also be on the menu, because who doesn't eat eggs without toast??

Oh, and I'm a pretty good toaster too!

At my cafe I would also offer cereal and milk, because my milk to cereal ratio is to die for. You can't go wrong with a bowl of Lucky Charms in the morning, noon, or night.

Unfortunately, I'm graduating this May. I know it sounds weird for me to say "unfortunately" and "graduating" in the same sentence, but here's my reasoning: Currently, Winona is in the process of building a Wellness Center with a complete kitchen. They will be teaching students how to prepare meals with hands-on demonstrations.

It couldn't be worse timing...this Wellness Center will be ready to go next school year, and I'll be off in the real world cooking eggs and toasting toast, while pouring milk over Honey Nut Cheerios.

I'm semi-complaining here. Although, I do make mouth-watering eggs and toast, I can only eat them for so long. Maybe I'll sign up for some cooking classes over the summer and expand my so called "skills."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Password Is...

I don't require my followers to enter a password every time they leave a comment. That doesn't mean it irritates me when I have to enter a password on other blogs - I don't mind it at all. In fact, I enjoy typing in the nonsense words in order to let my comment show up.

To make typing passwords more fun, I think of definitions for the incredibly abstract words. For example...

Ruccoli: The first name given to the vegetable broccoli. The name didn't stick, because "rucc" (pronounced like "rook") sounds like puke, as if the taste wasn't enough.

Coino: What American tourists visiting in Mexico say when wanting change for their money. "Coin-o please. Do I get a coino back??"

Lizes: The plural form of Liza. When too many Liza Minnelli's are in a room, one might say, "Gawd, I love seeing all the Lizes together again!"

Sewatedu: Like my sister's blog, "See What We Did Today" (check her out) - sewatedu is what's formed when "See what to do" is said too quickly.

Wamicarc: On the popular game show "Press Your Luck," contestants would often shout, "NO WHAMMIES!" When they did land on a whammy, they would grumble "Wamicarc!"

Suahos: A Native American term for a slutty girls.

There you have it - my definitions for all the ridiculous words I have to enter in order to comment on a blog post. Again, I'm not's given me something to blog about.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Lies Kwik Trip Sells You

We've all seen the Big Gulp. It's that nasty huge plastic cup filled with your drink of choice for only a buck something. What a deal, huh?

That's what I thought.

Last night, burned out from studying - something I don't do on a regular basis - I decided to see what my roommate Codi was up to. Turns out, she had a huge powerpoint due the next day, just like I had two tests to study for. Instead, we watched YouTube videos in her room and laughed our struggles away. Our other roommate, Jenny, joined us.

Then somebody had the great idea of going to Kwik Trip for some much needed caffeination. Sure, why not, I'll go too! I don't care if it's 11:30pm...I want some coffee.

I was eyeing up the flavored coffees when, out of the corner of my eye, the glimmer of the Mega Buddy cups caught my attention. I must have one, I thought. I must fill it up with Mountain Dew too, for Mountain Dew will surely keep me awake long enough to study.

For only a $1.39 I bought a 44oz Best Buddy full to the brim with Mountain Dew. This was a mistake. A BIG MISTAKE!

At 3:30am, there I am staring at the dark ceiling of my bedroom wishing I never went on that fateful Kwik Trip. I cursed the makers of the Mega Buddy cups. I cursed myself for letting the thrill and promise of Mountain Dew get the better of me. Not only did I have to wake up at 7:00am for class, I had to take a test in that class.

Come 6:00am, I finally fall asleep. Hoorah for ONE hour of sleep!

I get to class, take the test, feel a horrible pain in my stomach, finish the test, and leave for my apartment. My stomach was definitely hurtin' a new one all the way home. They should call the Best Buddy cups "Back Stabbing B----!" because it loves you in the beginning, it takes care of you, and it makes sure you stay awake and alert for your cramming session. Then it turns on you, out of nowhere, and stabs you not only in the back but in the stomach, and head, and heart. You want to spread dirty rumors about the "Back Stabbing B----!"

And throughout all the pain you receive from the $1.39 "Back Stabbing..." I mean, Best Buddy, you wash out the cup and save it for another trip to the Kwik Trip depths of Hell.

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Crunch Time

Hi, my name is Kinsey and I'm a procrastinator.

Hi Kinsey!

I think there should be a serious club on campus for procrastinators. Of course, the officers would have to be non-procrastinators, otherwise nothing would get accomplished. You see, I had all the time in the world to work on my website for my Web Development class and study for my two tests that I have tomorrow, but I haven't even started my website or studied. Talk about waiting until the last minute.

Even now, I should be studying...but I'm blogging. I even went for a run after class, because it is b-e-a-u-tiful outside.

I know procrastination is a problem for most college students. Facebook, myspace, Twitter, video games, and the internet in general are the main culprits. Blogging and reading other blogs are part of my procrastination problems. YouTube too!

To add to my "problem," I'm a senior with a bad case of Senioritis.

Procrastination and Senioritis aren't as bad as they sound. Honestly, I always turn my homework in on time and I always study (even if it's for a little bit).

This led me to look up adrenaline addiction, because I remember watching on TV about procrastination and its connection to an adrenaline rush. I found this article "Did School Teach You to Procrastinate?" and I think it did.

So now I must leave you and actually start doing something. It's crunch time and I'm kind of craving some Cap'n Crunch. Maybe I'll eat a bowl of cereal and then start studying.