Saturday, September 17, 2011

Grown-Up Fingernails

Some people have really nice fingernails. I call them grown-up fingernails. They're even, strong, and a polite length. Mine are just the opposite: crooked, weak, and short/on the verge of the fingernail not even being called a fingernail anymore. Oh, and sometimes they're dirty or have chipped blue nail polish on them. I like to think that they have personality - "those fingernails have lived," people will say as they pass me on the street. Yet, I still want to have grown-up fingernails.

I keep telling myself that when I grow up I will achieve nice fingernails. Well, it's been 24 years and my fingernails still look like crap. Sometimes I think I can grow them out, but I just snag them on something and then decide to rip them instead of clip them.

I'm pretty keen on my hands and fingers though. They are pretty :)


  1. If only I could stop biting mine. Oh how I would like fingernails to paint.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  2. I know how you feel - I don't have grown up fingernails either!

  3. My fingernails also suck. Long ago before I had children and therefore had time to maintain myself and also had money, I had artificial nails. They were nice and I liked that they stayed polished. Nowadays I don't bother with my nails. Somehow I missed the talent gene that you need in order to paint your own fingernails without making a huge mess. It's physically impossible for me.

  4. lol you're silly!!!

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