Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beep. Boop. Deactivate.

*robot noises*

I have deactivated my Facebook account.

Does it feel weird? Not yet.

Will it feel weird not reading that PoopyDoopy is at the gym "getting her workout on," again, like she does every single day (and I know this because PoopyDoopy posts it every single morning)?  No. Because I don't want to hear about anyone working out...ever...and especially not when I think about getting up early for a run and then I don't do it because I'm tired. Ummmm, no thanks.

Will I feel a dissatisfaction in my soul by not seeing the terribly-lit photo of FoodieMcCroody's lunch? Nope.

I think I'm going to do just fine without Facebook.


*more robot noises*

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