Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Musings: Take Twelve

On the first day of Musings my true love sent to me...a severely asleep left leg.
(if you sing it right, it works, so...sing it right)

On the second day of Musings my true love sent to me...two choc.chip cookies.
(for lunch - yum!)

On the third day of Musings my true love sent to me...three cute kids.
(not mine. definitely not mine. My mom is watching my new baby nephew Alec, plus the regular Billy and Caitlyn. Yay for my sis-in-law getting a job)

On the fourth day of Musings my true love sent to me...four yawns at work.
(I'm so frickin' tired in the morning, it's unbelievable, since I go to bed at 9:30)

On the fifth day of Musings my true love sent to me...FIVE STRETCHED FINGERS!!!
(we stretch before work to limber up our limbs for all the assembling we do. Technically it's ten fingers that are stretched, but whatever)

On the sixth day of Musings my true love sent to me...six movies a watchin'.
(last Saturday, I spent my day in front of the TV watching movies ranging from Severance to Moonlight Mile)

On the seventh day of Musings my true love sent to bird poop droppings.
(a little redundant, but why are they pooping and dropping their droppings on my car? Thank goodness my car is white)

On the eighth day of Musings my true love sent to me...eight non-suitors wooing.
("true love"....not yet. I wish I had eight. At the wedding I had one guy who tried to woo me, but that didn't work out so well. He was really drunk)

On the ninth day of Musings my true love sent to me...nine ounces hurting.
(I really like Coke. I do. I love it, but after about 9oz of the stuff, I'm ready for my relationship with the cola to back off. At least until the next day)

On the tenth day of Musings my true love sent to me...ten minutes of resting.
(that's what I get at work. A break at lunch and then a 10 minute break to recoup. I like it)

On the eleventh day of Musings my true love sent to me...eleven days to bday.
(then I'll be 23. September 5th!!!)

On the twelfth day of Musings my true love sent to me...twelve safe eggs to eat.
(salmonella, gross. Not in my house! Plus, chickens are nasty. But I do love their eggs. Be safe everyone!)

So that was a little cheesy, and really challenging to think of stuff. Really challenging...especially when I can smell the bacon upstairs and when I've been holding in my pee for about ten minutes. That can't be good for my kidney.

And to clear up the Coke part. Coca Cola. Not cocaine. After I re-read it, the ounces might confuse people, but I capitalized the C in Coke.

**I Don't Know Why I Laugh Sometimes is a drug free blog**


  1. Haha! Very innovative blog post today, Kinsey. I liked it, even if it was cheesy. But I like cheesy! I thought the first one was funny - it works if you sing it right, so sing it right. I gave it several attempts, and I think I might've sang it right on the third try. Maybe you should post a video of yourself singing it right so we'll all know. ;)

  2. Pretty funny post today Kinsey! Tell me about all your other "non-suiters"

  3. Were you roaming the desert in search of hookers and cah-caine?

    Holding your pee actually strengthens your kegel muscles, I think.

  4. Cheese and funny post - I love it!

  5. lol, glad your eggs are safe and sign me up for some of those cookies.

  6. I'm so glad you cleared up the coke/Coke dilemma. After 9 oz of coke even LiLo would be dead from an overdose. Of course, after 9 oz of Coke I have become so burpy that I don't feel bloated for a week. (But I don't drink carbonated stuff a lot.)