Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My 111th Post

One, one, one.

Guess where I'm blogging from???

Paris, guessed it! Hahaha, NO. I wish. I'm blogging from my couch. A couch in my house. Upstairs too. Not downstairs. Not in my cold basement. Not plugged in at all.

We have wireless :)

So I'm beginning again. I will now blog everyday (well like about 4 or 5 times a week). Who's excited???

I bet you would be more excited if you were in Paris, France. Right?? I don't know why I'm on this Paris kick.

But I am eating Cracker Jacks. Question: When did the prizes start sucking? Seriously, I want Cracker Jack rings, little figurines, stuff like that. This is what I got. A "Can You Guess Who I Grow Up To Be?" paper picture puzzle.

Here's what it looks like...
So apparently, David Duchovny grows up to Abe Lincoln.

Well, Abe, thank you for your early years with "The X-Files." I never would of thought that you went from Mulder to Honest Abe. I guess The Truth was Out There.


  1. YAY for wireless internet... what did we do before thee? I love it! Glad your back at it. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog lately :)

  2. Haha Kinsey. That last part made me literally LOL. While it would be amazing if you actually were in Paris, it's also awesome that you've got wireless internet!

  3. I'm a big Cracker Jack fan, but the prizes have definitely slipped since I was a kid. Enjoy your little part of France...

  4. your blog is back with a brand new track!!! I love it!!! I love it!! I love it!!

  5. I'm excited. You can tell though can't you.

  6. Haha! I never really got a kick out of Cracker Jack prizes for some reason. I was all about the McDonald's toys. Congrats on your 11th post. My 1 year blogging anniversary comes up soon, or has already past...ha! I don't even know. I've been too busy with school. I mean, I've only posted once this wekk and that was today...on a Thursday.

  7. Yay, wireless is seriously one of the BEST inventions! Gosh, and 10 years ago we barely had internet in the house...

    And that is really funny, it DOES look like David Duchovny!!