Sunday, September 19, 2010

O Tetris! My Tetris!

I was playing Tetris today on a really old school Nintendo Game Boy. Not the huge gray old school ones, but the ones just before Game Boy Color came out. BTW, I have one of those :) I got Donkey Kong Country for Christmas one year and had the game beat by New Years.

The thing with Tetris is that I'm always waiting for the long cube. The skinny, long four cube one (I think the technical term is the "I shape"). I seem to get myself into a Tetris rut and the only way to knock out four rows to get more points is all up the skinny, tall one. I'm naming this few and far between block "Skinny B!*@#"...because truly, that is what it is.

My favorite block is the one that can go in all directions - the "T Shape." This one is the best!!! Seriously, I can use it anywhere. Whenever I'm in trouble and the "T" is on deck, I know it will hit one out of the park for me. I see good things for "Mr. T."

Now, the "O Shape" seems to come at all the wrong times. Like when I just placed Skinny B!*@# somewhere because I had no place else to put it, then all of sudden "Oprah" comes sailing down WAY too fast and I'm out of luck. Thus, a difficult situation has occurred and now my whole game is screwed up. Oprah...this is the only time when I'm not a big fan. You may take up a lot of space, and you really do change people's lives, but you're giving me one helluva run for survival.

The "Z, S, J, and L" shapes give me trouble too. Whenever I need the "Z" I get the "S" - and vice versa. Same goes for the "J" and the "L." It's like when I'm watching "Saved by the Bell" and I really want to watch Zach, but Screech comes in with a doofy look on his face. Or when I'm looking for comic relief and I actually prefer Screech to be on tv, but Zach Morris starts one of his monologues. And with J. Lo...I like her music, but "Gigli," really? Really????

Tetris is like life. You get what you get. Sometimes a fastball, sometimes a slider. Sometimes Screech and Jennifer Lopez are slamming you with their bricks, and Oprah and Zach are nowhere in sight. You want to "Pity the fool" more times than not, but the Skinny B!*@# always squeezes her way in and either makes your life a living hell, or saves you.


  1. I would murder you in a game of Tetris.

  2. I am not a fan of Tetris - but I really dislike all video games!!!

  3. lol sounds like your post grad is relatively productive...about as productive as mine:) what are you doing these days...that is besides learning the life lessons one can only acquire through patient and meditative trials of "owning it" in tetris.

  4. Wow, I really need to play some Tetris.