Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deleting Friends

I had two intertwined conversations yesterday with two different people at two different times, but about the same subject. The first wasn't even a real "conversation" as in face-to-face, but on Facebook. One of my friends put as her status that she was annoyed at how many people were trying to friend her that she didn't know.

I commented on her status because I agreed with her. I had two friend requests a couple days ago from my high school. But I didn't know them. Sure, we graduated from the same school, but I don't know you. The requests were from students still in high school...ummm, I don't know you! My friend who put this as her status had the same complaint. Weird? Not really, this happens a lot. I "ignore" friend requests more than I accept.

Later, at trivia last night (we didn't win and we got our regular waitress...thank god) my bff told me about how she just went through her Facebook friends and deleted a lot of them. We talked a little about it, and I said that I needed to do that too, because I really only talk to about a dozen of my friends on there.

So, today, even though I added about three or four friends on my Facebook page, I deleted about 100 of them. Most of them were from college - the random "add" of someone who I had class with. It was convenient at the time, because if I ever missed class I could just message them about homework or tests. But now, that's not the case. So I deleted them.

I kept all my relatives, people from my graduating class (I don't want our reunion to be awkward if I see them and we're not "friends") and people I still keep in touch with or am interested in hearing about - which is different than stalking.

In a few months I'll probably delete more friends, but if I can delete them with one push of button and not regret it...were they truly a friend to begin with?


  1. Great post.
    I am dire need of doing a facebook cleansing...I have over 700 friends and I talk to a small percentage of them. People from my work/association who know my boss or other people befriend me or they know my name...I don't know me...why are befriending but always felt obliged to add them.

  2. the chair cute.

    I've been on facebook for years now and I only have 66 friends. I don't like people I don't really know or like to know my business, see my pictures and all that other stuff. I have a fan page for my blogs and it's open to the world. My personal page is off limits.

  3. I so agree with you! For awhile, I was "friends" with just about everyone in my graduating class of high school. But then I realized that was 20 freaking years ago and if I saw these people at the mall, I would not want to talk to them. So I did a mass delete. I could still go through and delete a lot more though! Especially the people that have nothing to say unless it has to do with their mafia, fish, cafe, or some other stupid game!

  4. I delete people on a weekly basis. The best part is when they add you back the next day, and I ignore it. Then the next day it's another add. This has happened with me everyday with a classmate of mine. Her name might be... ready to play a game? 1. First name: Character from Golden Girls. 2. Last name: Hard to pronounce"ski"