Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Resolution: To Make Resolutions

Talk about late New Year resolution making. Sheesh, it's almost February. Better late than never, is what I like to say. Or as others say: excuses...excuses.

I was a little hungover to start my resolution on the 1st of January anyway. Now that I'm over that 25 days of post-party"ness" I would like to start my 2011 year with a whirring noise of the elliptical machine in my basement instead of a bang. We need to oil it...it shouldn't be making a noise. That will be part of my first resolution. Let's call it number 1.25.

My other resolution...yeah, I have TWO, this is going to be a good year...is to finish all my scripts that I've started. And that number would be, wait while I check, twelve. Holy crap, twelve! I didn't know I had that many. Sonofamother! That's a lot. Okay, new second resolution: Finish only the good scripts that I've started. In that case, my number goes down. Plus, I've finished three of them already. So this new number *cough* five *cough* is more manageable.

To sum up this really short blog post, only for the sake of writing "To sum up," my resolutions are:

1) Work-out at least three days a week
1.25) Oil that elliptical machine
2) Finish the good scripts

That doesn't sound too hard. On the other hand, it took me 25 days to get this resolution thing sorted out...26 actually, since I'm starting tomorrow.


  1. Good resolution Kinsey! While you're at it, think of a final project for my Seniors in Journalism.

  2. Good resolutions.Should be a piece of cake for you.

  3. Resolutions -- better late than never! =D

  4. i would very much like to read one these scripts...