Monday, March 14, 2011


I've never been squirrel shooting before. I know people who really enjoy the sport, because it's fast-paced and it really tests your shooting accuracy.

We have a big gray squirrel that eats out of our bird feeder in the backyard. Yesterday, my niece and nephew were at our house, and I pointed out to them the squirrel gobbling up the bird seed.

I said, "I'm gonna get the BB gun!" They both smiled in excitement. Aunt Kinsey is going hunting!

Outside on the deck I squatted with the gun pointed at the bird feeder. No squirrel in sight. In the window were four little eyes staring at me with their noses pressed to the pane. Connor gave me a thumbs up and Addie blew me a kiss.

I was a warrior ready for battle against the evil gray-haired squirrel. When he returned, I was going to pop him one and scare him away for good.

After 10 minutes of standing in the 30 degree winter weather, I shivered in disappointment and went back inside, defeated. The squirrel must have known that I was out there. Sneaky little vermin.

All three of us sat inside and watched out the window for the return of the chubby mammal. And what to our hunting eyes did appear? A little red squirrel. Good enough for me!!

I ran out of the house, sneaked up the tiny fuzzball, and aimed. I missed. The little thing sprinted towards the woods. In turn, I stepped on the bench railing of our deck and shot again. He knew I was after him, and he ran away in fright.

Maybe tomorrow, or the next day, or sometime in the future the squirrel and I will meet again. And I will be ready. Yes, I will be ready. Connor gave me some good advice that I'll have to take into account next time: He said, "Aunt Kinsey, I think you need to wear camouflage."