Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Trivia in Chippewa

As most of you know Wednesday means Team Trivia night for my friends and me. We started back in October at a bar in Stanley. Then after they stopped hosting there, we moved to a place in Eau Claire. Now we go to a bar/restaurant in Chippewa Falls.

Well, last week was our first week in Chippewa Falls at The Sheeley House. Kory and I arrived first, so it's our job to start thinking up a clever name for our team so we can win the free pitcher of beer at halftime. Previously, in Stanley and Eau Claire, the best team name won a free pitcher of beer...we've only won the pitcher a couple of times.

And in Stanley and in Eau Claire we were competing with some pretty clever and rude team names. One team always joked about Helen Keller and Anne Frank. Lately, people have been picking on Scott Walker. We once won with the name: "I tried to use penis as my password, but my computer said it was too short" - rude but worthy of free beer.

So Kory and I sat at The Sheeley House scoping out the other teams around us. We figured that they, like the other teams we played against in other towns, were just as clever and funny with their names. I mean, hello, it's a free pitcher of beer we're playing for!

We decided to use the name: "I like my women like I like my wine - 12 years old and locked in the cellar." (I think pedophilia is awful...but the team name was funny, so we used it). Our other team members agreed with the name. Hopefully the pitcher of beer would be ours.

Eight other teams were there, and when our standings were announced at halftime we awaited the creativity of names the other trivia teams had thought up. Boy, were we wrong. The DJ announced the names and the points accordingly. Here's how it went: The Jokers, 18 points, We Love The Sheeley House, 19 points, I'm Batman, 22 points, I like my women like I like my wine - 12 years old and in the cellar, 23 points.

Oh my gosh, we all sank in our seats. No other team was playing it funny and clever like us! How humiliating. Luckily, the other teams laughed at our name respectively. However, there is no free pitcher of beer at The Sheeley House. No wonder we were the only team with a rude/sick name.

Tonight, we will again drive to The Sheeley House for trivia. This time though, our name will be of a different sort.


  1. hahahah! That's an awesome story :) something like that would totally happen to me and my friends too!

  2. LOL wow. At least u gave everyone a good laugh! :)

  3. Wow, that name was pushing it, lol. Funny, but sad. Although, I loved the name I tried to use penis as my password but my computer said it was too short. Now, that was a good one.