Thursday, January 10, 2013

Do you ever?

Do you ever have an idea in your head that makes complete and perfect sense but then when you put the pen to paper fingers to laptop, the idea disappears?  It suddenly melts hides behind Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, IMDB movie trailers (Movie 43 looks hilarious, btw!), Pinterest, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, THE LIST GOES ON!

I have this great idea for a movie.  It's beyond wonderful.  It will, of course, be a box-office hit!  It has to be!  It plays out perfectly in my head, from beginning to...well...almost end.

And there it is.  That's the stopping point.  There is the distraction.  It's not the social media websites that take my eyes away from my screenwriting.  It's the fact that I don't have a stupid ending for this movie.  I know how I want it to end - happy.  I just don't know how to fill in all that extra know...dialogue, character development, plot twists, etc.

It will come to me.  It almost always does.  I've only been sitting on this idea for five months.  That's not long at all.  Seriously, it never seems long when a story like mine brews in my head.

It's quite lovely, actually.

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  1. Ugh, this has been my entire novel process. But, I know how I want the book to end, it's just where I want it to begin and what conflicts I want to have. Just start writing and maybe something will come together? You might even end up in a new spot you didn't see before. Get writin' girl. :)