Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spooky! Scary!

Yesterday I spent my day with close friends. We dressed up in our costumes, carved pumpkins, went to a wine-cork pull raffle (didn't win anything), and went to a couple of bars.

It was so much just hanging out with good people. We laughed about memories and laughed about everything else. I don't really have a real "blog post" to write about...but I'm just going to say, "LIVE AND HAVE FUN! SMILE! SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD COMPANY."

That's all you really need. Surround yourself with people (friends and family), people who truly care about your well-being. You will never be disappointed.

Carving our awesome pumpkins!

Hayley and Kyle and Marvin the cat.

Me and Liz as Thelma and Louise. I'm Louise.

Jenny the construction worker and me!
Me as Louise.

Liz as Thelma.
Hayley as Robin Hood, me, and Kyle as no one.

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