Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's on Playboy Radio, Sirius XM

I was baffled to hear that some Playboy Bunnies actually have a talk show on the radio. I guess anyone can get a radio show these days. Where do I sign up?

Seriously, these girls were about as smart as their plastic boobies. I was on the road with my best friend Andrea and her fiance Jeremy. He recently bought her an awesome new car. So as we were driving, Jeremy turned on Playboy Radio. At first Andrea and I couldn't stop laughing and making fun of the ladies.

They were talking about how big or small their heads were. Really??? Really??? Then one lady dropped the word "cranium" into her sentence. I think she did this so her listeners would think she had some sort of brain in her large head. Or was she the one with the small head?

One of the other ladies thought she said "cranial" - this was probably the first time she heard the word. After about 2 minutes of gabbing back and forth about her large "cranial" the first lady (haha, not Mrs. Obama) corrected the other Past Her Prime Playboy by saying that it was "cranium" and not "cranial."

Oh, how they thought that was funny. Andrea and I laughed too, and then sighed with relief that we are not those women.

Later in the show they were giving away panties.

Their own panties.

The panties that they were wearing.


So there the three of us sat listening to them pull down their pants and describe to the listeners what their panties looked like.

One pantie had a string hanging from it. The lady said that this pantie was five years old and the string represents the wear from it.

EWW! Throw those away! If you've been keeping and wearing underwear for five years...it's time to go to Vickie's Secret and buy some more!

A lot more things of little substance were said, and soon we arrived at our destination.

My conclusion: I feel A LOT better about myself after listening to those Booby Bunnies talk about, well, underwear.


  1. A Playboy Bunny has had the same pair of underwear for five years? I'm officially crossing that off of my future careers if they can't afford to buy new underwear any more often than that.

    Back up a second though. Your friend's fiance bought her a car?! Where in the heck do I sign up for a fiance like that?

  2. Old underwear is comfortable. And that's all I have to say about that.

  3. Why on earth do they have underwear that is 5 years old? I understand comfort...but that's pushing it! If they can't afford Victoria's Secret underwear, I'm pretty sure they can get some cheap ones at WalMart...that's just gross!

    And BTW, when you find out how they got their own radio show, can you let me know? I'd like to sit around talking all day and get paid big bucks!

  4. Wow, I had no idea that there was such a channel--I don't think I will be tuning into that anytime soon.

  5. Um...what?!?!? Haha! Ok seriously I would have listened too! If only just for the giggles.

    I have an obsession with panties! NOT other peoples though. VS 5 for $25 is my faaaave but when they have a 10 for $25 it totally gets me hot and bothered! I will beat anyone that gets in my way. haha!

    But seriously, wow.

  6. This really made me laugh, Kinsey, great post :D What a vacuous, empty radio show, it must have made some entertaining listening - "cranial", really? That is hilarious :D

  7. I feel a lot better too.

  8. ooo look kinsey the gauntlet has been layed...i wonder how they saw this. Weird