Friday, June 25, 2010

Stone Hands, Monsters, and Baseball

On the two-hour trip to watch my nephew, Tate play baseball, I sat between an almost two year old squawk box and a five year old that talks until your ear falls off.

Here are some highlights from the trip...

- I told a "scary" story about a brother and sister that thought Frankenstein was in their attic.

- Connor turned my hands into stone hands and ice hands.

- At one point all three of us were reading magazines. Fitness for me, Playmobile for Connor, and Fisher Price for Addie.

- After a drive-thru run at McDonalds, Connor plugged his nose and said, "It SMELLS!!" He was referring to my cheeseburger. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't eat it. He told me to throw it out the window, because it smelled so bad.

- Later Connor asked us what monsters we wanted to be. He was the Headless Horseman, Addie was a witch, I was a vampire, Grandma was a mummy, and Grandpa was a zombie.

- On the way home we played the no talking game. The silence lasted for about ten minutes, then Connor whispered to me, "When is it over?"

The baseball game:
Tate did a wonderful job playing ball. It was his last game of the season, so he received a medal too! He looked pretty proud. I watched him play catcher and complete two outs, hit the ball and run the bases, and play defense in the field. Pretty basic baseball stuff ;) I've watched a lot of kids play baseball in my years, and I have to say that Tate is a pretty good ballplayer. He listens to his coaches and really pays attention to the game.

Tate batting

Me and my little nephew Easton (I think he's going to be a ballplayer too)


  1. Easton is so adorable! And that's a pretty unique name too. I like it.

    Kids say the best things and have great imaginations! Tot spent yesterday afternoon telling me about how Evil Eddie had taken his memory away and thrown me in jail and taken away my pink hair and given me ugly brown hair. And even though I don't have my pink hair he still loves me anyway. I'm confused but I'm seriously considering buying a pink wig so that he doesn't become traumatized.

  2. Wack-Arnolds does smell pretty bad, but it tastes so good. Judging by the picture, I'd say he hits it middle to right. You can never be wrong hitting the right side.

    Is Easton named after the bat company?

  3. I was in the front seat during this ride and was especially happy Aunt Kinsey was taking care of the backseat crowd:)
    In all honesty, she spent most of the time laughing loudly or singing nursery songs with Addie, until she ran out of songs and then her and I decided to do some Doris Day tunes:) We actually sounded pretty good!!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, Kinsey and I must say, I agree with Connor on the whole cheeseburger issue, those things do have one odd smell to them :D

  5. Super cuties! Love the response to the silence game.

  6. Easton is so cute! Maybe we'll see Tate in the College World Series in the future. :)

  7. Don't you just love the conversations with kids under 10? They are so funny and so sweet especially when they are telling you something "very serious" and all you want to do is lie down on the floor and laugh

  8. Your little nephew in that last picture is soooo cutttte. I just wanna give him a little squeeze. I love very little kids!

  9. I love baseball, but after seeing your nephew in that last picture, I have one question. How in the heck did you pay attention to the game? He is absolutely adorable!

  10. Great stories and pics. He looks like a baseball player too. Dropping in the say Happy 4th Of July!

  11. Sounds like a fun trip lol. Little kids always amaze me with what comes out of their mouths though:)

  12. Easton is adorable!
    I love how you document the 'moments'
    i'm glad you had a fun day out:)