Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pajama Jeans or Jeggings?

Have you seen the Pajama Jeans infomercial? The product they're selling is a pair of pants that look like jeans but feel like pajama pants!! O-M-G! This is the best thing in the whole wide world. I want one, I want 5, I want millions!

Juuuuust kidding. Maybe if they actually did look like jeans and not a pair of "jeans" my Barbie wore back in the 90's, then maybe I would buy them. But they look awful - especially the front where a zipper should be . Eesh, jeans need zippers, not fake stitchings that look like a zipper should be in that region. And they cost $40.00 + s/h!! I'm sorry, but that's way too expensive for a pair of pajama pants.

So what's the difference between Pajama Jeans and Jeggings?

Ummm, jeggings are just better.

Jeggings are leggings that look like jeans. They are leggings. They aren't sweatpants that look like jeans. Leggings and jeggings are fashionable. Plus, they are more cost friendly.

When you wear leggings or jeggings, more often than not, you wear a longer shirt. So even if there is a faux zipper, it's covered. And even if you don't, the outfit looks just fine because jeggings are in and Pajama Jeans are not. I know I don't have much of an argument here, but if you're ever confronted with a choice between Pajama Jeans and Jeggings, pick jeggings. My 2 1/2 year old niece even wears jeggings. She's got style.

But if you're not one to wear tight fitting pants like leggings and jeggings, then don't. I advise against the Pajama Jeans, though...I especially advise against wearing them in PUBLIC if you already own them. Remember, just say no to the PJ Jeans and yes to real jeans or jeggings.


  1. I love my jeggins. They totally make me happy.

  2. I'm going to completely agree with you on that one. Those pajamas that look like jeans... um, what? That doesn't even really make sense.

  3. Don't own pair of jeggins and thanks for explaining the difference,lol. I Love my jeans and love my comfy jammies.Not need to combine them for me.

  4. Ha, we call Addie's jeggings - pajama jeans. I am going to get you a pair of pajama jeans when I see them on clearance in the near future!!!

  5. Those would make the best work uniform, stuck at school, lounging around all day kinda pants EVER!