Friday, July 2, 2010

A New Lady??

Now this really irks me. I was watching tv the other day, as I had nothing better to do - I applied for a job, ate lunch, went swimming, got my tan on, wrestled with the kiddos - ya know...everyday stuff, and the Orbit Gum commercial came on.

Oh how excited I was. These commercials are great! "Who are you calling a cootie queen, you LINT licKER?" Joy!

So as I sat on the couch thinking of my future days as a wealthy person, the blonde in the commercial was not the blonde I was used to seeing.

What in the world? I looked around the living and saw my niece, Addie, running around with my mom's hair pick screaming, "Mine, Aaaddie, mine, mine, mama, mine." Surely, Addie was not to be bothered with my dilemma.

Then I thought, maybe I saw her wrong. So I rewound the commercial (thanks to the almighty DVR) and watched the commercial again. This time, though, about a foot away from the tv - I was not to be fooled. I prayed a quick prayer before pushing Play.

To my disappointment, I was proved wrong. The commercial gods did a number on me and switched the Orbit Gum Lady with a poser gum actress. And I know they tried to trick me by finding a "look-a-like," but I think I would have been happier if they switched the original and awesome Orbit Lady with an old red-headed woman. Don't try to fool me commercial people (some may call you advertisers, but I call you adverTEASERS). We are not as dumb as you may think. I do not approve.

Do you hear me? Kinsey Bodenburg does not approve. Please bring back the original Orbit Lady. I mean really, "What the french toast?"


  1. You.Crack.Me.Up! But you're right about the Cootie Queen/Link Licker commercial. That is my favorite of all time. Even better than the donkey who wanted leg hair extensions to be a Budweiser Clydesdale and the little boy who wanted the dude to keep his hands off his momma and his Doritos.... I may watch far more commercials than are good for me. But I do work in advertising. I must keep an eye out of this impostor though because I haven't seen this one yet.

  2. This has made my day. I also enjoy the Orbit commercials. I want to thank you for brightening my day. You rock.

  3. Perhaps it's some sort of conspiracy against you, Kinsey...I'd be on guard if I were you :D

  4. haha, you are hilarious!! Kinsey, I had to check out your blog, considering there's not too many of us 'Kinseys' out there! hope you're having a fabulous 4th!

  5. What!? I can't believe they changed her! That makes me very unhappy as well. Advertisers blow sometimes, they really do.

    Anyway, you have an award on my blog. Yay! :)

  6. Lmao, I just saw it last night in passing through the kitchen and I mentioned it to hubs, but I didn't know how passionate you feel ab out it. If I had that information last night I would raise some hell....

  7. Heeeeeey! THATS NOT RIGHT!!!!!!! Bring her back, Orbitz!

    (Even though we dont get Orbitz commercials in Peru...I am still disappointed!)


  8. your blog is truly funny! i love it- you make me laugh all the time! i love the fact that your blog is a relection of you and you dont partiicipate in a lot of the different types of posting out there!

    keep it real chickah!

  9. Hi Kinsey! You won a copy of A Knights tale on my blog :)

    Drop me an email with your contact information and I pass it along to Hachette Book Group! Your email isn't listed as public in your profile :(

    crystalmarieporter at gmail dot com

  10. I WILL pass it along!
    proof read, proof read, proof read :)