Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My roommate and I were talking the other day about how her fiance uses the term "literally" wrong.

For example: He will say, "I'm so mad that I'm literally going to rip my head off and throw it at the door!"

Yeah...so she corrects him.

Well, my niece, Caitlyn, takes sayings to the "literal" degree. She's only 8 though ;) Like the other day (wow, I use "other day" a lot...but this was literally the "other day", the first "other day" was about 3 weeks ago) I was looking at The Philosopher's Handbook (part of the wonderful giveaway that I won from Sam over at Thoughts, Writings, Coffee...) and I said-

"This looks very interesting, but a little too heavy for me to read right at this moment."

My 8-year-old niece replies, "Can I hold it to see how heavy it is?"

I couldn't help but laugh. It was too sweet!

As you all know, I got a Wii for my college graduation. Yep, I'm a grown-up! I haven't bought any games yet, and my nephew (who is going to be 11 next month) left me this note this morning:

Property of
Billy Bodenburg
To Aunt Kinsey
you may borrow
the game until the
end of June at
the very most
amount of time.

(It was stuck in the Super Mario Bros. Wii game in the bathroom so I would see it right away)

It was a great start to my day. Plus, the game is pretty much amazing. After he got home from school we played it. He was Mario and I was Luigi. He also thought it was funny to pick me up and throw me (in the game, not in real life).

So I'd like to literally end this post by thanking Sam for the wonderful prizes. I've read 9 of the 50 Books You Must Read Before You Die (on the bookmark)...so only 41 more to go!

Oh, and go see Hot Tub Time Machine it was so funny that I literally laughed my head off...did I use that right?


  1. haha your niece and nephew seem so cute :)

    Congrats on graduating and hope you get a lot of use out of the Wii! Mine's just sitting around collecting dust :(

  2. They're super cuteee!

    and WII for coolege graduation is a killer present. I will hopefully graduate in a month and I sooooo hope I get something as awesome :D

  3. Yeah, that Mario game pretty much consumed me once I got it. It is very sweet of your nephew to share with you.

  4. I got Super Mario Bros for Wii for my birthday from my boyfriend (so romantic, right? ;) ) but we had a blast playing it. We *finally* beat it. It took FOREVER!

  5. Ha! Your nephew sounds so cute. That was really sweet of him to lend you the game, but still very responsible to set a return date and make sure he put Property Of: on it. Kids are a trip!

  6. hehe. This post is beyond adorable!! What sweet little niece and nephew you have.

  7. Billy and Caitlyn LOVE having you "home" from college, especially since they now have someone else to play video games with after school!
    I have to keep reminding them that you will only be here for awhile--until you get a job and then you will probably be moving out...

  8. hahaha this was cute (: I haven't been a great commenter lately (stupid packing) so CONGRATS on graduation girlie!!!

  9. I literally LOVE that game too! His note is too funny! Only Billy!

  10. Hahaha! That note left by your nephew was too cute. :D

  11. haha I use "literally" incorrectly a lot too!
    I thought hot tub time machine was kinda gross... It was funny but too weird for me!

    Congrats on graduating :)

  12. Awww... Your niece and nephew are so cute! :)