Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top Ten Signs That You've Been Impatiently Waiting for Summer

1. You agreed that it was swim-suit season in February, and have been swimming in hotel pools since.

2. That you just go to the tanning bed to feel the warmth.

3. You've been wearing flip flips since last summer ended.

4. You grill all year round...even when the big snowstorm came through.

5. Your office is plastered with pictures of Hawaii beaches and palm trees.

6. You listen to The Beach Boys and/or Kenny Chesney everyday.

7. You think proper attire for Casual Friday is a bikini with a towel wrapped around your waist.

8. You sip margaritas with a beach hat on while watching Oprah in the afternoon.

9. You don't mind it when your kids track in sand from outside, because you like the feeling of it between your toes.

10. You have or are thinking about packing up and leaving for the Middle East just so you can get some sun.

Summer is nearing and the temperatures are up in Wisconsin!!! Have a happy weekend! I won't be updating until Monday since I'm moving my sister and her family. (Sorry I've been slack this week. It's been really hard to find the time to blog and read all of your blogs). I promise that I will be more on track next week.


  1. Good luck with the move. Summer hit south MS about a month and a half ago. It was 95/96 this past Saturday.

  2. hahah that list was pretty funny!!!

  3. This is such a funny post, and it's sad that most of them are true for me! I am a total beach bum and I love love love summer...I'm still trying to figure out why I live in PA. hahaha

  4. I got so engaged reading this post after writing my post about "rain rain go away" want those warm temperatures after a full dull and gloomy san francisco week.

    great 10 points and i can totally relate to 1,3,8,10

  5. I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that some of these relate to me. I thought it was perfectly normal to wear flip-flops and grill year round, even in a foot and a half of snow. Lucky for me though, I got to cancel my big move to Jordan for sun-related purposes because it's been sunny and nearly a hundred degrees here all week.

  6. Love your list. I'm all about #3.

  7. I love flip flops!!! I wear them way longer past summer than I should but definitely not once winter strikes! :)

    I know you just graduated, but if you are interested, feel free to do a guest post about what post-college life has been like for you so far! I'd be happy to cite your blog and post it :)
    Have fun moving! I hate moving lol

  8. happy happy summer! :) YAY!

    so exciting!

  9. Awesome list. I am so ready for summer.

    I do love me some Kenny and Beach Boys. Also Jimmy Buffet adds something something to the mood.