Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Pool

No one floated a Baby Ruth in the pool today...darn. That would have added more excitement to my day at the pool with my two little nephews - Tate and Easton.

Let's begin with some poop instead then, real poop. Baby Easton's poop. Let me emphasize baby, since it was green - GREEN - and mushy. Very, very, very mushy. Why am I telling you this? Because, his fecal material, if you can even call it that, spread like a wildfire through his diaper and out of his diaper, and onto his pretty blue outfit - now with accents of green.

Luckily, this was the worst part of the whole day. And guess what, Aunt Kinsey didn't even think to bring another outfit. She's so smart. I'm talking about myself in the 3rd person, this needs to stop.

After I changed him and washed out his clothes the best I could with a bottle of water and baby wipes, Easton wore his Little Swimmers with style.

Tate was very easy to watch at the pool. All he did was jump in the pool, climb the ladder out, jump in, climb out, jump in, climb out, and jump in continuously for three hours. Easy as pie. No poop in Tate's pants, that's for sure.

At this public pool, the lifeguards whistle on the hour so the kids get a "safety break." Now this is a good idea. Tate came back for some water drinking and relaxation for ten minutes. He even told me, "If I wasn't sitting here for my break, then I'd be doing cannonballs right now."

We all had a snack - Tate had a corndog, Easton and I shared Dippin' Dots with Tate after he scarfed down his corndoggie. Then it was back to swimming and a Little Swimmer change for Easton. He was sagging a bit.

Easton enjoyed the water for a little bit longer then I tried to feed him his bottle, but he fell asleep in about five minutes. So I sat with him as he slept. That was about it for our pool day.

When I read this to Tate before I posted it, he wanted to add a little more, so this is what he told me to type:

Tate and another boy and Alex jumped the waves when everybody went in the water. - Spoken from the mouths of babes ;)

It was the perfect day to go to the pool and spend time with my Minnesota nephews (even though Tate has enough good sense to wear a Brewers shirt today).


  1. Very fun! No more poop please!

  2. My boys went to the pool too, but with their grandpa. They seem to have had a good time and want this to be a weekly thing. Great I get to be without my kids for 2 days.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. Ahh, sounds like you had fun Kins, and lucky for you the weather was nice and not too hot or humid, as today is a different story!

  4. HAhaha baby ruth, hahahaha.

  5. Awww, that sounds like a great day.....without the mushy green stuff of course.I am so glad my kids are passed that stage,lol.