Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Musings: Take Ten

Twenty minutes and this is no longer a Wednesday Musings, but a Thursday Mistakes.

I drove my mom's boat...I mean Buick all the way to St. Francis, MN to visit my brother and his family. I drove through a storm (tornado like), almost hydroplaned, screamed after the radio told me that a tornado has been spotted, and then drove like a short old woman who has to sit really close to the steering wheel to see out the windshield about 20 minutes after "the storm" passed.

Despicable Me is really funny.

Why is the Northern Wisconsin State Fair called the Northern Wisconsin State Fair? It's in Chippewa Falls, WI...and that isn't in Northern Wisconsin - it's 20 some minutes from my house.

My brother gave me a Spiderman blanket to sleep with tonight. I'm almost too excited to fall asleep.

Blogger thinks Spiderman is spelled wrong, because it's showing red squiggly lines underneath it. Doesn't blogger know who Spiderman is? I mean, he's no Batman, but come on.

My nephew, Tate, was watching Ghost Hunters on Syfy tonight. He's not even eight yet and he's watching Ghost his basement. He is so BRAVE!!!

I laid in a hammock tonight, and I really, really, really, really want one. Maybe when I'm older.


  1. Hey I use to drive a Buick, lol, it is kinda big

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. You're never too young for a hammock, but you shouldn't be in there with someone else unless you're married to them because as Jim Gaffigan says "it looks like you're trying to start a family!"

  3. Ya, That was a pretty nasty storm we had--lost 2 trees here at home!Glad you made it safely, I can actually visualize you driving thru that rain like a little old lady! Hope you are having fun at Blake's!

  4. Spiderman is no longer recognized by Blogger because Peter Parker poops his pants. It's a commonly known fact... well, somewhat common.

  5. Hey, I love my huge boat of a Buick. You know you will get one some day! I hate when it storms and you are driving. I look like an old lady too! I hope you slept well with your Spiderman blanket.

  6. Spiderman and I slept very soundly.

  7. I keep trying to convince my roomate that we need a deck hammock. So far I have been unsuccessful. But I think eventually I'll break him down.

  8. I'm guessing you'd like a hammock one day. Just a hunch.

    I was going to comment on your most recent post but I couldn't get beyond the baby poop (babies kinda freak me out). So here I am.

    I really appreciated your comment on my guest post about twenty-somethings on Jill's blog, Kinsey. I really did. It's kind of overwhelming to be able to connect with people like that.

    A quick fact about me: I'm an emotional sap sometimes (there I said it), so I love to hear things like this. Thank you. :)


  9. Kinsey,
    Spider-Man has a hyphen in it. Jeez, didn't you learn ANYTHING in college?