Friday, July 9, 2010

Why did Casey Schuler have to Die???

All hands on deck! Let's kill that little monkey from Outbreak. His virus just killed Kevin Spacey's character.

Bummer...too late, if only I posted this sooner.

Anywho, if I'm not a slacker in the blogging world than my name is Fraulein Sausage Fingers.

I almost hate myself for not posting all week, then I think, "Hey, I've been enjoying the sunshine and the pool, and this is summer and I don't really like sitting in the cold basement anyway (since we don't have wireless, I have to plug my computer in downstairs)."

So let me do a quick review with you all:

I almost died three times this week. Yup...three.

First almost deadly occurrence: 4th of July - A rocket firework that is supposed to shoot thirty feet in the air didn't. The stick that was holding it upright burned off, my dad tried to stomp it out, but he couldn't, so he ran, my brother ran, my nephew almost ran, and we all watched as it shot off at us. Okay, so it wasn't as "deadly" as I thought, and if I was outside and really close to it I might have burned myself. This one was a stretch. What can I say...I'm an exaggerater.

Second occurrence: Yesterday - in the parking lot of WalMart. Let me paint the picture for you. My mom drove around the parking lot with my older sister, Kyrstin, in the front seat. I sat in the back behind my mom. "There's a spot!" someone shouted. Yay, we all thought to ourselves, nice and close. So my mom drove down the lane, but had to back up. She put the car in PARK. Then my sister says, "That car is backing up, it's going to hit us!" I look to my left and a jeep/suv/bigger than our vehicle is backing up towards us as my mom is trying to figure out why our car isn't backing up. Kyrstin starts banging on her window with her fist (thinking the idiot who is backing up will hear her), my mom doesn't realize the car is still in PARK, so she is wondering what the heck is wrong with the car, I'm just staring as the back of the green vehicle approaches us (I don't know why I didn't go into panic mode), all the while Kyrstin is still SCREAMING and still BANGING on the window!!!! Finally my mom lays on the horn. The green vehicle stops, we finally pull forward as my mom shifts into DRIVE, and then we all laughed for about five minutes straight.

Third and final occurrence: Aldi - it's the first time I've ever been in that store, and I come home and I get sick. I now have a stuffy nose and an off and on sore throat. I should've never went to the bathroom there...they had no soap. Ick. I will never set foot in that store again (at least not the Eau Claire one).

Alright, fine, so I never really ever came close to dying in those stories...but I could have. I now know what Kevin Spacey's character went through - poor guy.


  1. I thought you were never doing Aldi's after babysitting for Storing's. The milk was bad! Remember?!?!

  2. I really had no choice, Tyne.

  3. LOL!
    I'm glad you didn't die for sure :D
    I feel the same way if I go a few days without blogging, but it's also important to enjoy summer, and life! :D
    I think that shy (or former shy peeps) make the best bloggers because we have the most to say from the years we were too afraid to say it haha.
    have a great weekend!

  4. Kinsey,

    I am glad to know you did not die. You are too hilarious. Please be careful, I do not know who would fill the void left in my blogging life if something were to happen to you.

  5. Sweetie I think the sun is getting to you. Although every single one of those experiences are ones I would definitely list under the near-death category. But I tend to become a drama queen where my very being is involved. For now, I'll just say that I'm glad you're still with us. But if this keeps up you're going to have to check in more often so that we know you're still okay.

  6. its okay to not blog every day! lord knows i certainly fail in that department alot!! :)

    have a happy weekend my dear and thanks for following Nicole!! !:)

  7. Okay, so now may not be the best time to do somersaults or go sky diving.

  8. See I told you so...your post is just like I profess under the title of my blog--"Life is an adventure!":)

  9. Haha, those are pretty funny occurances! Glad everything ended up being okay!

  10. Ha! I love your near death experiences. I do agree that the Aldi in EC was gross, but don't give up on it!!