Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Musings: Take Eleven

My new favorite shows are The Closer, Rizzoli and Isles, and Hot in Cleveland. Granted, The Closer isn't a "new" series, but it's the first I've watched it...and let me tell you, "It's Kinsey Approved!"

I applied for an administrative assistant position for a chiropractic office last Sunday, and last Monday they called me, but I was asleep (as it was 9 am and I had no reason to start my day early), so my niece picked up the phone and told them that I was asleep. She took the message like a young Pam Beasley and when I woke up about 15 minutes later I returned the call. The secretary answered and had no idea that I was called, but said she would find out who called me and then have them call me back. I waited and waited and waited and waited. I waited for a couple more days and then I called them back, thinking that they were probably really busy. So I explained to this dude on the phone who I was and asked them what the situation was on my call back, he said he would figure it out and have someone call me. Well, no one called me back and I don't care if they hired someone else, but at least have the decency to tell me. GOSH!

That was a long musing, but I had to get it out there. I feel better now.

I got caught in a storm again. Just my luck, right? I went to River Falls to visit a friend and I had just left her place when it started to rain cats and dogs. I made it about 5 miles down the road when I had to turn back after getting a call from my mom and then my friend saying the sirens were going off. So I stayed in River Falls for another hour waiting for the storm to pass. Is God trying to send me some sort of message via storms??

I got a new phone!! It's a Palm Pre Plus, and it rocks! It totally rocks! I'm in love with it. I thought about doing a blog from it, but it would take me a really long time, so I'm not going to. Maybe someday...when I master, of course, the little keypad of abc's.

On the way to see Ramona and Beezus with my niece who takes messages for me while I'm sleeping, I told Caitlyn that I'm like Beezus and she's like Ramona - since she doesn't have a big sister, only and older brother, and I don't think he's the Selena Gomez type. But after the movie (which was really good!) I told her that I could be her "Aunt Bea" and she can still be Ramona. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, Aunt Bea, is Aunt Beatrice, Ramona's mom's sister...even though I'm Caitlyn's dad's, this is falling apart in front of my eyes.

Here's a still from the movie. Aunt Bea, Beezus, Ramona, and Dorothy Quimby

I'm sitting downstairs with my hood up. It's that kind of night. Plus my hair is wet from swimming, and I don't want to freeze down here.


  1. How rude that they never got back to you about the call, well at least you've got it off your chest now! And wow, I love the Palm Pre Plus, I was considering getting one but I got a Blackberry instead...I tried doing a blog post from it, but poetry on a smart phone? I soon realised it didn't really work. Hope you have more luck :)

  2. I had a similar thing happen to me. I put in an application at a power company right after graduation. I REALLY wanted that job. They didn't call. Two weeks later, I'm dispatching trucks for a living. About a month in to dispatching, they called and offered me a position. As badly as I wanted that job, I couldn't break my word to my current employer.

    Isn't that the way it goes?

  3. From the sound of it, you don't want to work for them anyway! It sounds super unorganized! Good luck in your job hunt.

  4. It seems like that's the way it goes with employers these days. They don't really want you when you're available. I think they just like messing with your brain. That could just be my opinion though.

    If you try to figure out what God's trying to tell you via the storms, please let me know because I think we may be in the same boat.

  5. I used to love the Ramona Quimby books when I was a girl.

    Tough luck on the call back. That's happened to me before too.

  6. If you don't get that administrative position I hope you get one soon! I, too, want to see R&B, but the movies are so expensive these days it's only worth it to go in the mornings when tickets are cheaper. I also happen to be job-hunting. While I do have a supportive employer, the pay is lacking since the higher powers told my manager he was giving part-timers too many hours. Minus hours plus higher rent does not make for a good combination. I feel bad for looking for another job, especially since the other part-timer is about to go on maternity leave in a few months, and should I leave for another job they'd really be screwed. It's one of those things where I don't know whether to look out for myself or stick it out so my co-workers will have it easier.