Thursday, October 28, 2010

All I want to do...

All I want to do is watch scary movies. I'm so happy AMC has been playing Friday the 13th and Halloween, even though I've seen a lot of them already.

But I can't watch them alone. I can watch them alone in my room, but not alone in the way. I would love to write a scary movie, because I have some pretty good ideas in my head right now.

Here's the problem with that though, you would never associate Wes Craven with a romantic comedy, would you? The same goes with Nancy Meyers...can you picture her writing a role for Meryl Streep as a serial killer who gives you nightmares...on Elm Street, makes you scream because the last house on the left is the only place to go, because the hills look like they have eyes?

How's that for some movie title name-dropping?

But anyway, I love Halloween so much I want it to occur everyday. I'm serious. The decorations are incredible, the weather is decent to fair, it's football season, my favorite tv shows do Halloween specials, Saw Infinity would be closer to ending it's horrible sequels, and people get to dress up and act like children when in reality they are 35. I know I talked about Halloween before, but it's just so AWESOME!

I don't know if I'll be posting tomorrow, so have a safe and happy Halloween. Hopefully the Groundhog Day gods have heard my cry and Monday will be Halloween too, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and...


  1. I love halloween too!
    That must have been so cool with all your friends dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters.

  2. I love Halloween. Post pictures of yourself in costume when halloween is over, k?:D