Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Food=Bad. Well, for me at least

Wondering why I haven't blogged since last week? Not wondering? I'm going to tell you anyway.

I was lucky enough to get food poisoning. I felt like crap for three days! Was I going to die...maybe. I could barely move. Probably because I was so frickin' weak. Which is because I couldn't eat anything, because I couldn't keep anything down!! I moaned and groaned on the couch hoping that my outbursts of pain would make me feel better. It only made me feel the tiniest bit better.

On Monday, I only inhabited my bedroom, bathroom, and living room. I almost forgot what my kitchen looked like. When Tuesday came around, I finally was able to put some food in my stomach - a piece of toast, about a cup of noodle soup, and later some mashed potatoes.

I even went to the doctor since my back and stomach hurt. When I say hurt, what I truly mean is "felt like Jason Voorhees was trying to stab me in the abdomen with a dull machete he pulled from a barn." (AMC has been having a Friday the 13th marathon) Watch it. Or are you scared? Don't be. It's very predictable and cheesy. I think the new Friday the 13th (maybe it's a couple or three years old) is pretty scary though, but watch the classics too. Wow, I'm way off track here. Anyway...

The doctor found nothing, which was slightly discouraging because at the time I wanted relief. I wanted something to free me from this pain. Well, a little heat on my back for about 2 hours Tuesday night really relaxed everything. You see, this pain I felt was a combination of me laying around all day on the couch and bed, not eating enough, and the typical food poisoning cramps.

Today though, I feel so much better. I'm not back to my regular eating habits, but it will happen.

Oh, and to my parents: Thank you for taking care of me. I promise to try my hardest to take care of you guys when you come down with some sort of illness. It's going to be hard, but I'll try. (I don't do well around others who are scares me) Ha!


  1. Thanks Kins for offering to take care of us when we are sick:) Also, I can relate to the moaning when your whole body aches with every movement you make--not fun. Glad you feel better!

  2. Poor Kins. I hate you were sick. The internets haven't been the same.

  3. Oh man, glad you're feeling better. Food poisoning is the worst.

  4. Food poisoning is horrible, glad your better.
    My husband and I got it on our first date together:)

  5. ahh that stinks!!!
    Glad u are feelin better. DO u know what u got it from? I love scary movies!

  6. I am glad you are feeling better.

  7. Wii Lego Rock Band... just to make you feel better!

  8. You poor thing, you! I had food poisoning years ago, but I can still remember the pain. I can't remember the pain after giving birth twice, but I can clearly remember the food poisoning pain.

    I am glad you are over it and feeling better.

  9. I've never had food poisoning, thankfully. I'm sorry you got it. That must've really, really sucked. I used to get stomach viruses all the time when I was little and I know how painful that was...

    But glad to hear you're doing better! :D