Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barely Missing the Rain

I don't mean "miss" the rain like I haven't seen it in awhile. I mean that I'm literally, "missing" the rain, or it's missing me.

Last night I drove to the library to print off a dozen pages of Nutrition homework. I would've printed it in my apartment but I'm out of ink.

Just as I was leaving the library and walking to my car it started to sprinkle. When I got in my car it started to downpour! Oddly enough, when I arrived at my apartment it stopped raining (in five minutes time).

I went to my room and started working on my homework and guess what happened. It started raining again. Weird.

This morning, Tennis was canceled due to rain, so no winner yet on the roommate vs. roommate game. As I got ready for my 11:00 o'clock class it was raining outside. I switched my flip flops for sneakers, because flip flops tend to flip up the water from the sidewalk and freckle the back of my legs and butt with mud drops and wet spots.

Lo and behold, I leave for class and the sun is shining. What in the world is going on??

Maybe the rain knows that my hair looks horrible after it's rained on, and it was doing me a favor. In that case, thank you rain god.


  1. I left you a little something on my blog. Hope you're having a good day! :)

  2. I hate the rain and, where I live, it's rains almost every day. You're very lucky, usually its the other way round for me, I leave my house thinking its going to be a refreshing spring day, only for the heavens to drown me in a matter of minutes :)

  3. You're welcome my little raindrop.

  4. It's called APRIL,lol.You are walking between the raindrops., but they will get you sooner or later (sorry couldn't resist).

  5. seriously i hate it when I run out of ink! I know that was not what your post was mainly about...but I hate when that happens! LOL

  6. Make sure you visit my blog and accept the awards. I didn't list specific bloggers because I wanted my devoted readers to just take them, but I want to make sure that YOU take them because I so appreciate you reading my blog and leaving me wonderful comments!

  7. You need to pack an all weather bag that includes flip flops, snow hat, and goggles, cause you never know.

  8. love your blog header!!! so great. :)
    and your blog is awesome!! :)


  9. I had a similar miss the rain experience last week while waiting to pick up one of the kiddos. I am sure fate in the form of a downpour will catch me next time.

    Good skill with the tennis game.

  10. The rain probably also knows that you would be running home naked in it (as you're prone to do) and it doesn't want you to catch a cold.

    So, if you lose the tennis match are you finally going to go McEnroe? It's winding down to the end of the semester...

  11. Today I was very insistent that it would not rain. At daycare the children all need lots of outside play time so that they do not murder one another. I had a three year old tell me for 2 1/2 hours that it would start raining any second. Two minutes before the downpour, we blew our whistles and scurried inside. I was very thankful to have avoided the rain.

    *Found you on 20sb.


  12. How funny!

    I actually miss the rain, like wish there was more of it (except on days when I have to commute). So cozy to be inside when it's raining!

  13. It never ceases to amaze me that every time I get my hair done it either rain or the wind in blowing something fierce and by the time I get home I look like I did before I left.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate