Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Days and Counting

Thursday is my last day of Pizza Hut. Will I miss it? Yes...and no. I'm going to list, and hopefully not bore you, with what I'll miss and what I won't.

What I'll Miss
1. My co-workers - I love working with people my age! I will miss them the most. I sound like Dorothy talking to the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz..."I think I'm going to miss you most of all."

2. The environment - sure I smell like grease and pizza after I get done with my shift, but I don't have to dress up in a buttoned shirt and sit at a desk all day. I get to wear sneakers, a t-shirt, and I get my exercise...not to mention my toned arms from all that pizza lifting.

3. Food - I barely buy groceries anymore. It's the life...except I'm getting kind of sick of pizza. I've been switching it up though - wings, pasta, pizza, potato wedges, etc...

4. The customers - well, some of them.

5. The tips - it makes my day when someone leaves me a generous tip. Thank you tippers everywhere.

What I won't miss
1. Closing - staying after midnight and cleaning is not my thing. Ugh, and I close a lot.

2. The crabby customers - the ones that don't appreciate you. Hello? I'm serving you food, don't mess with me.

3. The non-tippers - If someone brings you food and comes back to check on you for refills and other things...tip them. I don't care if it's just a dollar. Actually I do. Try to tip 10-15%.

4. The group of high schoolers who come in an hour before close and order water for drinks. I know they secretly want pop, but they're too cheap to order it. Oh, and they don't usually tip.

5. Returning to my table and telling them that the cooks forgot to make their pizza, but it's in now and that I'll take the pizza off of their bill. Then when I give them their bill they wonder why they have to pay for the food that came on time. Are you kidding me? It's $7.00! Would you rather I put the pizza back on the bill and have to pay the $20.00??? No, I didn't think so.

6. The customers who say they are ready to order and then argue about what they want - "What do you want?" "Whatever..." "Okay, we'll have the supreme." "Ugh, not the supreme..." Seriously? So I say, "I'll give you a couple minutes." But no, they are ready now...sure they are...

7. People who order salads and then barely eat any of it. Did you know I had to go in the back and make that salad?? Did you know that I feel like I fall so behind after making you your perfect salad that the rest of my night gets thrown off? Especially if it's really busy, don't ask me to make you a salad. Because you won't get it right away.

Thursday is approaching fast, and I'm happy to be done and moving on, but I'm going to miss working at The Hut. It's been, by far, my favorite job.


  1. I get super, super pissed when I see people who don't tip... unless it's really crappy service. For a short while, my mom owned a restaurant in our hometown so I understand the oddities of people tipping. For example, the president of the bank came in every single day and never left one red cent. The tellers would come in as often as possible and always left at least 15%.

  2. Advice: Do not use the Wizard of Oz/Scarecrow line around other coworkers. Might create a little jealousy, just saying...

  3. I don't know how you do it, if I wasn't tipped or if someone didn't eat the salad that I'd invested my time into, I would go crazy! I guess I don't have your patience, I wish I did :D

  4. You should've spit on EVERYTHING. Then none of this would've bothered you.


  5. I had my share of crappy customers and non tippers. Luckily I was the owner and I had the pleasure to ask nasty people to leave my premises and never come back. Yes, I did. Few times and it felt sooooo good.

  6. have fun on your newest adventure doll! :)

  7. Yuck! I HATE it when people don't tip...I'm sure that people in restaurants love us because I usually tip at least 20%...I think it's rude not to.

  8. You should have a pizza party to celebrate. Too much?

  9. Hmm, I don't think I could ever get sick of pizza. And do people really not tip? Wow, that's sad. Congrats on being so close to being done!

  10. I love pizza but I guess I'll be sick too if I eat it all the time. :D