Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Musings: Take Five

I want to see Date Night so badly! I've known about this movie for about two months now...thanks

My one credit Application Letter online class gave me a fright on Monday. I forgot to do my last assignment and take the final quiz on Friday when it was due. As of two days ago I had a total of 40 out of 80 points for my final grade. I freaked out, did my assignment and took the quiz, then quickly emailed my professor.

To think that this stupid one credit class could have held me back from graduating....ugh!

I got an email yesterday from my professor and she said it was alright. YAY! No more worries.

The latest craze seems to be dressing up in nerdy attire with nerdy glasses. I don't like it. If you're trying too hard to look like Steve Urkel, then something is wrong with you. "Did I do that?" Yes, yes you did. Now stop doing that.

I've been craving spicy food all week. My mouth is on FIRE!

I watched Law and Order: CI last night, and I'm sad that Goren and Eames are gone. Did I cry? Ummmm, maybe a little bit. Okay, jeez, I cried through the entire last scene. Then I watched it again at midnight. It was a very good episode!!!

Sometimes I browse random blogs by clicking the "Next Blog" button at the top of my screen, and I somehow got a string of Spanish blogs. I couldn't read them. No Habla Espanol!


  1. I think that Next Blog button is redunkulous. It's taken me to a German clock blog, lots of "Mommy" blogs, and several Spanish blogs.

    Don't feel bad about not habla-ing though. I dated a Spanish professor at college and still can't speak it very well.

  2. Taco Bell's 5 buck box is available in "volcano" flavor. You're welcome.

  3. ooooooh, spicy!!!

    I guess that can apply to both Stephanie's and Mad Hatter's comments ;)

  4. Oh-you should have seen Oprah yesteday--they had Steve C. and JTina F. on promoting the show, It was hilarious!!! I laughed through the whole thing, especially when they were imitating Oprah, and interviewing her! Funny, funny:)

  5. I love spicy food. Now I am craving it. Yum.

    Yes, why can't they have better blogs on the next blogs that relate but kind of bounce around. It is pure silliness.

  6. Mom,
    I watched Oprah! It was funny :)

  7. I have high hopes for Date Night, but have you ever noticed that when really funny people team up for a movie, it often ends up so NOT funny? Keeping my fingers crossed though :)

  8. My son had to have the "volcano" flavor Taco Bell...well, I ended up giving him my dinner, little whiner.Couldn't stand the heat.

    I can't wait for the Date Night to come out.It looks hilarious.

  9. Maybe if I owned a tv.... I would of heard of some of these things. Glad your grade is still rockin.

  10. Funny we were just talking about spicy food.