Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There once was a man from Nantucket...

Fair warning! I'm going to vent to you all.

There is this girl that I work with. I shall call her Fartha.

Fartha likes to tell the manager that she wants more hours. Yet, I get a text from her about once a week asking me to cover her shift.

I text Fartha, "On."

Then I text her again, "No."

Fartha also wants to become a shift manager. Thank goodness I'm graduating in a couple of weeks and won't be around to see this nightmare come true, if it does.

Somehow, Fartha has become a driver for Pizza Hut. She is not a good driver for Pizza Hut. Maybe she'll get better. I think she should stick to waitressing.

Then again, I like not waitressing with Fartha should drive more.

Nope, nope, I can't even convince myself to like her as a driver, because I have to pick up her slack and do a ton of dishes at the end of the night just to help the poor driver who has to drive with her.

It's a vicious cycle.

Thursday is my favorite night to waitress. Somehow, Fartha got my shift. "I am angry. I'm like a large tornado of anger, swirling about." - Kicking and Screaming name drop.

On top of which, guess what happened!

Fartha texts me this afternoon. She said that she has a wedding to go to on Saturday and forgot to take off of work.

I think, too bad.

She texts, "Can you switch your Friday night with my Saturday night and I'll find someone to cover your original Saturday night hours?"

I think, no.

You see, I have a baptism to go to on Sunday, and I just called my sister today and told her I will be leaving on Saturday night after 8 to drive two hours to her house instead of leaving really early on Sunday morning.

Plus, I didn't want to give up my Friday night. I make glorious tips on Fridays.

So I texted her "no."

Fartha hasn't texted me back. Oh well, not my problem.


  1. I cam empathise completely, there's always somebody, it seems, whose main aim in life is to make yours a nightmare...but good for you, hope you enjoy the baptism :D

  2. Quite right, Kinsey. I hope you make a ton of money on Friday and have a good time at the Baptism.

  3. Party at my house Saturday night! I suppose I better tell Justin you're coming to spend the night! Maybe you should just show up and say, "SURPRISE" - He'll be okay with it if you bring some Pizza Hut pizza!

  4. You shouldn't feel obligated to take her shift. I am sure you have helped her out in the past. Plus you already have important plans!!

  5. You graduate in 2 weeks? I would wait another weekend and a half and then tell her off!

  6. Lookslike she tries to bite more than she can chew. If she keeps it up, she's going down way before they make her a shift manager lol crazy woman.

  7. Oh my there must be one of those everywhere. I experienced this too; however my Fartha was the bosses daughter. I was expected to split tips when she wasn't there, where was she. Juicy part!! cheating on her husband.. I quit! didn't want to be caught up in that mess! Her husband came to talk to her and she was gone.

  8. Fartha just sounds despicable. Is it Far-tha or Fart-ha? At any rate, she sucks. Good luck with the Friday night shift and the Baptism.

    P.S. Who won the tennis match?

  9. There is a saying at my work because we deal with so many people who forget to do things and then come to us in a rage of fury and worry.

    What constitutes as failure to plan on your part does not constitute as an emergency on my part.

  10. Too bad for Fartha. Have fun at the baptism and let Fartha deal with her own crap.

    Love the name.

  11. on=no I definitely need to remember that one.

  12. I hate it when people take on something and then try to put it off on someone else and then get mad when you don't want to help them out. Pisses me off!!!

    Peace, Love and Chocolate