Friday, April 23, 2010

Everyone has a Twin, and Mine Lives in Winona

Everyone has a twin...or someone who looks just like them, right? That's the rumor I've heard.

Lucky for me, mine lives in Winona. Yep, she sure does. A guy I work with has a sister who he claims looks just like me. Even his daughter thinks I look like her aunt.

His family came into Pizza Hut one night and they all said that I resembled her. I kept thinking, "Yeah, right." The next time they came in I asked to see a picture of his sister. He pulled out his cell phone and believe it or not, it was like looking in a mirror.

OH MY GOSH!!! I have a twin. She looks just like me...not even joking. I seriously need to meet her in the flesh, and take a picture with her. It's crazy!!

So then a couple of days ago, I ran into this guy on campus that I know and he said, "I was out this weekend and I kept running into a girl that looked exactly like you."

My first thought was that he ran into my Pizza Hut co-worker's sister. I'm guessing that is who he ran into...unless I have another person who looks like me. What if I'm a triplet? What if there are more Kinsey look-a-likes out there? Freaky....haha, freaky Friday. (Okay, that "Freaky Friday" was lame, but whatever, I'm leaving it in)

May you all have a freaky Friday.


  1. Perhaps it's all one elaborate conspiracy, there could be numerous Kinseys dotted all across the globe!

  2. I know a Kinsey, but she looks nothing like you. I think people are just messing with you.

  3. Now that you mention it, you do look oddly familiar. Perhaps there is one or two of you running around western Kentucky as well... Thankfully, I don't have this problem. They broke the mold when they made me...

  4. Seriously Kinsey, I only delivered ONE of you--I did not give any twin away:)
    Hugs, YFM

  5. Mom
    Well, this "twin" of mine is probably about 10 years older than me. So the real question is...did you give away a kid between Blake and Kyrstin?? Did you??

    Hahaha ;)

  6. i just got a facebook message today from a guy and it said "dude, we have the same name." i told him that we are now brothers.

  7. Hahaha, I don't look like anybody!
    I've been told that crap "I've seen someone who looks just like you" as well but, as I said...I think it's crap :p

  8. Perhaps it's a Kinsey from another dimension. I'm not a scientist, but it seems the most plausible theory. I'll do the research, you keep your eyes open for people that look like you did one hour earlier.

  9. I love the Olson twin picture!! You need to meet this girl and get a picture with her. Happy Freaky Friday :)

  10. I agree with Kyrstin. Have him email you the picture from his phone so we can see it.

    All my students in Minneapolis said I looked like their 5th grade teacher at a different school. They kept asking if she was my sister!

  11. Hello Kinsey - found u on 20SB and find your blog really interesting.

    What can be more freaky on a Friday than finding a twin :-) do get her picture

    Have a great weeknd

  12. They might look like you, but I bet they don't have your great personality and style:) That's Unique

  13. I must have a million twins out there because people tell me all the time that I look exactly like someone they know. Kind of depressing that I'm so nondescript that I look like someone everyone knows. But I have yet to meet one of those twins so I'll believe it when I see it!

  14. Craziness! Just make sure she doesn't have your DNA, then it would really be a cause for concern.
    Although, not many people can say they have their own clone army..

    I would like to present you with a Blog award my dear :)