Monday, April 5, 2010

Lamb Cake for Everyone

What??? You've never made a Lamb Cake before? You've never even heard of a Lamb Cake? You're only familiar with Lamb Chops the show with Shari Lewis?? This is different, sorry to disappoint you. Well, here's a lesson in Lamb Cakes. Try to hold in the excitement.

Every Easter at my Grandma's the girls gather around the kitchen table and frost Lamb Cakes. They are made from molds and they hold a typical (I think) cake batter recipe. We each get a pastry bag with a star/flower like tip at the end. *I'm not a baking type gal, so I don't know all the terms for stuff, hence the word "stuff."*

I came into the kitchen late, and apparently my older sister Kyrstin (See What We Did Today) decided to make it a competition. See who frosts their lamb the fastest! GO!!! Well, she was a good four rows ahead of me...and my mom (
Look at it as an Adventure) and sister-in-law (she doesn't have a blog) had smaller tips than us. No competition with them.

Me and Kyrstin

I finished second after a few bouts of hand cramps and elbowing my sister. She elbowed me too. All is fair in lamb and war. Too bad I don't have a picture of the finished product, but we used jellybeans for the eyes and nose. Then we sacrificed Kyrstin's Lamb Cake for our Easter meal, and it was delicious.

That takes skill right there.

Easter was a success!!

Sorry I've been MIA since Friday, but I literally woke up and drove from Winona to Elk Mound to get home. Then hopped in the car to Menomonie to see How to Train Your Dragon with my mom, sister, nephew, and niece. A kid next to us spilled his entire bag of was funny!! The movie was pretty good too.

Then it was off to my grandma's for Easter weekend. I got a cold overnight and now I have a ridiculously stuffy nose. Luckily, I took some medicine before my Pilates class. I was afraid that snot would slide out of nose during the "shell position."

It didn't.

Saturday I sort of helped my dad, brother, and nephew in the field. They were pitch forking hay, or grass, or something yellow, into a manure spreader machine. *I'm not familiar with farm lingo either* Then my dad and nephew drove the tractor and spread around the hay. My brother and I walked down to the river and we spotted a Bald Eagle! It was a perfect day to be outside.

I had a wonderful weekend and I hope the temperatures stay nice. Oh, and I won a giveaway on Sam's blog "Thoughts, writings, coffee..."
I'm so excited to receive the prizes!!!


  1. Wow it sounds like you had an even more jam-packed weekend than I did. Sounds like a ton of fun though. I love the idea of the lamb cakes. I can't ice anything for crap, even with icing bags so kudos there. It looked like you were doing a great job.

  2. Wow! That sounds like so much fun and just some awesome memories. Way to throw those elbows...that's probably something my sister and I would've done too. Hahahaha. We saw "How to Train Your Dragon" with the kiddies and loved it!

  3. I love that Brewers shirt. Where did your family acquire the lamb form? That is wild.

  4. Lamb cakes... that's awesome.

  5. That's soo cool, I love family traditions :)
    I got sick this past weekend also :/

  6. Everyone is getting sick! Ugh, it's turning into a trend. "Everybody's doing it!"

  7. Nice pictures Kinsey! Yup, we did have a really great weekend...Now back to the "real world!"

  8. Oh so lamb cakes don't actually have lambs in it? geez, I'm slow :p

  9. I am the best lamb cake decorator!! It didn't matter that you were 4 rows behind to begin with - I still won by like 10 rows!! :) I do have a picture with me and my awesome Lamb Cake with purple eyes. It was fun seeing you on Saturday - we always have fun.

  10. Purple Alien-like eyes... Haha jk! It tasted pretty yummy :)

  11. Never seen a lamb cake, but it made me think about the a armadillo cake in the movie Steel Magnolias

  12. Kinsey,
    I liked this one... and how you get all betty crocker on me.

    for my bday/christmas presents, my mom and sister bought me cake decorating tips and stuff so i can do what you did with the lambs! we shall get together and make cakes some time!