Saturday, April 10, 2010

William Hurt and Courtney Cox want me to READ!

Last day of the City Wide Book Sale in Winona!!!

I bought tons of books. Lots of children's chapter books...for only five bucks!

The last two columns of books are for me. Sorry mom, tell dad I didn't see any Vince Flynn books.

They were pretty picked over.

Then I got these two treasures for FREE! I can't wait to hang them up in my room. Yes, that's William Hurt and Courtney Cox circa mid nineties.

So Videoland is going out of business, because the big bad Family Video is doing so well. We stopped there and I bought Stir of Echoes, and rented a few scary movies. Ari bought My Bloody Valentine 3D. We watched it with our awesome 3D glasses.

We're pretty cool, you don't have to tell us :)


  1. The Catholic school here just finished up their big book sale here this weekend. I think my mom spent like $100 on books to swap on She's a nut! I spent most of my time dodging the oldest nuns who think I look too much like my dad and therefore feel the need to whack me with a ruler.

  2. It appears that you love that Brewers shirt as much as I love my (Red) Sox hat...

  3. No nuns at this book sale ;)

    Honestly, it's the only shirt I own...

  4. I would go crazy at a book sale!

  5. Our library always has a book sale - I always come home with too many books. When ever I go to a garag sale I come home with a book or two or four!! Shhh don't tell Nick.