Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Almost it is

I apologize for not blogging for two whole days! :( I was too busy to even think about anything to write. Let me fill you in on what happened.

Friday - Woke up at 7:00 am to get ready for the career fair. Drove 2 1/2 hours to Minneapolis all tired and groggy, but looking sharp and sophisticated. After driving around in a parking garage for what seemed like forever (probably only 15 minutes in real time), I walked what seemed like 15 miles (up hill both ways!) - in high heels too - to hand out my resume to one guy at a booth.

Then my sister, Tyne, called me and said that I should meet her at the school where she teaches, because she didn't have to teach any classes in the afternoon. What an experience that was!

At about 3:00 pm I drove to my brother's house for the weekend. It's his birthday today, well yesterday. Happy Birthday Blake!!!

Saturday - Celebrated my brother's birthday, and my nephew's birthday (his is in a few days). My nephew got a lot of Legos!

Sunday - Went to church. Ate some good leftovers. Drove 3 hours back to Winona. Worked at Pizza Hut until 11:00pm.

That's what happened over my weekend. I was way too busy to even think about blogging. Actually, I thought about it and then felt bad I wasn't blogging. Which is probably a sign of some type of addiction to blogs. First sign of blogsession (blog + obsession...for the slow ones out there) is feeling guilty about spending time away from their blogs and others. Maybe I should join a program, but I don't have that kind of time. Well, I do, but that's when I blog ;) Now there's a blogsessed girl for ya!


  1. Don't worry I have blogsession ( or is it blogdiction? ) as well and I'm okay with it :D

    Happy belated birthday to your brother. I love weekend with the families :)

  2. <- Super jealous of your nephew's Legos...

  3. I think I have bogsession too! I really need to work on it!

  4. I went from being on Facebook all the time, to being on my blog and other blogs all the time. I can quit if I want to...but I don't want to ;)