Monday, February 22, 2010

Thick Walls Make Good Neighbors

I live in a huge house with 6 or 7 other apartments. There are three apartments on the main level - one of which is mine. My bedroom shares a wall with another apartment. Needless to say, thick walls make good neighbors, and thin walls, well...don't.

I swear, the people living next to me have watched every episode of The Office more than once. They had to have, because they've been watching it since this summer! I love that show, but come on! I've come to the conclusion that they don't have cable.

For awhile there, they started watching Sex and the City. That didn't last long, I heard them humming annoyingly to the theme of The Office by the next day. I can hear it so well that I can pick out which episode they're watching. Have I mentioned that I love The Office just as much?

Anyway, my roommate has told me to pound on the wall, but I refuse. If I can hear them, then they can hear me laughing boisterously at The Golden Girls. You heard me right, I think Rose is a hoot!

I know the house I live in is older than old, but the walls are incredibly thin. I bet the apartment next to me is wondering why I laugh sporadically throughout the day or yell at random moments. If they only knew that I think most things in life are funny, and that my roomies are hard of hearing ;) Just kidding, the living room is pretty far from my room.

So as I borrow from Robert Frost's popular poem Mending Wall, "Something there is that doesn't love a wall," I can't help but think he was referring to the builders of this big old house.


  1. couldn't agree more... As the chinese saying goes Love your neighbour but don't pull down the fence...

  2. LOL I feel your pain.
    At my old apartment, I could hear EVERYTHING my downstairs neighbors were doing - showering, watching TV, oh and beating each other and doing other things that neighbors shouldn't have to hear....

    I found you from 20SB. Check out my blog if you want sometime:
    I have my degree in English Lit. and it's real hard to find a job in the field! But I'm still trying.

  3. I have to smile, as back in the "old" days when people would want to hear what was going on in the next door apartment, they would put a glass up to their ear and then against the wall!
    Interesting...when you want to hear something you can't- and when you don't want to hear it, you can!

  4. oh man... i hear my upstairs neighbor's phone vibrate CONSTANTLY. BOO TO RIDICULOUSLY THIN WALLS!

  5. Believe me when I say that I hear things I don't want to hear either.

  6. It was like that when I lived in residence in university. Terrible. And then when I moved I could hear my upstairs neighbour's TV all the time, I could also hear him SNORING!

  7. I can hear the people above me too. I swear that they are elephants.

  8. Thin walls scare me! How if someone throws a party?