Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Beeping Noise of 24 Makes Me Smile

Ahhh, I love random thoughts. Did you know that I completely forgot about the movie 2012 until I saw a Blu-Ray ad for it on tv? Of course you didn't. You probably forgot about that movie too.

The baby talking E*Trade commercials are hilarious, but a little creepy.

Speaking of babies...I want my children to be average. None of this crazy smart kid stuff. I don't want to have to pay for advanced piano lessons or science camp every summer. Plus, smarter kids are harder to please. The zoo isn't much fun when your kid starts naming the domain, kingdom, phylum and class of the aardvark.

Every time someone says, "Aardvark," I think of the Arthur spelling bee episode

When I was younger and had sleepovers at my bff's house, we would try and stay up as long as we could playing Donkey Kong on her Super Nintendo. We would gather up about 100 lives to try and win the game.

I don't answer my cell phone if the number isn't one of my contacts. If they really want to get a hold of me...they'll leave a message. Turns out it was someone from are now in my contact list. Now I know when to ignore it the next time. jk jk hahaha!! No seriously... ;)

I'm in a Humor Writing class, and I don't think my instructor is very funny. Shouldn't that be a prerequisite for him??

Right now I'm watching the Olympics and this dude did a skiing flip thing for freestyle skiing. I didn't know it was possible to spin and twist and flip that many times and not kill yourself. Way to go person! (I didn't catch his name).

I'm really looking forward to Parenthood on NBC. I hope it gets good ratings. My fingers are crossed-not literally though. Otherwise, how would I be typing? My legs are crossed. Okay, my legs are crossed now.

When I turn the heat on in my car sometimes it smells like maple syrup. Why is that?


  1. i love your random thoughts.
    and boyd seems to think the maple syrup smell may be related to your coolant/anti-freeze.
    but i'm not sure he really knows that much about cars, so i wouldn't take his word for it ;)

  2. Thanks April! Tell Boyd that he's probably right...

  3. I do a post like this now and then. I love random thoughts!

  4. Those are some very random thoughts!!