Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

I'm going to go out on a limb and pick the Saints to win tonight. Everyone is picking the Colts, and I like to root for the underdog. Plus, the Saints beat the Vikings so GO SAINTS!!! It's going to be a close game too, so it's worth the watch. Unfortunately, I'll be a Pizza Hut answering phones during the game. Yay.

Speaking of Pizza Hut, the cooks forgot to make three of my pizzas for three different tables all in a matter of two hours. It's really embarrassing telling someone that the cooks are incapable of reading a ticket that tells them exactly what to put on a pizza, let alone make an entire one. I ended up taking money off bills last night which resulted in some tables leaving me a healthy tip and one table leaving me $.78! Don't worry - I only took a total of $20 off your bill and gave you two orders of bread sticks for free. Thank you for the $.78. I think I'll buy half a Snickers with that.

Now something positive: I received an A on my Web Development test last week. I thought I did horrible, but somehow I pulled it off. Actually, I got a B but then she curved I ended up with an A. Nope, I still feel angry about the $.78. I guess thinking positive didn't help this time.

On a different note - I had to chose a goal for my Personal and Community Health class so I've given up pop for the rest of the semester. My reward: a new pair of tennis shoes. My punishment: run a mile for every pop I drink. That reminds me, I need to run a mile this week.

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  1. I like the pop goal. I just saw on Oprah that the average can of pop has 10 tsp of sugar in it - and that women who drink a can of pop a day have an 83% chance of developing Type II diabetes! So, good for you!