Friday, February 26, 2010

If You Were in The Goonies, I'm Going to Refer to You as That Person From The Goonies

I've seen plenty of movies. P-L-E-N-T-Y of movies. I'm the go-to movie person if you need an answer about an actor or a title you can't think of. I should really try to make a living off of it.

I'm watching Law and Order: CI right now and the girl from The Goonies is guest starring. Her name - Martha Plimpton. Honestly, I had to look up her name at, but if someone were to say, "Who is that girl? She looks awfully familiar." I would reply, "She's that girl from The Goonies."

Sometimes I feel like I know too much about movies. I have a life, really, I do. But, my brain can hold unlimited amounts of movie information. It's a gift. For example, did you know that after Hector Elizondo and Garry Marshall became friends, Elizondo has been in every film of Marshall's? I need to team up with Garry. I wonder if he's visiting Winona anytime soon?

My family and some of my close friends know that I can recite almost the entire movie of You've Got Mail. Which is a remake of The Shop Around the Corner starring Jimmy Stewart <-- great movie too. I used to play You've Got Mail in my head when I was bored at school. I've seriously seen the movie over 100 times.

Another little fact for ya: Julie Andrews was offered the role of Mary Poppins, and she said she would do it if she didn't get offered the part of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Audrey Hepburn received the role of Doolittle, so Andrews took on Mary Poppins. Come award season, Andrews won Best Actress and Hepburn didn't even get nominated. Mary Poppins is kind of my hero ;) That's a picture of me and her two years ago at Disney.

I may not know everything about movies, but if you ever find yourself in some sort of "movie pickle" then feel free to ask. The least I can tell you is that the person is from The Goonies.


  1. I do the same thing, although if I saw Martha Plimpton I would have said "That's the girl from Running on Empty" - one of my favorite movies of all time. I also have an uncanny ability to identify actors doing voiceovers on commercials and if I can't figure them out, it drives me absolutely insane until I do.

  2. Hey! Just saw the movie Dear John last night and guess what--one of the actors in it was Henry Thomas...Sound familiar?? Well he was the little boy from E.T., and once we figured that out, you could definetly recognize him. Thought that was interesting as I can't say I've noticed his name in anything since E.T.??or maybe I just wasn't paying attention.

  3. Tyne - no, I didn't. You were in the Snow White pic with me...remember?

    Crystal - I can identify a number of celebrities in commercials too. My favorite one is David Duchovny for Pedigree dog food.

    Mom - So funny you brought up E.T. because my friends and I talked about that movie tonight.

  4. Aww, Mary Poppins! I loved that movie so much as a child. Haha, my boyfriend hates watching movies with me because I am always pointing out that 'Hey that is so and so from that one movie about...'

    I found you on 20sb btw :) Love your site and will be back to read more!


  5. We don't know each other, but You've Got Mail and Mary Poppins are probably my two favorite movies of all time. Weird! I too, can recite You've Got Mail, and Mary Poppins was my go to movie as a kid.