Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Definition of the annoying person

an-noy to irritate or bother, as by a repeated action --- an-noy'ance n. --- an-noy'ing adj. --- an-noy'ing-ly adv.

Want to know if you are annoying? Well, I'll tell you.

First, if you've ever answered the waitress with "I would like a million dollars" after they ask, "What can I get for you tonight?"...then you are annoying.

Second, if you've ever eaten dry Captain Crunch during class, chugged a Mountain Dew to wash it down, and said, "Ahhhh" while your teacher lectures on Classical Mythology...then you are annoying.

Third, if you find it hard to refrain from saying "Your Mom" jokes, because it is the only comeback joke you know...then you are annoying.

Fourth, if you've seen a movie so many times that you say the lines with the actor word-for-word while the person sitting next to you has never seen the movie...then you are annoying, and you should really take the hint - i.e. when we tell you to stop, we really mean it.

Fifth, in relation to number four, if you like to repeat what has just been said in the movie on more than one occasion...then you are annoying. It's only funny the first time.

Sixth, if you like to text or talk in a movie theater...then you are annoying and you need to grow up. Seriously, you're not in middle school anymore.

--Sidebar-- I'm sorry that a lot of these annoyances are movie related, but they have to be recognized. Honestly, it's for the sake of our country.

Seventh, if you refer to your boyfriend or girlfriend as "lover" ...then you are annoying. (Unless you are married, then this is okay, and only sometimes okay).

Eighth, if you have to constantly one-up a friend's personal story with one of your personal stories...then you are annoying.

Ninth, if you like to raise your hand in a lecture class and share your ideas about chemical composition...you are annoying.

Tenth, if you find yourself reading this list and saying, "Is she talking about me?" in more than one example...then I'm sorry, but you are annoying.

Hopefully, you can realize your shortcomings and fix it before you become a full-blown annoyance to the people around you.

Lots of love,


  1. "Ninth, if you like to raise your hand in a lecture class and share your ideas about chemical composition...you are annoying."

    Very much agree. I don't study anything science ( my major is law ) and there's always a person raising their hands, voluntarily ask questions or state their opinions even when it's almost time to go home. I mean, seriously?

  2. I'm 0-10! Yes!

    I feel your gripe with movie-related annoyances. When you pay $10 to get in a theater to see a movie, you deserve to be distracted by nothing. Not phones/chatter/seizures(jk on this one).

  3. Andhari - it's the worst, it really is. I don't think they know that no one cares about what they have to say.

    The Mad Hatter - Congrats on not being annoying :)

  4. Umm... you quote movies while we watch them. Annoying!