Friday, February 26, 2010

Prom Season and Jeff Goldblum

I walked into my Portfolio class yesterday and took out my iPod earbuds only to hear what a giddy high schooler would say this time of year, "I'm so excited to go look at all the prom dresses! I love prom season! OMG they are sooooo pretty!"

My instinct was to turn my iPod back on, but it was too late - it was in my coat pocket already.

How can a girl, my age (a senior in college), be excited for prom season? I've had three classes with her, so I kind of know her personality...but prom dresses? Wow. There is something wrong with the universe if she gets a better job than me.

Later in class, I noticed how rude and blunt this girl is. I'm rude and blunt, but not out loud - only in my head, so that makes it okay, right? I'm rationalizing here. "Ever gone a week without a rationalization?" - The Big Chill. Speaking of that movie, everyone who has a love for movies should see it. I can't stress enough how great this movie is!!! Jeff Goldblum...come on people!! :)

Anyway, prom season? Are you kidding me? She's four years out of college and she's still emotionally connected to prom. I bet that she becomes one of those moms who lives through her children. It's very sad. I should start a 12 step program for moms like that.


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  3. What is the deal with girls and Jeff Goldblum? He was "The Fly" for Christ sake. What am I missing?

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  5. Found you on Follow Friday and your blog made me laugh, starting with the quote in the header. Read the post about scary movies and I actually just got "The Orphan" from the library - now I can't wait to watch it!


  6. Thanks everyone!!

    Mad Hatter - Goldblum is like a god, haha!! I can put it no other way ;)

  7. Oh. Wow. BWA-HaHAHAHAHA!
    Sorry, but I personally know at least a dozen people like that .. and I thought I was just being jaded when I thought to myself "Self, that girl needs to be knocked down a flight of stairs. Maybe that'll knock some sense into her."
    New friday follower.

  8. Jeff Goldblum has been one of my heroes since Jurrasic Park. Acting legend. Oh and that girl you're talking about sounds unstable.

  9. Haha, brings me back to the days of sneaking prom magazines under our desks in English class. So long ago :) I still attend formals, but not in the get ups I'd wear to prom. Holy shit - not my cup of tea anymore, at ALL! Heaven help that girl's future daughters.

    Jeff Goldbloom, I bow down.

  10. LMAO seriously? Will she really attend one? I kinda feel bad for her though :p
    However, I admit, if one of my younger cousins asked me for prom dress shopping or dressing her up, I wouldn't say no. My girliness level is scary, I know.:p

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