Thursday, March 25, 2010

iPod and Me

When I'm waiting for a class to start I put my iPod earbuds in.

When I'm walking to class I put my earbuds in.

When I'm getting ready and I want to jam out by myself I put my earbuds in.

Some people think that our society is disconnected with each other because we're constantly on our cell phones or we are listening to our iPods.

Well, get over it.

Do you think I'm going to go up to a stranger and introduce myself as I walk to class? If the only way to stay "connected" with society is to not listen to music while I'm walking...then ooookaaay, I'll be the psycho girl who runs around campus saying hi to everyone.

I bet that would stir up some rumors around campus.

In my opinion, I think it's okay to listen to music while walking to class. I'm not hurting anyone by doing so. Unless I cause a ten car pile up because the Dixie Chicks were singing about Earl, then I will continue to stay connected with my iPod.


  1. I have music running through my head at all times. Even when none is playing. I think that we are the first generation that could listen to any song under the sun with a few clicks and this is how we cope. We don't have to buy 45's all we have to do is download and sync and can have it in the shower, gym, school, church. We exploit this to the best of our ability. You are completely justified.

  2. Boy if saying Hi to everybody is considered weird on your campus, you should come to Murray. Some of the best convos I've had were with people I'd never seen before and haven't seen since, on the way to classes. Now that's weird.

    Of course, back then I didn't own an iPod. (I was underpriveleged or something.) Now, I would probably be doing the same as you because I find I can't live without music every waking minute.... even if it's just in my head.

  3. I know what you mean. I had my ipod with me at all times in college. I loved that it was like I was in a movie at all times, with great songs playing in the background of my life.

    Even now as an "adult" I listen to music at work constantly. Yay for pandora!

  4. that's ok if you don't forget that you're listening to music in public and not alone in your room. oops. could be embarrassing, especially if you have no rhythym... but i'm sure that's not your problem at all.

  5. I LOVE my ipod, it helps me calm done and live in my little happy world. Somedays you don't want to be part of the world.

  6. My son is attached to his iPod most of the day and I really don't have problem with him listening to music every change he gets as long as the songs on it are approved by me....after all he's only 12

  7. I love listening to music while walking... I'll sing/scream at the top of my lungs while walking too! If I didn't listen to my ipod while walking I would still have songs running through my head anyway...

    and if you ever are feeling somewhat mischievious randomly introducing yourself to other people can be fun... if you like odd reactions... which I do. It's pretty comparable to introducing yourself to strangers in a made up accent. Usually reserved for evenings when you are painting someone else's town red. Creating an entirely different identity to go along with the accent works smashingly too I might add. Hmm... I would appear as though I'm dreadfully off topic. :)

  8. I hate stupid ipods.

  9. Teehee! I LOVE this one! I used to listen to my ipod while grocery shopping. Best distraction ever!

  10. My iPod makes me feel safe. I don't know why, but two weeks ago I lost it (misplaced it actually. I found it later that week. In a tin of sweets. Because I am a scatterbrain) and I never felt so much like I was going to mugged in my life.

    That's weird right?

    Yeah, I'm weird.

  11. I definitely know what you mean. It's different listening to ipod as you walk to class and be on your phone all the time while you're out with friends.