Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Password Is...

I don't require my followers to enter a password every time they leave a comment. That doesn't mean it irritates me when I have to enter a password on other blogs - I don't mind it at all. In fact, I enjoy typing in the nonsense words in order to let my comment show up.

To make typing passwords more fun, I think of definitions for the incredibly abstract words. For example...

Ruccoli: The first name given to the vegetable broccoli. The name didn't stick, because "rucc" (pronounced like "rook") sounds like puke, as if the taste wasn't enough.

Coino: What American tourists visiting in Mexico say when wanting change for their money. "Coin-o please. Do I get a coino back??"

Lizes: The plural form of Liza. When too many Liza Minnelli's are in a room, one might say, "Gawd, I love seeing all the Lizes together again!"

Sewatedu: Like my sister's blog, "See What We Did Today" (check her out) - sewatedu is what's formed when "See what to do" is said too quickly.

Wamicarc: On the popular game show "Press Your Luck," contestants would often shout, "NO WHAMMIES!" When they did land on a whammy, they would grumble "Wamicarc!"

Suahos: A Native American term for a slutty girls.

There you have it - my definitions for all the ridiculous words I have to enter in order to comment on a blog post. Again, I'm not's given me something to blog about.


  1. I think I'ma hit the reservation in search of a Suaho or two...

  2. Funny funny funny! Have you ever played the game Balderdash? You'd be good at it.

  3. I love Balderdash, it's one of my favorite games!

  4. Haha, while I don't think I will ever use any of those words in everyday convo, I am pretty sure they certainly gave me something to think about!


  5. I like your def for Lizes. I think I would like to use that for the nickname of the girls in my residential college, Elizabeth (Lizo for short). It's hard to express your love of guys to people outside of Murray State when you're wearing a shirt that proclaims you're a member of the Lizo Gals sports team...

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  7. Ha Ha! You are good at Balderdash - we need to play it sometime soon!

  8. I am so happy you posted this! I always think about compiling a list of the crazy letter combinations blogger asks us to type in.