Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Does Mario Tennis Count?

Today was the first day of my Tennis class. We didn't do anything except listen to the coach talk about grading, equipment, and what we'll be doing in our future classes.

I have this class with my roommate, luckily.

The coach proceeded to ask the class if any of us have played tennis before. I swear to God, everyone raised their hands except Slams the Door and me. Talk about embarrassing. It's not like we haven't played tennis before...we have. We just didn't raise our hands because it's not like we're hardcore tennis enthusiasts. We've dabbled in the sport.

So as we sunk beneath the abundance of hands held high, Slams the Door and I exchanged a look. A look that was noticed by the coach. Who then proceeded to single us out saying, "Don't worry ladies, I'll be pairing everyone up by skill level."

Well, thank you for making us the center of attention!

If I was a brave person and didn't care if I sounded like an idiot I would've said, "I have a killer backhand as Donkey Kong in Mario Tennis on N64. And Wii, don't even get me started. My Mii will slam tennis balls down your throat! I'll go John McEnroe crazy on you!!"

But I'm not that kind of person. So I didn't say that. I would love to live in a world where it would be acceptable for me to sound-off and not be judged for doing so. I would also like to live in a world where cut-off tees are acceptable forms of everyday attire, but I'm digressing.

Oh well. I guess I'll just have to surprise everyone with my tubular (I'm bringing it back) hand-eye coordination I've been perfecting since I was young with NES and Sega. Watch out my tennis colleagues - Slams the Door and I are going to rule the court.


  1. It's sad but Wii Tennis actually tires me out and I can be sore the next day... I gotta get in shape, lol

  2. I love my wii fit...especially the hulu hoop.

  3. Wii Tennis rocks. It makes me feel like I know what I am doing,lol.

    Yes, Mario tennis does count:)

  4. Good :) Because I am awesome at Mario Tennis!! That's how I learned the rules of the game...

  5. I think wii tennis is an edible tennis experience. I would not be humble if people ask hehe.

    But with a few practices, I'm sure you can show them who's boss :D

    Then you can teach me, because even after 6 months of private lessons, I still suck at it.

  6. just incorporate the moves on the game when on the court... you might wanna leave out kongs chest beating though and weird quotes :)

  7. I think the chest-beating would be more than appropriate, but you should go McEnroe on any and every call that goes against you...

  8. Oh, I plan on throwing my tennis racket at some point...

  9. ...and run like Sonic around the court...


  10. I loved this blog--SO funny and good for you to find some humor in it!
    Wonder how many of those other kids were telling the truth about having played before...Again, define "played..."

  11. Just found your blog, and am enjoying reading through it! (I was an English major, too! Well, I guess I kind of still am.) I am REALLY good at Wii tennis, like really good, and after getting all expert-y at that I started thinking maybe somehow I had this undiscovered gift for real tennis. So I tried.

    I so don't. Oh man, it was ugly. I loved your post--totally made me think of that! Your class sounds fun!