Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Seeing a lot of Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! I was watching The Office last week and Michael said, "It is St. Patrick's Day. And here in Scranton, that is a huge deal. It is the closest that the Irish will ever get to Christmas." Hahahahaha, I love that show.

I'm a little bit Irish, and a little bit Rock n Roll. Shout out to Donny and Marie! My mom loves you guys.

So on Monday night my friends and I tie dyed green shirts, last night we made green and orange jello shots, and tonight we're celebrating!! Safely, of course. Don't worry mom and dad...I'll be safe.

And the best part about St. Patrick's Day: GREEN BEER!


I'll take lots of pictures and share some of them tomorrow - not of my green tongue, but of the group in our awesome greeeeeeeen shirts!

Before I end the post, Syfy has a Leprechaun marathon on right now - creepy.

If you have the time, here's my mom's blog: Look at it as an Adventure I know she would be happy to have some more followers. She just started and today's blog is pretty funny!


  1. I have a green tounge! But it's from green icing off of cupcakes :)

  2. I like drinking green beer at the bar like a week after St. Paddy's day. Much more interesting conversation piece.

  3. Katy and Ross - mmmmmm cupcakes! Sounds delicious!

    Mad Hatter - hahaha, you would.

    Kelly Marie - Thanks! I will!

  4. I live close to Scranton ~ it really is a huge deal here. Bars open by 8am, most of them have $0.17 cent drinks, and people are there ready to drink. There is a huge parade in the afternoon, and festivities carry on all day through out the night (Most people barely make it till noon). Pure craziness!!!!
    Happy St. Patty's Day!

  5. Green tongue lol that's cute. I always love jello shots! Happy celebrating! Here's to minimal hangover and unforgettable night :)

  6. Angela - I would love to live near/in Scranton! The parade sounds like a lot of fun.

    Andhari - Yes, minimal hangover/no hangover, CHEERS!

  7. I LOVE St. Patrick's Day, but I've never actually had green beer (at least that I can's very likely I HAVE had it), but it's mostly because I drink a lot of Guinness on St. Patty's Day and it's hard to dye that stuff green.

    I used my shamrock shaped cookie cutter and made shamrock shaped jello shots!!! So fun.

    Have a great time!

  8. The Office is the only tv show i'll watch these days - great stuff. Have a fantastic green evening. Time to drink a month's worth of beer in one night. Ugh, I'm getting a headahche already.