Sunday, March 7, 2010

And the award goes to...

I used to look forward to this day all year. In years past, I would watch from the red carpet interviews until the credits. Believe it or not, parts of the ceremony would make me teary-eyed, and other parts would have me rolling on the floor laughing (rofl). I wouldn't be rolling on the floor, but I would be laughing it up.

This year, though, The Academy Awards sneaked up on me. ('Snuck" isn't the correct usage of the word, btw, the correct form is "sneaked.") I won't be able to watch the show in its entirety, because I'll be at Pizza Hut...working, well, barely working. Tonight I have to answer phones and deal with people who don't know that a Personal Pan Pizza only comes in a pan crust...hence the name Personal Pan Pizza.

Tonight, I'll miss the Lifetime Achievement Award, the banter of Alec Baldwin (love) and Steve Martin, and the heartfelt thanks from the proud winners. :( Which, when they give their speeches and thank their moms and dads, my mom tells me, "Someday that will be you up there." Wouldn't that be something? Although, as much as I love The Academy Awards, I think I'm more of a Golden Globe winner.

So to end this blog post, I'll wish all the nominees luck! And to all of you who are going to watch the awards tonight - enjoy and appreciate all the great films that were made solely for your entertainment.


  1. I used to LOVE watching the Oscars. Love it so much that I watched it in my hospital room after giving birth to my son just 24 hrs earlier! But since having kids, I don't have time to watch movies like I used to, and quite frankly I haven't even heard of half the movies that are nominated. So the Oscars just aren't as fun as they used to be. (Not to mention the fact that my husband won't watch awards shows.) Hope you won't miss much.

  2. Surprisingly, I was able to watch The Oscars :) I got sent home early from work, because we were slow. I'll be blogging about it tomorrow!!!

  3. Ahh Kinsey, you made me tear up when you mentioned the part of- "Someday that will be you up there.." 'cuz here I was last night watching it and everytime a Best Script or Screenwriter/Editing, came up-I AGAIN thought of you and pictured you up there:)And everytime someone mentioned their parents in a warm appreciative way, I tears rolled down my cheeks...
    Guess only parents really know what their children are capable of so I would never discourage their dream because I believe dreams DO come true:)-(Me and Walt)
    I laughed loudly at Steve Martin and Alex Baldwin.(Thought the idea of co-hosting was great so they could play off each other) And I cried in a few heartwarming parts too--Jeff Bridges-Sandra Bullock...just to name two.
    All in all, I thought it was one of the better Oscars.
    If anything was missing it was I having you home watching it with me and telling you, "Just think, someday that will be you up there--wouldn't that be something? And don't forget to thank your parents.":)
    Hugs, YFM

  4. Wait, they asked for a stuffed crust or something with the personal pan pizza order? That would've been funny :D

    I hate how avatar didn't win as many categories as I hoped.