Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Make Incredible Edible Eggs

I don't want to toot my own horn, but I just made some delicious over-easy eggs!!! I think I found my forte - egg cooking.

I should open up a cafe where all you can eat is eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

Scrambled, over-easy, over-medium, omelet, poached, sunny-side get the idea.

Of course, toast will also be on the menu, because who doesn't eat eggs without toast??

Oh, and I'm a pretty good toaster too!

At my cafe I would also offer cereal and milk, because my milk to cereal ratio is to die for. You can't go wrong with a bowl of Lucky Charms in the morning, noon, or night.

Unfortunately, I'm graduating this May. I know it sounds weird for me to say "unfortunately" and "graduating" in the same sentence, but here's my reasoning: Currently, Winona is in the process of building a Wellness Center with a complete kitchen. They will be teaching students how to prepare meals with hands-on demonstrations.

It couldn't be worse timing...this Wellness Center will be ready to go next school year, and I'll be off in the real world cooking eggs and toasting toast, while pouring milk over Honey Nut Cheerios.

I'm semi-complaining here. Although, I do make mouth-watering eggs and toast, I can only eat them for so long. Maybe I'll sign up for some cooking classes over the summer and expand my so called "skills."


  1. Making the perfect eggs takes some skills. I've been cooking since I can remember, but I can't make decent eggs,lol

  2. im not the egg maker in our house!! my wonderful hubby is!!! he always makes the breakfast in our house! have a happy thursday my deary dear! :)

  3. Connor doesn't eat toast with his eggs - but that is Connor!

  4. After being on a "college" diet for so long, I went recipe crazy after I graduated. Have recipe, will cook... if I can identify exactly what all the ingredients are that is.

  5. That is, without a doubt, an awesome skill. I can't cook anything and if I wanna learn to cook a certain dish, it better has eggs in it. Yumm.:)

  6. Not trying to mess up this well thought out business plan, but I do suggest adding grits and bacon to the menu as well. Nothing goes with those eggs and toast like grits and bacon...